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Buying your own Esogetic Equipment

Updated: Jan 15

This article may evolve.

Esogetic products can be bought from Pages Archiv - Shop für Esogetische Medizin ( by going through me. I do not make any money off these sales. Some of my clients choose to buy equipment so they can treat themselves or their kids/family, and then they work with me to determine what treatments to apply when, and how to do so.

These are the items that I recommend most, for my clients who want to apply treatment themselves:

Perlux F-333 for the treatment of surfaces - Shop für Esogetische Medizin ( - for anyone who can afford it and who is not concerned about the person they are treating grabbing the lights and breaking them, I recommend the P-117 (shown above, with the additional soul spirit rods, not required for all treatments, and we can make something to approximate these additional colours for the F-333, not shown). Anyone who chooses to use the F-333 instead of the P-117, I recommend they spend 4 times as long treating each point (i.e., from 30 seconds per point to 2 minutes per point), to try to approximate the strength of the P-117. You may be able to get away with shorter treating times per point when treating young kids.

Facetted Crystals - Elements+grey+gold+silver (Set of nine) - Shop für Esogetische Medizin ( - another option (shown in the image below) for treatments that would use the soul spirit rods for the P-117 (shown above) and much more, for those who prefer to work with crystals over light. They are still breakable, but less of a risk, compared to the P-117.

This is also a sweet add on (not shown), if you want and can afford it: Pendant for Facetted Crystal in a box - Shop für Esogetische Medizin (

Wildcrafted Herbal Oil Relax - Shop für Esogetische Medizin ( - I often have some in stock (not shown), which I sell for $35 CAD to account for shipping, exchange rate, and taxes. This is a good way to estimate the final Canadian price, compared to the listed Euro price (about double the price you see online).

Here's another example of how to estimate the final cost in CAD:

With a possible 13% for customs/tax added on arrival, probably just on the product price, not on the shipping fee, I'll update this article when I know. Esogetics accepts payment via credit card or PayPal.

These are other items that may become of interest for some clients:

Synapsis© home 2 with 3 Programs - Shop für Esogetische Medizin ( - however, you would have to figure out (through in-person sessions with me) which programs work best for you, and that you would want to use on a regular basis. Brainwave programs cannot be used on kids under 10yrs of age.

Below are items that I also use for treating clients and family, but clients tend to see me for in-person sessions when the treatments they need call for any of these items:

To be updated, as needed...

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