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The story behind RestoreChi

Updated: May 4, 2023

This article originally appeared in 2018, in the emagazine "Success Stories using RestoreChi", authored by Master Yan c/o Alahnnaa

RestoreChi are digital sound waves, that we hear with our body instead of our ears, comprised of multiple layers of TCM and Qi-based energetic healing...

Here is Master Yan's Bio:

It all started almost 40 years ago when I was gifted with the ability to play with energy and heal people.

One year when I was young, my brother and I were playing around outside when suddenly my brother got injured. I knew I was gifted as a kid, as I somehow knew where all the meridians were, so I used my energy to heal him.

At the time I thought that everybody had this special gift and I didn’t know that I was different, nor did I feel I was special.

Later on in life, once I had finished university, I was diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) - which is a small hole between two ventricles. After learning about this, I knew that I wanted to work more on my Qi to strengthen my life-force. So I decided to study the art of Qigong.

My first Qigong Master told me that I had a lot of Qi. I don’t remember his name, because of traveling and my job. But, I practiced a lot of Qigong, and I am beyond Qigong now.

Qigong is internal. Once you master your internal energy you really don’t need a Master. A Master will always be there when you have problems, but I haven’t had any major health problems for many years.

I still needed open heart surgery because of my VSD. The cardiologist told me that I needed to have my heart valve replaced as well. I told him that "I will repair it myself". So the cardiologist wrote in my chart "will try to repair" and added in brackets "(unlikely)".

Nevertheless, I started to work on my heart for many months before the surgery, as I was still determined to repair it. I looked at a pig heart and studied it to see how it worked. Then I applied the same energy to repair my valve. And it worked!

When I went in for my operation the cardiologist was amazed that I didn’t need to have my valve replaced, however they still needed to do surgery to fix my VSD.

After the operation I got a lot of inspiration and a message that I must go to WuDang:

When I reached WuDang I climbed the mountain and started to talk to a lot of people. Eventually I met another Master who was using herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He taught me more about the meridians, and, during my practice, I was able to combine what he was teaching me with my knowledge of how Qi energy works, to create the theory that I work with today (this was in 2018).

During my time at WuDang, I was also inspired with the thought: "Why can’t I record Qi?". It took many years to perfect this process.

When I recorded my first track, I decided to test it during my second trip to WuDang. I played the track while climbing up the mountain and none of my students were tired during their trip!

Since then, I have been perfecting the process of recording Qi, and looking more and more into TCM.

I realized that TCM herbs can take a long time to have their effect, whereas the system I have developed can target energy flow anywhere in the human body simultaneously, resulting in much faster results.

After many years of hard work and testing the tracks, I have released a system called RestoreChi that anybody can use to repair the energy flow in their body.

My mission in life (as stated in 2018) is to give people all over the world a better quality of life by using RestoreChi.

To see Master Yan explain how some of his (early) tracks work (as well as a testimonial from one of his clients), you can go here to see (and subscribe to) his YouTube channel.

If you have specific questions on how RestoreChi might be able to support you and your family, email me at And to learn how RestoreChi has evolved since 2018, visit my RestoreChi page and the RestoreChi category of my blog.

From left to right: Alahnnaa Campbell, Kevin Youkhana, Master Yan (Feb 17, 2023)

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