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IRL Retreat


Most retreats take you away from your real life. Hoping that, whatever you learn while you are away, you will be able to apply to your life, when you return. A break and a new perspective can be really helpful, and a retreat literally means to pull back, or retreat from your normal life, so you can heal and then return able to process things better. But, sometimes the support, new opportunities, and skills you need are in your REAL LIFE?

IRL Retreat is different. IRL stands for "In Real Life". 

IRL Retreat is a grounded and practical reset.

We meet you where you are at (literally and figuratively). We support you to accept all parts of yourself. We connect you to local support.

This will allow you to:

- Thrive

- Create heaven on earth, in your everyday life

- Speak your truth, and

- Be the pioneer you've always dreamed of being!

One of the greatest applications for this retreat is when children refuse to go to school, when adults can no longer show up for work, or when our normal places to go suddenly make us feel sick.


We have successfully supported a couple of families through this process. Will you be next to transform your life?

My Gene Keys say: success is when I move from "indifference" (in that "I don't mind what happens because I know I can manage what comes") to embracing my gift to play the game and show people how "versatile" they can be, no matter what happens in life. In fact, change is a sign that you are ready to graduate to the next level. Are you ready?

If you are interested, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Here are some examples of the IRL Retreat concept:

Transmuting the school system, to support everyone!

Transmuting the school system, to support everyone! (pt2)

Transmuting mainstream, forget the school system for now (pt3)

Time to sew the education system back together

This is also a great place to connect with likeminded others:

Support Their Light - Sensitive kids ( (former co-home of the Grounding Sanctuary)

I was hoping to have someone to refer people to when they run into trouble, except, everyone runs into trouble, and the people I would refer you to change, as they evolve. And this is why I know I cannot just say "go here", because there is no "here" yet for you to go. So, reach out, and we can figure it out together, if you wish. 



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