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Can Astrology guide us for the next 5-10yrs?

Video of our offering

PDF of the slides for our offering

Cost: $60-240 (choose your own adventure and depth, see video/slides for details)

If the Eris or Barbara Hand Clow references in the video/slides  (which I kind of butchered in the video) are of interest to you, see the Grounded Astrology Review page.

If you are interested in any of the training or sessions on this page, email:

Get your answers with RestoreChi


If you know me, you know I am a polymath. I tie multiple modalities together and share what I know. I am also gifted in asking the right questions, to lead subject matter experts to provide practical answers to the problems we face, and I am able to guide them back on topic, so students can get the answers they seek, in a way that they can apply them to their lives.


After the great success with our Astrology courses, I am now offering sessions with a TCM/RestoreChi expert.


Each session will start with the main topic, so people know which sessions to attend, but, if time allows, and there are no more questions on topic, off topic questions are welcome (unless they require a longer answer and are better suited to an upcoming session).

Current topics available:

- Introduction to TCM concepts

- What to do in present times (Coh Qs)

- Detox and V Qs

- Diet and Nutrition Qs 

- Kids health differs from adults, how to apply RestoreChi differently for them...

- Fertility issues are a cry for help from your body, how to answer this call...

- feel free to suggest a different topic

Cost $40pp for up to 2hrs via zoom.

Go here for more information:

RestoreChi Learning Tools

One-on-One Education

Designed and priced according to need, email to start the conversation.

One-on-one students also have the opportunity to come into my space and use the equipment I have acquired, at a half-hourly rate, for empowered self-treatment.

Healing with astrology and more

Here are some examples of the ways in which you can share or discover the healing power of understanding your unique astrology. Let us know if there is a topic that you are interested in, and as soon as we have 2 to 4 people signed up for a topic, we will set the time and date:


  1. Transitioning from Earth to Air (letting go of the old way of living, calming your fears, viva la revolution, from a safer vantage point).

  2. Kundalini Rising, Spiritual Boundaries, Protection, Embodiment, Creative Life Force. 

  3. The Dark Night of the Soul, Spiritual Evolution w/out destroying your life (learning to wait, the gas & the breaks, conserving your health)

  4. Using astrological charts as a guide for life and education curriculum (aka School, for kids and adults).

  5. Mental Health (mania, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc) and complimentary care

  6. Medical Astrology (symptoms assigned to planets and signs, then mapped to places on your torso, fingers, toes, and astrological chart)

  7. I know, a lot of people feel like they are empaths, but there are many ways to be an empath, and the pain is different for each. Let’s explore your unique way of being an empath, so you can create more protection, understanding, acceptance, and love for your self and others (this may also consider vulnerable centers in Human Design and vulnerable numbers in Soul Contract)

  8. Channeling incoming energy for good, instead of harm

  9. Father/Mother imprint (your parents onto you, or you onto your kids)

  10. Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine, identifying and dropping the destructive social gender/relationship norms to embrace healthy wholeness

  11. The 29th degree of a sign, last 3 degrees of a house, 27yr club – navigating change with grace

  12. Bring your astrological concerns (What have you read? What do you want more clarity on?)

  13. Conscious Spiritual Speed-dating (what you need from a partner, and what they need to know about you)

  14. Surrendering to God’s will, accepting the lesson, as it won’t go away (you have the choice to make your life better or worse)

  15. Conscious Relationships: Accepting others for their chart(s), and how to communicate with them based on their chart(s)

  16. Growing with your partner, growing apart, and polyamory.

  17. Astrology by season (are you moving toward more darkness or toward more light, and what does this mean?) An excellent intro to see if the next Level 1 is right for you!

  18. Enlightenment, can you miss your boat?

  19. The sign you hate, is that the sign you need to embrace in your self (how to do this?)

  20. Looking at trauma (in particular suicide attempts) as having been written in the stars, and how to capture the lesson, the gift, instead of the shame

  21. If something happened to you in the first 90 days of life, and you want to know how this may impact you later in life, lets take a look together

  22. Do you ever feel completely backwards from everyone else (you run when they walk, etc), want to explore why?

  23. Are you a walk-in? A walk-in is some one who’s soul agrees that one soul will do part of the life, and then at some specific time that soul will leave and the new soul will take its place. This can through be a near or full death experience, an accident or surgery that knocks you unconscious, I believe you can also just wake up differently, or in some cases you can be conscious and supported through the exchange. It’s not a bad thing to be a walk-in, but the degree to which you align with the first soul’s choices, is the amount of spring cleaning and pain you may cause your self and others when you say “I know you are my partner, I know we have kids, I know I used to like that, but I am different now”, more than just a new wardrobe when an important planet crosses the ascendant (into the 1st house). The body retains cellular memory of both lives, but the new soul can’t continue to live that way without making some changes. If you are a walk-in and you have a walk-in date and time (ask your higher self), let’s see how looking at your natal and walk-in astrological chart can give you the answers you seek. For more info on the concept of a walk-in, ask, I have some great resources!

  24. Expanding your gifts and your risks (lets explore your Jupiter in more detail)

  25. We all have things in our lives that we wish we had not done, that we do not understand, and if we can look past 3D judgement, we can see how and why they were "written in the stars" for us that way, and only then can we claim the gift!

Here is a sample healing session.

Ideas are always being shared via Astrology Truths on LinkedIn. Anything shared there can be transformed in to a healing session.


Cost: $60pp, or $100 for 2 participants, max 4 participants per group.

If you are interested in any of the training or sessions on this page, email (questions and requests welcome):

Workshop for Youths

Supporting youths to accept and be themselves is of great interest and importance to me!

Mainstream wants you to hate your self so you will buy their products, as if doing so will make you happy, but it won't.

Many people do not fit the cookie-cutter mold society "expects" of us, and those who try often end up very disappointed.


I am a big fan of people understanding who they truly are, and cultivating more self-love, so they can build a life that is fulfilling for them.


When it comes to education, I am a big fan of people choosing their teacher and what they want to fill their mind with. Space in our head, in our body, in our lives is valuable, and I am here to support you to value your self!

See: Hey Young Adults, did you know?

Reach out if this is of interest to you!

Decode your own astrological chart

Level 1 includes 6 classes, 2.5hrs each, with slides, recordings, and recommended readings, 2 practice sessions, and access to a live chat platform. Level 1 gives you a solid foundation to understand how to construct and read a natal astrology chart, with specific focus on natural cycles, signs, planets, houses, moon phases, and aspects. The natal astrology chart is who you are and what you came here to do.

Cost: $440

Level 2 includes 6 classes, 2.5hrs each, with slides, recordings, and recommended readings, practice session(s), and access to a live chat platform. Level 2 reviews and expands on Level 1, to cover chart patterns, lines of growth (i.e., south to north node, and more), and how your natal chart evolves (or is impacted), both in real time (transits) and in symbolic time (progressions).

Cost: $440

The next Level 1 or 2 will be scheduled when there are 6-10 students ready to take either level (probably mid/late Fall 2021).

In the meantime, we will continue to run Group Practices and 1-on-1 sessions. 

Group Practice: $40pp for up to 2hrs

1-on-1 sessions: $60/hr

And there are all these options available to you, as well. Click here for a Video Tour

New students are welcome to attend a FREE Group Practice and a FREE 20min 1-on-1 consultation with the teachers, to see if this is a fit for you.

Go here to see some video testimonial for Level 1 & 2.

If you are interested in any of the training or sessions on this page, email:

Expanding astrology to other modalities

Elective Topics includes 8 classes, 2.5hrs each, with slides, recordings, and recommended readings.


The first two classes will look at the connection between Astrology, Human Design and the I-ching (including 2 orders for the I-ching), and possible introduction to the Gene Keys, with extensive reading, research, and self-study in between.


The next two classes will look at the connection between Astrology, Soul Contract (the Kabbalah Tree of Life), and possible extension to the Tarot, with creative play and research in between.

The next two classes will look at the connection between Astrology, the I-ching, the Tarot, Soul Contract, and the body, with exploration of what feels true for each person in between, sharing stories, and answering any further questions.


The final two classes will look at two forms of energetic TCM concepts to understand and treat astrological struggles, on an energetic and emotional level.


NONE of these Elective Topics are sufficient to certify you as a practitioner in any of these additional modalities, but it is enough to get you started for self-exploration.


The next Elective Topics course will be scheduled with the class when we have 4-6 people signed up. 


Cost $440pp for all 4 topics (8 classes), or $120pp per topic (2 classes).

If you are interested in any of the training or sessions on this page, email:

Entrepreneur Alignment

Align your business to radiate your unique self. Includes; three 2hr group sessions, two 1hr one-on-one sessions, and 1hr of my time (per participant) to prepare your charts etc. $500 value, for $400.

Group Session 1: Intro to your Human Design, Soul Contract, Gene Keys, and Natal Astrology (as well as where to go for more information)

1st one-on-one: your choice, I recommend an in-depth reading of one of the modalities from group session 1, or Q&A for your unique charts.

Group Session 2: Intro to Find Your Truth and sample group Divine Healing session.


2nd one-on-one: your choice, I recommend a Find Your Truth diagnostic session or a Divine Healing session.


Group Session 3: Learn how to tie it all together, in a way that you can return to again and again to find your alignment, present this to the group, and ask the group for the support you need going forward, collect any additional resources from me.

Course will run once 2-3 people are signed up. Class maxed at 4 participants per group. 


If this is of interest to you, email:

Empowering Parents to support their kids to heal

Although I recognize that people have amazing healing services for kids, many kids would prefer to work with their own parents, than have an external professional come between them or take over.


Your children chose YOU for a reason!

The bond they seek to strengthen is with YOU!

So, let's get you empowered enough to support your kids through their healing journey!

If this concept is of interest to you, reach out:

Kids/parents/families are hurting, the information and modalities are available. We need to put two and two together.


Especially in a time where going to an external practitioner may require you and your child to wear a mask and expose your selves to unknown risks.


We can build something to suit your needs, together!

Some ideas include: RestoreChi, Energy Awareness, Divine Healing, Raising Consciousness, and Find Your Truth.

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