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In-spired: IVF, autism, and helping people heal

Updated: May 4, 2023

Another day at Master Yan’s office...

I brought my middle child to see Master Yan for the second time. I’ve brought her to many healers, often she rejects the process, or the healer can not help. Last time we saw Master Yan he said something to the effect of “she has entity attachments, I’ve removed them, but physically she is fine, we can’t change her karma or her life story”. But I continued to plant the seed about her being conceived via ivf and that this is a very unconscious (and unkind) process.

Hers specifically: My eggs were categorized as having less than a 5% chance of conceiving, even with all the best support. After my eggs were grown, harvested, washed, and injected, with icsi spun sperm, both parts produced under duress without love, they realized the eggs did not mature as expected from the final hormonal shot they made me take before harvesting. So, they bathed the fertilized embryos in growth hormones to try to catch them up. And, after a few lonely days in the lab (not my womb), when it came time for transfer to my womb, they said “I wouldn’t bother transferring those embryos, you’re most likely going to be disappointed”. I of course transferred her and the two other remaining embryos (that did not make it), as I was never going to go through the ivf process again. Then I proceeded to become very sick in pregnancy, literally wanting to die, contracting the flu, taking tamiflu, going to labour and delivery many times, for physical and mental health issues, having elevated blood pressure just before induction, then being itchy and swelling up post birth, so it was hard to bond. This was her passage into this life.

And, when I saw Master Yan work on a child with autism the week before, and when Master Yan responded (to the mom who asked “what caused this?”) that “sometimes this is the result of a hard time in the womb or ivf”, I knew it was time for me to take our middle child in to see Master Yan again.

Upon seeing her, he knew he had to recreate fusion energy in the kidneys, as her fusion energy (which only happens at conception) would have been weak due to the ivf process. But, because she also had left eye and ear issues, he also applied fusion energy to every single organ that splits in two: eyes, ears, lungs, two halves of the heart and liver, etc. After doing so, and hearing how the boy with autism was doing he said “the experience with your daughter really inspires me, I didn’t know I was supposed to work with kids conceived via ivf or with autism, now I know all these kids should get fusion treatment, not just on the kidneys and brain, but all the organs” (hence “in-spire” in the title of this article).

After treatment, her left eye (which does not communicate with her brain without her glasses) was still turning in, and her right eye seemed to be moving spastically in a panic. Master Yan did some more work, and found this area had a lot of congestion. He asked that she look straight at him while he did the work, and in a couple minutes both eyes started moving together, no spastic movement, no turning in.

Our child remained very happy with the treatment, was brave enough to order her own food at a store, got a high score on a shooting game, and was able to soothe herself when she got scared and angry. She said she was able to shift from being mean to being helpful. Master Yan said “she is able to do all that because now she can see, it’s very scary when you can’t see”. And I can just picture her neuro-optometrist, and how unhappy she was with us, for not completing her protocol, because mainstream always believes “it’s their way, or the highway”. But, you know, I kind of like the high(er consciousness )way. And our daughter said she is very happy she went to see Master Yan:

Hubby also saw Master Yan, and agreed with Master Yan’s assessment, felt a difference after treatment, and was willing to wear the speaker to solidify the treatment.

Side note: I found a better way to explain the “speaker for 48hrs after your session”, as so many complain when their speaker dies before the 48hr mark. Everyone wants every inch of what they feel they paid for, not realizing when enough is enough. It’s the sad world that we live in, there is very little gratitude and trust. So, the speaker is like “stitches that fall out on their own”. Of course, sometimes we need to reapply stitches (for a cost) if the wound is still not held in place when the stitches fall out (or the speaker battery dies) or there is desire for more security, but often when we simply reapply stitches because the person wants to get their money’s worth, what they get are severe detox symptoms. It’s good, but often it’s not received with gratitude, and healing need not be so unpleasant. We can leave it to mainstream to do it the ugly way, they are very good at it…

Back to where I was before: While what hubby was “diagnosed with” seems simple: left side not enough yang so it feels weaker, and was at risk for seizing, and too much yang at the top, leading to a red face. With the balance of yin yang, he should now tic tock front-back, top-bottom, left-right, more efficiently, allowing his body to disperse extra weight around the belly and for excess heat and redness on the top to go down. I encouraged him to come see Master Yan, because I thought he was at risk for a cardiovascular event (heart attack, stroke, etc), but didn’t know how to fix it, as he was not responding to the speaker alone, and he felt it was simply stress levels, that he could not control or change. The TCM approach to diagnostics and treatment, lack of yang on the left, too much yang in the head, make sense for these concerns. I’m just glad he showed up and felt it was worthwhile.

While the after photo does not do it justice, the redness in his face decreased within a couple hours:

Finally, Master Yan has been talking about fusion energy, which now reminds me of this book, which he may have read too, which speaks to enlightenment requiring us to reverse human nature, back to conception and through to our pre-heaven/earth qi:

And to that effect, his theory was, better fusion energy would result in better splitting energy too. And you may wonder “what’s that? And why is it relevant?”. Well, after conception (the only time cells merge), everything else is cell division. And so, healing wounds and healing from medical procedures (including surgery and chemo) is also about splitting energy.

He said "he has the theory that fusing energy would help splitting energy, resulting in better healing, but he was not going to cut open hand to prove it."

However, he has cancer patients who are undergoing chemo or IV tests/injections. The chemo patient that he is treating has a recovery that is much better than other chemo patients, they don’t lose their hair, energy, or appetite. And, since Master Yan’s treatment, mainstream practitioners can now find the IV patient’s vein with ease, so they are no longer poking her multiple times, to try get the needle in place. Reducing what was previously massive bruising, down to a mark smaller than a mosquito bite.

Although I personally find it sad, that because Master Yan is able to support these people to heal so well, they never miss their next treatment, whereas others routinely miss their treatments, because the treatment before knocked them out so bad, that they can’t take anymore. What are we doing here? Fixing up the boxer to go back in the ring? Why? It always ends in a TKO…

But, it’s respectful of the life. Each person chooses what they want to do, and RestoreChi helps them with their journey, it can not change their destination, only we can do that, with our free will choice. For some, that is the definition of karma.

Another reason I included the word in-spired in the title of this article, is because a common thing Master Yan does is call back the soul, when it is gone due to a scare, prolonged fear, or simply not being put together, to be whole on an energetic level. IVF builds a physical human, but to in-spire (to put spirit fully in), just like with autism, we may need a little (Master Yan) fusion help.

Gratitude. Always.

Ps. I didn’t get a treatment from Master Yan this time, because he felt my issue was more in Jessie’s department: tight tendons from a weak liver and carrying kids. She knew exactly where to push and drill with the devices some believe are for massage. And now I know, if clients are jealous that some people seem to get treatments they don’t, they can pay Jessie $50 for this treatment if it’s for just one issue, or more if they want Jessie to treat their whole body. For my right shoulder, Jessie treated my sciatic and hip area up to my neck, and gave me a stretching exercise and dietary tips, for my condition and this time of year.

And, going to the mall after treatment, I felt more capable to handle the things most people do, that generally make me feel sick, as is always the case after I see Master Yan (or his team). They help me feel more able to be here, which is why I think his work is so great for children conceived via ivf or who have autism. They struggle to be here, because here is weird, and we just don’t say it enough.

After the mall, we went home and watched the beginning of the Spock documentary, where they share that we all feel like a bit of an outsider, and how he never played the role as if he had no emotion, but as if he was always trying to control his emotions. That’s how many of us feel, in this crazy world, if we think mainstream is the only option, when we see how much it hurts so many of us… that’s the game.

Find a way to step off the hamster wheel, to work on our selves, and live in peace, by discerning what is right and wrong for us. No labels, excuses, hall passes, permission, or diagnosis needed.

TCM has no illness labels, because it is just about what is out of balance and how to we can restore balance, to keep out the cold, wind, dampness, and phlegm, so we can maintain strength (aka fullness of all 5 elements, working together, between and within every organ, with yin-yang balance, inside and out). It’s that simple. 10 digits, 26 letters, however many chromosomes, makes up unbelievable numbers of possibilities… as above, so below.

How these kids do after treatment:

1) A non-verbal autistic child who has seen Master Yan about 4 times, started to behave more gentle and kind to his mom after the first couple visits, he would still touch things that were not his with curiosity, but no aggression when asked to give these items back. After 4 visits he is now, for the first time, starting to use his mouth to try to speak. His mother is so relieved to be able to enjoy her son more, because when he suffers less, she suffers less too, it’s less work to raise a child who is more at peace. He did experience some fear of bowel movements early on in treatment, but this has been worked out.

2) an autistic child, who is more able to communicate with language, discussed more in this article, he had a huge incident when he was dropped off at a program where mom drops off and dad picks up, after his session with Master Yan, where his behaviour escalated to kicking in and shattering the glass portion of a door. However, by the end of the next school week, his teacher sent home a note saying he had a better day (with no aggression) ie. hitting, as this was something he was doing the week before, prior to seeing Master Yan.

3) our middle child (conceived via IVF) woke with a sore stomach around her navel, after her session with Master Yan, common for her. Because I am training in MeridianWork, I knew this area to be the alarm point for the large intestine. Both sides hurt, so I treated them with violet colour light, and I checked the large intestine mu points on her back. The right side was more sore than the left, so I treated right with blue (to relax) and left with orange (to stimulate balance). She went to sleep, and woke a few hours later claiming to be feeling better. But she was acting and sounding like she was about to vomit, and when I shared this observation with her, she said “yes, I feel that way”. Then she walked to the bathroom, vomited a few times, rinsed her mouth with water, and then got dressed, did her hair, and had a great day. Master Yan thinks she may be able to go without her strong prescription glasses for a couple months, and then go back to the optometrist and maybe get a lighter prescription. She is very happy to be able to be more kind and to feel proud of what she does.

When we can not (or do not) inhabit our bodies fully, negative energy moves in. Master Yan burps as he treats, when he is able to release this, but some of it we have to push out ourselves.

This is why I think having a plan for how to address detox symptoms after treatment is very important. Happy to discuss this with you, and make some recommendations, if you wish. Because this client is right, many kids (and adults) do need us to be available for them, for a few days, after their session with Master Yan, to help them integrate and not reverse the work:

Sending love.


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