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Eyes and brain, the magic of life is beyond what we can slice and stain - an IVF and Autism callback

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

After treating our middle child (conceived via IVF), Master Yan issued a call back for the child he treated with autism, and then he issued a call back for our middle child too.

What he discovered was, the fusion track he made for all, was not sufficient for our daughter conceived via IVF, because her main issue was in her eyes, not her kidneys and lungs (which are the targets for the fusion speaker). By contrast, the child with autism, rather than having congestion focused around his eyes, had congestion everywhere, but mostly in his brain.

An article about the primo vasculature system, proposes a physical basis for the meridian system, sharing that the lack of physical representation resulted in acupuncture not being accepted among the medical sciences. The article goes on to talk about the shape of the cells and what makes of the fluid in the system, at which point we get to "who cares?". You miss the point when you drill down too far, and you reach a state where you can no longer explain, when you step out too wide. These are the pillars of autism and adhd: too close, too far; too focused, too distracted; science, spirituality.

In addition to what was shared in this article, our IVF child's conception was attempted before my period had even returned after having our first child. They claimed that both my tubes were blocked, but who's to say this isn't normal? If the body is not ovulating because it is not ready to conceive another child, why should the fallopian tubes allow dye to pass through them? Does anyone ask any questions at all? Just because science can force the creation of life, doesn't mean they know what they are doing. A child put together with a cascade of synthetic hormones, even with the support of a skilled acupuncturist, to compensate for when the fertility techniques miss the mark, again and again. According to the article linked above, the primo vasculature system, if it is indeed the physical representation of the meridian system, in theory, develops in the first 48hrs following conception. And where is an IVF child at this time? In a lab, not in a womb! And, our IVF child, following an extremely forced conception, was also bathed in growth hormones, after the scientists discovered the eggs were not mature, even though they went ahead and fertilized them anyways.

Blind, lost, scared. This website hosts a video that speaks to the components of vision beyond what we are consciously attending to, which is slow. The other parts of vision being peripheral and non-visual.

Here is a chapter suggesting that non-smooth eye tracking, which our child conceived via IVF exhibits, is associated with the development of schizophrenia. Which, from a TCM perspective, is a liver issue, combined with yin yang out of balance, with too much yin being associated with hearing voices:

Chapter 28 (printable)
Download PDF • 1.20MB

Testing for the need for vision therapy, showed our daughter had a disorganized way of processing visual information. However, getting her to wear glasses, which facilitates information to be collected by the eyes and sent to the brain, only addresses part of the problem. Yes, the critical brain windows, use it or lose it, but you're still not addressing the problem. And exercises do teach the eyes how to do something, and maybe build strength and coordination, but imagine trying to do exercises in a hoarder's room. So much garbage to move around, just to be able to move, it's very tiring. The choppy eye movement comes from push push push, release, push push push, release, against the resistance. I get it, people are only educated in what they are educated in, and they don't know how to declutter if they only know how to exercise. And they think shaming people for not exercising and not connecting eye and brain, is the answer, but what if it's not? What if this is unkind? What if kind is continuing to listen to the life, to the living person, who says "this is too hard, my stomach hurts"?

When our daughter attempts eye tracking, her stomach hurts, she hurts her spleen, we don't know why. But, when Master Yan clears out the energetic debris, especially in her eye sockets, she can track more smoothly with her eyes, and when she eats cold food she can recognize "this tastes good, but it's cold, so not good for my spleen". A healthy spleen craves good food, knows when to stop eating, distributes nutrients well, supporting muscle strength, and allows teeth clenching and calf spasms to let go. While in the west we speak about retained primitive reflexes, Master Yan simply says "I don't know about that, but if you can't see, you're scared, you cling on, you don't want to cling you, you want to be able to be independent". I really honour that Master Yan says "I don't know, when he doesn't know".

Before this 3rd session with Master Yan, our daughter said "Master Yan is like a ghost, he can go into your body and move stuff out, that's weird", and afterwards she said "I'm happy I went to see Master Yan, he made me feel better, this makes me happy." She is so proud of her ability to move her eyes smoothly. And her ability to be more confident and less clingy, now that she can see, she is not afraid.

We feel things beyond what makes sense. Because we are alive, and more than what can be sliced and stained, and observed under a microscope.

I hope the child with autism will experience equal gains. I know another case of a child with autism, who is living out his father's karma. How each party feels at conception impacts the child. See: Rosemary Bourne | Body Electric Summit 2.0 (

Kevin also speaks to kids ending up with weaker inherited qi when their parent(s) are not strong, and the kidneys are the storehouse for inherited qi, while the lungs provide qi from air, and the stomach/spleen provides qi from food/drinks. They say, if you get a respiratory illness (no air qi) and then you don't eat (no food/drink qi), you drain your inherited qi and you die. Notice that the new fusion track supports 2 of 3. The third being our daughter's complaint: my stomach hurts.

After her 2nd treatment, she vomited. I wonder if that was the negative energy from all the synthetic hormones that went into her production that she was trying to get out.

While I don't want to be negative about what others are doing, sometimes the first step in being able to heal, is being willing to acknowledge that some of the things we do are not really in line with health or intelligence. Like the g-o-v, currently encouraging kids to take puberty blockers, so they can have the gender of their choice. No puberty, no brain maturation, no fertility, and for what? We already know scientists do not understand life, all they understand is what we can slice up, dye, and stick under a microscope. And it has been shown that this is not sufficient, see: What an interesting "body of water"...

I hope this helps.

In addition, repeated chiropractic adjustments on wrists with suspected carpel tunnel and arthritis setting in, is probably a sign that more is needed. RestoreChi can remove dampness, chill, and negative energy, which seizes up our joints. It can reawaken cells to do their job of detox, bringing in nutrients, and allowing for continued cellular communication. Surgery may not be required. All these things you don't see, when you think of parts of a cadaver, because a living organism is so much more than that.

I feel like I've run a marathon with our kids, but really it was just a leg in the relay race, with many more to go, including more family members, more problems, no problem is ever fully released, the next leg of the race is up to me, again. With lots of self care along the way.

We learn, we pass the baton, of what we learn, back to humanity, and when we are ready, we go again. To collect more wisdom to share, with those who are seeking and ready, not with those who continue to make mistakes and want to be right. We don't have to change the world, we just make wormholes, for those who seek to heal, who don't want to complain, who want to move on, to bigger and better, and whatever is next. It's not the majority or people who seek this, and that's what makes life so amazing. All the levels that can exist at once. All the frequencies. Unicorns and mermaids are here, but they exist in a dimension that we can not see, because they don't want to be sliced up and stained just to prove their existence. Just like RestoreChi and the meridian system. It's there, but out of reach for those who need that kind of proof. The proof is in the child who says "thank you, I feel better", because there is no placebo effect for kids.

One more thing, the inner portion of the outer ear, has been mapped to the spine, and any distortion in the spine has been mapped to difficulty in the womb (C1 is conception, and the coccyx is birth). You can also see the sympathetic nervous system runs parallel. So, it makes sense. Challenging conception and prenatal time, sets up fight or flight, evidenced in the structure of the ears, the spine, the eyes, retained primitive reflexes, and more:

A quote Kevin likes from here is that "Nonverbal children often tell us, through their behaviors, what their problems are.". As he has seen an autistic child that he and Master Yan have been working with for a while, make gestures with his eyes, indicating help may be needed, in the same way that Master Yan is helping our middle child, and this other autistic child, through specialty tracks, that address the eyes and brain, at the fusion/conception level.

While Master Yan is away, Esogetics offers many ways to get at this too. We are all working together, to support truth, to help us be here, so we can help others.

In closing, I ask you to read these two passages, and remember that these are the single cells that divide to make up every single cell in a person's body:

"With ICSI, a single sperm gets injected directly into an egg outside of the uterus. Sperm are typically retrieved from ejaculated semen and the semen sample is prepared in a centrifuge, the sperm cells are spun through a special medium to separate live sperm from most of the dead sperm and debris."

"Assisted hatching is an additional procedure that can be performed in patients who are undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Once embryos are created using IVF, the embryo is surrounded by a hard outer layer of cells called the zona pellucida. You can think of this outer layer as the "shell" of the embryo. An embryo must break free of this "shell" in order to implant into the uterus and develop into a pregnancy. Assisted hatching is a procedure where we can help the embryo "hatch" from its "shell" by creating a small crack in the zona pellucida. It is believed that assisted hatching can help an embryo implant in the uterus, leading to higher pregnancy rates in some patients." do you think these cells feel after having been spun, force injected, and pierced? Do you think the process might have done any damage? Sure you get real fighter cells, who can survive this process. But think about how you feel when you are subjected to similar experiences. How would you feel if this was your introduction to life? This is the trauma that is held in the cellular memory of every single cell of life created this way. Think about how much research is going into the consequences of c-sections over vaginal birth, because the birth process is an important and empowering process for mother and child, to see what they are capable of, it helps them get through life...


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