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You can know your child You can treat your child

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Go here for a video of me going through this article and all the related links (otherwise the section below on Pentas may not make much sense to begin with... I have asked myself why am I starting this way, and all I got back was "this is the way I was guided to do it", perhaps to allow families to forgive at a family level first, or perhaps to weed out those who may not want to put in the effort to see something neat, or who are not able to jump over something complicated to get to something they can more easily understand. At the end of the day, I don't run my business like most people, I'm just sharing what is available, so people know it exists, I don't feel the need to sell it to those who may not be ready to make the effort, I hope this makes sense...):

In preparation for this event:

I am putting together this article, with some links:

Intro to Pentas by Ra Uru Hu (founder of Human Design):

Mutation that is coming in 2027: A Look at the Rave (

Use the following template to colour in and uncover your Family's Penta (see the video above for an example of how to do this):

Human Design Family Penta
Download PDF • 165KB

When you have coloured in everything that your family has, see if any of the channels are not fully coloured in, as these are areas where your family may struggle when you are together:

7-31: behaving well in public, with good manners, and maintaining protocol

1-8: the alpha dog won't obey

13-33: being able to maintain tradition/rituals and memories (pictures, scrapbooks, chronicling the family history)

5-15: following a rhythm/system/schedule, being on time, remembering what to bring with you, daily self-care, can be fixed by getting a pet (as most pets carry this channel)

29-46: safety in public places (not losing your children etc)

To access and learn about your Human Design charts, go to: Human Design | You Have A Life Plan (

Here is an intro presentation that I did for Mother's Matter Too at the Oakville Parent Child Center:

Introduction to Human Design for YOU and Your Family (edited May2023)
Download PDF • 7.41MB

Including slides on the different emotional waves (image below), fear gates, and voices to know if you someone is speaking their truth:

And here are the slides that were missing from the booklet above (which shows how defined centers impact undefined centers, and participant feedback):

HD centers and participant feedback
Download PDF • 4.84MB

There is also Soul Contract, Gene Keys, and Astrology which can offer additional insight into your child's unique psychology, needs, and life lessons, which I get into a bit in the videos I share on my Parent-Child page.

In addition, this is something I created, back when I thought I needed others to support me in my vision, but others continued to fall by the wayside, never really staying the course, because the path was mine to take alone, and they had other paths to take too:

Now what I recommend is, consider the outside practitioners I refer to in this presentation:

Slides available here.

And explore how RestoreChi and Esogetic Medicine can support you to support your child. Keep in mind, Energy Awareness is also available for children who self-harm, and Elemental Magic and Mudras may be helpful for some.

The following books have been helpful in putting some of the Esogetics brain treatments (see example below) in context of the developing child (The Whole-Brain Child - Dr. Dan Siegel ( and for people with a history of trauma (The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation, and Disease - 3rd Edi (

I include the summary for the strategies listed in the first book, at the bottom of this article: Understanding thoughts and emotions that drive behavior (

What I see in these books, are brain areas that we can treat using

Here is a basic example of an Esogetics treatment, where the 3 bars of coloured light applied to the forehead, mirrors "building a staircase in the mind, integrating the upstairs and downstairs brain", the title for chapter 3 in "the whole-brain child":

I don't have it all figured out, I learn as I go, and we learn when we work together, what works for each unique person, and situation.

My Esogetics teacher shares that there are many brain coordination, mother/father, prenatal, conflict, emotion and hormonal treatments that can help reset the brain and nervous system, by de-stressing and restoring the proper regulatory function, as well as ways to unhook unhealthy attachments to old relationships or addictions. While we do not unhook mother/father issues in children (and there are many other ways in which Esogetics is extremely respectful of where kids are at developmentally), we can work on the parents and do what we can to support kids, to cope with and process what they are going through, in their childhood experience.

As I share in this article: Master Yan: Clearing attachments and restoring balanced energy, so you can do your life lessons we cannot escape our life lessons, they are why we are here. But we can make things easier, by lessening the load, and putting the focus back where it matters.

A lot of people are not built to function well in the way the world works right now, I can normalize this for you, so your life can be easier and more fulfilling.

Article continued and expanded here (from a more relationship perspective): Understanding Evolves, Co-Parents' Struggle, Sibling Rivalry, and Your Parent-Child worldview

Reach out if you have any questions

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