Decode your own astrological chart

Level 1 covered signs, planets, houses, moon phase, and aspects, in a natal astrology chart (who you are and what you came here to do), and was taught via zoom May 2nd & 3rd, May 23rd & 24th, and June 13th & 14th, 2020, 930am-12pm, with a bonus practice session run through the Grounding Sanctuary. Cost: $360

Level 2 will cover how your natal chart is impacted, both in real time (by the current events in the sky - transits), and over time (by how your natal chart evolves - through progression), and will also include a review and expansion of level 1 topics (i.e., north & south node). Classes will run Oct 3rd, Oct 17th, Nov 7th & 8th, and two of the following dates Nov 28th, Nov 29th, and Dec 5th, 9-1130am, via zoom. Cost: $360

If you are interested in purchasing recorded classes with live support, or participating in our next round of level 1, reach out anytime


Empowering Parents to Heal Their Kids

Although I recognize that people have amazing healing services for kids, many kids would prefer to work with their own parent than have an external professional take over.


So, let's get you empowered enough to support your own kids in their healing journey, where we can!

Take a look at this outdated flyer, and if this concepts is of interest to you, reach out:

Kids/parents/families are hurting, the information and modalities are available. We need to put two and two together. We can build something to suit your needs!

Workshop for Youths

Supporting youths to accept and be themselves is of great interest and importance to me!

Mainstream wants you to hate your self so you will buy their products, as if doing so will make you happy, but it won't.

Many people do not fit the cookie-cutter mold society "expects" of us, and those who try often end up very disappointed.


I am a big fan of people understanding who they truly are, and cultivating more self-love, so they can build a life that is fulfilling for them.


When it comes to education, I am a big fan of people choosing their teacher and what they want to fill their mind with. Space in our head, in our body, in our lives is valuable, and I am here to support you to value your self!

See: Hey Young Adults, did you know?

Reach out if this is of interest to you!

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