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Kevin says... (and more)

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Whether we make a play on Simon Says or Survey Says, this is just one person's perspective, which we can take, leave, or consider. I appreciate what Kevin says because most of the time, when he is not caught in his human loop (which we all get caught in some of the time), what he shares has value that can change how we do life.

Kevin is Master Yan's lead student, and the software developer behind RestoreChi.

The bottom line is that Kevin and I care. We want to see everyone do well. We understand that forgetting why we are here is part of the program, to get us to engage with our lessons, as if this is all real. When you are in the presence of someone with enough experience, and you have done enough work on yourself, then you can settle your human emotions, and hear what needs to be done.

I hope this helps. I'll add more to this article as time goes on...

1) Diet: many people drink their food, as an easy way to sneak in a lot of nutrients, but this is not ideal. Our stomach needs us to chew our food so that it can prepare for digestion. Wholeness. The body also benefits from us eating with the seasons, and balancing hot and cold, yin and yang, etc.:

It is important to know that leftover food has too much yin, and that this can be somewhat corrected with a RestoreChi Water Card. Barbeque and frozen drinks/foods are not very good for us, nor are we meant to drink cows' milk. Cooked greens are good, but not cold lettuce. Cucumbers and tomatoes are fine. Breakfast should be warm, and water should be sipped over time. Lunch and dinner should have equal vegetables to balance the protein and grain. Processed meat is not good, and grains should not be too processed or too heavy. Too much mental activity (especially worry, constant problem solving, and lack of trust) can damage the stomach/spleen. This can lead to mouth, dental, and muscle problems.

2) We have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual karma/lessons. What we do not resolve in this life spills over into the next. We manifest our physical illness through our actions. When a child is born with serious health problems, it is because the souls of the child’s parents were not strong enough to build a strong soul. The baby would choose such parents, so that he/she can get the lesson he/she seeks, which is to have a harder time overcoming his/her physical karma, because the soul is weak. Every organ has its own soul too, which is why one can be strong in some areas, and weak in others.

Everything below is my personal extension of what “Kevin says...”

We worry so much about others, and their state, that it distracts us from our own state. The truth is: if we had mastered our lessons, we would not be in a body at all, we would just be a wandering soul. So, if you are in a body, let's let bygones be bygones, and wish them well on their journey, as we do the best we can on our own.

That said, I do feel that whatever people did during covid, whatever side they took, or however they chose to panic, behave, or treat others, reflects on their own unhealed childhood trauma. This was an opportunity to heal that, and it still is. The most enlightened among us simply said: no, I am not doing that, and I am not judging others for their choice either. Sadly, this was few and far between.

This video is interesting. I share because there are many ways to heal, but above all, we need to understand and learn our life lessons, or, even if someone or something can heals us, health is not a state we can maintain. Because health is a conversation, between our body/life/experience and us. A feedback loop. If we are on track, then the symptoms don't surface, but if we are going too far, not listening, or if a door opens up for healing, then the symptoms rise, to communicate where attention is needed and how we can grow.

I was not keen to be roped into expensive, extensive, and invasive Vision Therapy with my daughter. I wanted to heal her eyes in an easier way, or let her remain closed, if that is what feels safe for her. However, since my daughter wants to stick with the program, I am now learning in our 4th session, that when the eyes turn in, we are closing our world, and when we get double vision, we need to engage our peripheral vision, to learn how to open up.

On all levels, it's about balance. I could not heal my daughter's eyes through cheaper, more convenient means, because I needed to learn to open my heart, and to support her to open hers. My pregnancy with her was very challenging, she learned some things from me, that will take some time for us to unlearn.

Lessons present themselves, until we heal. Connecting the brain and eye, the body and mind, soul to soul, and all of us, back together again. No division, but wholeness, we learn by doing the opposite.

I hope this helps.

Some relevant posts and articles:

Grateful to Kevin, who sent me these links, which go into further detail about the healing that was shown in the video I discussed in the post above: and

While Kevin shares it may be confusing for people to believe something can be cured in 3min, when it actually takes time for it to drop into this reality from the higher dimensions. I believe what takes time is getting the human to align with the values of health. In some cultures maybe this can be taught, in others we are stubborn. And I think it is more honest to allow the process to take time, because then when we hand people the gift of health they know how to maintain it, and are not just going to do something stupid to undo the work done to give them back their health, see the following podcasts (the platform that the written articles sat on has been removed from the internet):

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