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Welcome (or welcome back) to the Raising Consciousness app!


The name Raising Consciousness has two meanings. 


First, it is an application to Raise YOUR Consciousness, so you can live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. 


Second, it is a reminder, that, as a parent, your child is literally CONSCIOUSNESS, which you have been trusted to RAISE, in the best way possible.

The Raising Consciousness app facilitates a process of emotional/energetic alchemy, borrowed from the modality “Divine Healing – Master Key to Ascension” created by Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire MD and her team. Using this process can support you to move up The Map of Consciousness created by Dr David R Hawkins Md Phd.


It is important to move up The Map of Consciousness because: spending most of one’s time in the lower states results in illness, whereas spending most of one’s time in the higher states results in health and healing. See Dr Hawkins' book on this subject: Healing and Recovery.

In addition to improving how we feel and the state of our health, it is also important to be aware of how our behaviour impacts our children, and other people that we care about.

Using strategies higher on the Map of Consciousness when interacting with others has a huge positive impact on how they feel, how they develop, the state of their health, and their ability to heal. 

We also feel like better people when we use strategies higher on the Map of Consciousness, which in turn also allows us to support our own health and well-being!


And, you can even use this process if you believe it is the other person's behaviour that causes you to feel or act badly, just make sure you continue to focus on how you feel/felt and how you acted, and you will see how things can improve!

To see how the Map of Consciousness can be applied to parenting (or other relationships) go here.

The way I use this app is when I am in an emotion, I will use it for myself, and when I am removed from a situation with another, I will use it to support me to process what just happened. I do not use this app when I am in a situation with my kids (or another), because, if I am behaving in a less than ideal way, my personal self-care is a higher priority, to improve my ability to parent (or work with another), than trying to improve my parenting (or relationship) strategy, at that time. 

Please use this app as it suits you. No pressure. The intention behind this app is to try to support you in making your life easier, not harder! By supporting you to move towards more self-acceptance, not self-criticism!

If you have any questions, or would like support to heal or gain a better undestanding of self or others, from the creator of the Raising Consciousness app, you can reach me at

Return to the Raising Consciousness app as much as needed, as a reminder of where you are at and how much further you could reach, so you can embody more health, healing, acceptance, unconditional love, and joy for yourself, your kids, and your loved ones.

Feel free to use this app as much as you like and share with friends and family at no cost. There is no expectation that you ever purchase a session with me, in order to use the Raising Consciousness app.

This app is a gift from us to you. No strings attached!

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