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The subtleties of a Soul Contract translation (TAH)

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

When I first decided to make a Soul Contract Calculator for my clients, I wanted something inexpensive and easy to use.

Of course, when you make these sorts of decisions, sometimes you have to make the bigger decisions behind the scenes. I also wanted to honour my teacher (Nicolas David Ngan), and his team, for their efforts to make a more complex software, which allows more functionality for practitioners, but, to be honest, is too pricey to be used by non-practitioners.

This article outlines a decision I have made, on behalf of my users, for the sake of simplicity, and to save you from getting frustrated, confused, stopping you in your tracks:

The Soul Contract system translates English letters, letter for letter, with the exception of a few combos, which trump the single letter to letter conversions: AH, CH, SH, TA, TH, TZ, and WH.

In the practitioner software, you can choose whether or not to apply any of these combos, but in truth, I think they are applied 99% of the time, so we have done so by default all of the time, in the Soul Contract Calculator.

The only toss up is when you get TWO of these combos side by side, the TAH.

Is this a TA and an H or is this a T and an AH?

The debate requires some knowledge of the Soul Contract numbers:

TA and an H would give you Soul Contract numbers 22 and 5.

T and an AH would give you Soul Contract numbers 9 and 5.

In Soul Contract, the 22 is the path from ugliness to beauty, its a long road, from thinking you are worthless and stupid and ugly, which can make you very manipulative, to realizing that you have all the gifts you thought you lacked inside of you. Its about seeing things from 3 very distinct perspectives (body, mind, and spirit, or any other combo).

The 9, in Soul Contract, is the path from disempowerment to stepping into your true power without fear.

We also need to see how a word or sentence sounds:

Is the TA together, or is the AH together?

Is the T orphaned or is the H orphaned?

Does the A go more with the T (TA sound) or more with the H (AH sound)?

Spirit usually gives me flashes of insight, and the one I got today was: Rita Hayworth

In this case, we see the TA at the end of Rita, and the H at the beginning of Hayworth.

The practitioner software would allow you to choose, but defaults to how you read (left to right, there are no spaces in Soul Contract), so you would get TA and H, unless you chose otherwise.

Our original Soul Contract Calculator applied conversions in an alphabetical manner. As a result, AH was given priority, resulting in a T orphaned from the AH.

In this instance (Rita Hayworth), I think our approach was incorrect, and we will update the Soul Contract Calculator accordingly.

Here's an example (image created using the output from the practitioner software):

In the first column we can see Rita's full birth name.

As a movie star and sex symbol, we see the 13-4 (divine feminine), multiple 12-3s (busy, sex, and money), a 14-5 (which is a very spiritual number, but also the bold Scorpio-Aries combo), and the 7-7 upfront (hiding one's true self, only showing people what you think they want to see).

Now when we look at the two options for her common name, as I mentioned above, its normal to think TA belongs together with H on its own, because this is the way the words break up. But, remember, there are no spaces or pauses in Soul Contract.

When we go into the Soul Contract energies, I again agree with the "TA together and the H apart" decision:

You can see the calculations on the right of the table, the top corresponding to the second (middle) column, and the bottom corresponding to the third (last) column.

You can see the top puts TA together and H apart, resulting in a conversion of the third and fourth sound/number to 22 and 5.

Whereas the bottom puts the T apart and the AH together, resulting in a conversion of the third and fourth sound/number to 9 and 5.

See the discussion above, for the the difference between a 22 and a 9. Is Rita more about ugliness to beauty and manipulation, or is she more about being disempowered (unlikely) and stepping into her power without fear (it could go either way, between the 22 or the 9).

This also changes the calculations in the table, for the Physical Talent and the Soul Destiny (because the 22 verses 9 decision above affects the Physical Talent calculation, in this example, and the Soul Destiny is the sum of all numbers, so any change above is reflected as a change below).

So, now we have to decide, is her Physical Talent a 6-6 (middle column TA): a very well run business, grounding creative thought into reality, or is it an 11-2 (last column AH): giving people structure, truth, supporting and protecting them.

And, is she speaking on behalf of God, telling people what they need to hear, because when they ask God for the answers, they don't listen to what he/she has to say (Dominant Vibration 7, last column AH)?

As I mentioned above, in my opinion, phonetically, Rita Hayworth is more of a "TA together, orphan the H".

Also, in my opinion, she did ground fantasies into reality, running a solid business. I don't really see her giving people structure, support, or speaking on behalf of God to guide others.

So, we have made the decision to lock the following rules into the Soul Contract Calculator, to make it easier for the user to just type and go, and not have to think about these things, which can be quite stressful and discouraging, because we all want to do things right. And I do, have a lot of 11-2s in my names, so thinking about and giving you structure, is something I can do.

So, here is the logic behind the Soul Contract Calculator:

All AH, CH, SH, TA, TH, TZ, WH (excluding TAH) are converted to their combo value.

"TA <space> H" is converted to TA with H orphaned, and in all other cases of TAH, the AH is honoured as a unit, and the T is orphaned.

The decision for the latter, is my belief, that the AH is a stronger phonetic change than the TA, so it should be honoured. With the exception discussed in this article, where an AH is separated by a space (Rita <space> Hayward), in this case I feel the TA is clearly a stronger phonetic statement than the AH, and, as I have shown above, this is also what makes sense in terms of translating the Soul Contract energies for Rita Hayworth.

If you disagree with this mapping, please email me (, as I am always open to hearing a different point of view.

And, if you want to be able to choose on a case by case basis for all these combos, then the practitioner software created by my teacher's team may be a better fit for you. See:

Full disclosure, honesty, integrity, and truth.

To be of service, not in competition.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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