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Shifting perspectives on detox to support embodiment

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

This is an old article that I am working to revamp, as there have been changes in what's available, and I am still trying to formulate my words. I'll remove this intro line when I am done...

I saw a practitioner this week, who tunes into circulation on 3 levels: energy, lymphatic, and blood.

Having had an assessment and treatment from him (acupressure to support liver, lungs, where rib muscles meet nerve, with take away advice to improve diet, and supplements to support thyroid function and absorption) and the RestoreChi sledgehammer team (mostly to remove chill, dampness, increase yang, and improve kidney, spleen, and liver function), I realize the importance of uniform/stable temperature, and what it means to practice and teach your kids to work with energy.

The practitioner above uses Ayurvedic maps and pressure/supplements, as opposed to Taoist TCM and qigong which lies behind RestoreChi and multiple aspects of trauma and attachment brain science and biophysics which is the foundation for Esogetic Medicine

There is also a psychology to detox. For example, with release chill, according to Divine Healing, trauma is locked in our body "in ice", so we can keep it off the heart. Kidney issues are often related to frozen fear. And Liver issues, can be the result of not enough support growing up, to allow us to expand (like wood) into who we truly are. Where gallbladder issues may be related to not having the gall/will to do what we want in life.

Below here has not been re-vamped yet

My experience with the RestoreChi sledgehammer team is: you benefit from having some knowledge and skills yourself, so you can refine your experience, with your own wisdom (as mentioned above re the psychology of chill, kidney, liver, gallbladder, and more), and using the monthly membership tracks, which I can teach you. Definitely use the sledgehammer team for their wisdom, you’re paying for it, but also, have some know how to do for yourself or to know what to ask.

I don’t do everything someone else says, because I know my body and life story/mission more. And, people who think they know all, you need to observe: how long have they been at something, how much time do they put into their craft, is it their primary occupation, how many clients do they see, how is their health, how much opportunity have they had to tinker, did they ever open to other concepts, or are they one-minded in what they know? There is no fault, and there is blessing in each; specific- or wide-focus.

We got a Tesla, and I realized this week, part of the reason, is for me to learn to survive it. This technology is coming, in one form or another (they will “pump up the jam”, hence the title of this article). And, our bodies need to be able to process and manage it. Just like covid and 5G. No one asked our permission for this, no one wanted to hear anyone be able to say “no”. Progress is like that.

We need to get as healthy as we can, and maintain it, to be able to thrive. And, in time, we need to know how to do this for our kids, and our loved ones, who are unwilling to put in the effort, especially if we rely on them to thrive.

The RestoreChi daily rental (aka sledgehammer team) at first felt too expensive. How can I pay $100 per 24hr for multiple days for 2 speakers at a time, when I used to get unlimited speakers and Master Yan live (to do what his speakers can’t), plus top-level education and assessment in his office, 11am-5pm for the same price?

BUT, 24hrs is not 11-5. And, having the tracks with you while you do your day and sleep is worth more, especially for multiple days, because the healing is exponentially.

Some people will of course limit their budget out of fear (or lack of trust), and complain if their battery dies, even though they may have been gifted a 3rd speaker for the price of 2.

All of this is lack of love.

I know, the price of self care adds up, and we don’t all have the means, but, money is also a tool and an illusion (see: Society isn't going to drop you if you decide to colour outside of the (, and you only get it if you try.

We should be home while we heal, not in an uncomfortable hospital bed! And, keep in mind, it’s like being induced to deliver a baby, the first X hours feels like nothing is happening (when will the baby be birthed?), but you need that steady hammering to get results. The same concept is seen when a fever finally breaks, it’s job is done, what a relief. And, just like with frequency work: the body will eventually choose health over illness, once reminded enough time, of what a healthy rhythm is, see Healy and Esogetic Medicine.

Even body temperature allows things to move everywhere, faster, (including your soul to embody and explore), and then the organs that need help, can be targeted.

Also, like birth, there is often a cramping pain before release. Experiences mimic each other, because we truly are not as complex, as some make us out to be.

Re-application of similar patterns is brilliance, and why we should ponder nature (aka, numerology, astrology, aromatherapy, and more).

Even the initial practitioner (above), whom one external practitioner said “don’t waste your time, who says you can absorb their products, everything works better when you work better, they simply don’t understand what we understand” (I.e. the RestoreChi sledgehammer team works up to the 20th dimension, while standard TCM is just at the 4th dimension, this is why, in 3D, they can not even find evidence of the meridians, yet). The higher dimension an illness resides, the deeper the issue, and the more it is hidden from the physical world, and impacting the person at an emotion, soul, or even spirit, level.

In Esogetic Medicine, things working better after you do certain things first also applies. For example, if you have more symptoms or sensitivity on your left or right side, this is called “laterality”, which means, at some point, there was a trauma, that blocked you from using both sides of your brain and body to process your experience, and this means your illness and treatments too, so fixing this before applying treatment is always a good idea! It is also a good idea to anchor a person in their body, so they don’t dissociate, to avoid what the treatment is trying to do, which prevents the treatment from having a positive effect. However, it is also very common for a client to have an impactful session, and then never want to come again, because they aren’t really ready to be in their power, and they prefer more mainstream “pity me“ techniques, and that’s ok too. We all have our process.

Another practitioner slammed the price of their supplements, again focused on “what about me?”, but they don’t see that there are many supplements that they recommend, and have on hand, that are affordable, and not their propriety. They also assess what you’ve already got, to see if they work well enough for you, or how they could be used for different purposes, maybe for another family member. And, the supplements you buy from them, can be bought at a reduced price, that benefit the person who referred you, and they bend the rules, to get you a deal, without the commitment. It’s brilliant, and good business!

Not to mention, when you access the information field, knowledge is multidimensional, so there is awareness of other factors in play, which means work will always be complimentary, and not a redundant duplicated effort.

So again, be mindful of those who slam others. Follow your truth, or you shortchange your self, because the other lacks enough self love, to make room for what someone else has to offer. Though their intentions may be good.

Again, look at who the information came through. Do they actually tend to heal with the practitioners they stay with, or do they leave good practitioners, claiming they don’t work, and stay with those who make them feel superior, even if they don’t heal?

Watch for the boxes people put themselves in, to prevent them from seeing: they are unwilling to grow. And it’s ok. This is not “I told you so”.

And finally, so interesting, that in all this, my tool to access the information field went down for maintenance, for me to see the practitioners above’s tools in action, and for me to read that others have access the information field too, in their own way:

And then, after I figured this out, my access went back up:

And though the creator of RestoreChi has left his tools behind, which, as someone trained in suicide prevention, I know is a move of concern (there are countries worse off than what we have here, where a return is not always possible), this could be good bye, the final gift, whether others know it, or not, we are one, and this is something left behind, to be grateful for. I am, are you?

A part of you worked hard to give us a tool, to last beyond their present lifetime.

Sending love 💕

This is part of my healing journey this week:

WaterChi cards (in image above, under the bowl of fruit) can be purchased from Angela.

I worked myself up to 7 cards (2 by 2, and 1 in the middle). I use 4 for baths (see video), 1 on our 3rd floor and 1 on our main floor (for our humidifier, to charge a spray bottle, and to convert drinks to smaller, more penetrating, cleaning molecules, and, in theory, to reverse tampering to food, be it genetic or negative emotion, maybe even destroying unhealthy additives/chemical, tbd, which is cool, because it shows anything has the cellular/molecular potential to heal), and 1 in the car (for when I eat and drink away from home).

Invest in your self, love your self, in ways that feel right and authentic, for you. And this is not a pair of uncomfortable shoes, makeup, a tub or ice cream, or getting your nails done! Real health. Something that matters, to you, me, and to us all. We are one.

When we heal our selves, we can hold space for others to heal too. And we stop playing a role in the cycle of pain.

When we don’t heal ourselves, we remain self focused, even though focusing on our selves to heal can feel like the opposite.

We are meant to be grounded and launched like a hot air balloon. But, not all of us can make the trip on our own. Some need an external perspective to see where the linchpin is, to release as much as we can, with each move:

Embody, claim, and live this life strong, or someone or something else will do it for us, at our expense, paid in pain.

I realized this morning, that the psychological/experiential cause of my issue, can be shifted and released, simply by me, changing my mind, about what happened, to what I wish would have happened (if the person who hurt me, could have seen beyond themselves, for a second, they would have chosen to care about me, and nothing else matters):

We choose how much we want to suffer and how much we want to thrive. At least, I hope you do, and I hope this helps. You know where to find me.

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