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Yin Yang, and the 3rd perspectives

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

This is part one in a trilogy, part 2 & 3 can be found here:

Every time I go see Master Yan I understand something more deeply, just like every time I used to take a Divine Healing class, or every time I read a good book, or every time I take another Esogetics/Meridians course…

I am grateful that I was able to witness amazing shifts in the clients that I brought to see Master Yan, and also that my clients don't mind that Master Yan speaks a lot to me when treating them. One client said "him doing this kind of solidifies that we are your client, he is only here every once in a while, he needs you to understand what he is doing, so you can continue to hold space for us while he is away".

This time I saw Master Yan identify and fix yin yang balances left right, top bottom, front back, overall or within an organ.

From Master Yan's experience, autism symptoms can be related to left right imbalance in the brain hemispheres, the cerebellum, and the body. Cerebellum and body imbalance can lead to what some call “stimming” behaviors, which can be called repetitive movements to soothe, as simple as smacking hands, shaking legs, or rubbing an area of the body. These behaviors are an attempt to stimulate balance, and when balance is restored by Master Yan, they lessen, although at first, they may still appear, because the habit takes longer to lose, but with no more need, it will go away too. I saw clients increase their stimming behavior as they were being treated, maybe as a way to try to maintain what Master Yan had helped them achieve, but with a few days of RestoreChi speaker use, it should hold, without the need for the stimming behavior. As the autistic child, who saw Master Yan yesterday, was leaving, said "he fixed it" (with regards to a meridian point that he had been pinching for a while, causing skin damage).

Top bottom imbalance can be like a pendulum, but instead of the balls resting in neutral, awaiting stimuli from one side, then transferring the action on the opposite end, and returning equal stimuli to keep the pattern going forever, you have one moving ball, colliding with four balls, that are moving in unison. The result is chaos, loss of energy, stagnation, nothing moves, water and garbage collects.

Front back imbalance could present as tension/pain in the area with too much yang, this is also true for top bottom. Think headache or back/neck pain.

This is very similar to Esogetic concepts of laterality, medial turbulence, and IQ/EQ (front back) imbalances or disconnection.

The 3rd perspective:

In Esogetics, we have body-soul-spirit, matter-energy-information, endocrine-lymphatic-degeneration, having the resources - processing and moving stuff out - getting stuck, staying in the body - to process - and not get stuck, vertical-horizontal-diagonal.

In TCM the meridians are vertical, the connecting pathways are horizontal, and there is no diagonal.

Esogetics adds the diagonal, as a way to give access, to change the current state, using bio photons (coloured light; tonifying or relaxing hormones with orange-blue, lymphatic flow with purple-yellow, solidity with red-green, and addressing stuckness with 3 shades of grey), as well as esoteric, astrological, geometry (the earth hologram; in clear to draw in light, in black to draw out darkness, in colour to balance; as well as gold to tonify, silver to sedate, so we can see the 4 elements in soul/spirit colour again), and brainwave and acupoint patterns, to remind the system of healthy function. Reconnecting stem, limbic, and cortical brain structures, as well as gut, head, and heart brain, for full processing of the now and letting go of the past, with lesson learned and treasures gained.

I believe a more TCM approach would be to categorize us (the observer) as the 3rd perspective. Something Jessie (more about her in the next article) taught me in our last meeting: Take each organ out energetically and observe it, show gratitude, hold space for healing, when all that can be done in this moment is done, put it back, and move to the next organ. We can do this for our selves, or others.

First borns (which I am) detox their moms, this can plug up their liver. Younger siblings may be born into chaos, as their mom may have already been depleted from growing and caring for older sibling(s). This and other weaknesses in the parents can result in weak constitution, especially inherited qi in the kidneys due to fear. Take a look at the emotions associated with the organs below, and see where you may have been hurt by your childhood, conception, womb time, birth, or life...

All of these experiences can be addressed with Esogetic Medicine.

Master Yan even believes one of the causes for autism could having grown in an imbalanced womb, or experiencing fusion in an unsafe environment (i.e., via ivf, when there is no love between mother and father, when mom is not healthy, emotionally stable or stressed, etc). We may not be able to completely undo the damage that was done, but we (Master Yan and I) can bring more peace, understanding, love, enjoyment, and improved communication.

To be continued in the next article…

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