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Why would I go see Master Yan, Why would I work with Alahnnaa?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Many people ask what to expect from their session with Master Yan. Many people have doubts, because of their past experience or because of "what people say". And if you go, you may be shocked by the simplicity of things.

I didn't know last time I went, that his office space would be in the midst of a clean up job, because of a fire. I didn't know that a few times before, the set up would be a few random rooms, with reclining foldable lawn chairs, where you bring your own snacks, pillows, and blankets, and stay a while. Or that some people would be asked to take a speaker and go to their car, and then spray down their car with RestoreChi water, to remove what Master Yan did not want stuck in his office space, with difficulty airing out. The treatment "rooms" are now gone. Master Yan evolves with every visit. In fact, even day to day experiences differ, based on who and how many clients are booked in, their needs, familiarity, and their karma.

Like most healing practitioners, he doesn't know if he is going to come out with anything better than what he had last time, but, interestingly, he always does.

A few visits ago, is when I spoke of the "sledgehammer team". In a way, those were the good old days. When there were these tracks to really clean you out. But, when you are being cleaned out, then, where does all that garbage go, and what does your body learn?

I used to go to a hydrocolonic practitioner. And, I would love to be able to keep going, except, like my heart screamed at me "no more" when it came to taking shrooms in my early 20s, my internal digestive system cramped and said "no more" after my last colonic hydrotherapy session.

It's nice to have your poo washed out of you, because, with your poo, go the people in your life, that were the same vibration as that poo, who you don't need anymore, because you have graduated from that lesson, from their energy. While, it is hard to have things and people ripped away from you, life does you a favor by taking these things away.

So, the sledgehammer team, whose article was on a platform that was removed from the internet, and I am so glad, because that was a place where I over-gave to everyone, with little thanks in return, because "few people are like me", or so I am told...

The lyrics from Cat Steven's come to mind:

For Master Yan: "Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy". I have always commented on his life choice as being imperfect. He smokes, a tooth is missing, he took the V, he works hard to run a business instead of resting in the laurels of his ability to heal, he shows signs of having some congestion, he eats food that the Medical Medium would say "no no no", he uses products with parabens and fluoride, but, he neutralizes it all, he's jet lagged and still serving, he has a few guilty human pleasures, and he is better off than the old me, who restricted to the point of holding illness and values, that ostracized others and made their choices seem wrong, so mine could seem right. Right but alone is not right, we are in this together, and we cannot win by doing it alone or by forcing others off their path so they can do ours. The founder of Esogetics knows and teaches this too.

For me: "You're still young, that's your fault, there's so much you have to go through; I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy, to be calm, when you've found, something going on; how can I try to explain, when I do he turns away again", people may be older or younger than me age-wise, but I have been through enough, to be beyond what most people are still stuck on.

And the client sings "if they were right, I'd agree, but it's them they know, not me", but do they know, or is that their illness talking? See the text for this post.

Sidetrack (for the evolution of Cat): "Its just so great to keep on meeting human beings. If you listened to my lyrics at all, you would have heard that I was searching, and if I found it, I would have to follow it, or I would be a hypocrite. This happened before the ... revolution, you need to get that in context. Your god and our god is one god, but you would not believe that, given what the medias say. I regret the question." I didn't know "A was for Allah" when I chose my name, its big shoes to fill, and this is what scares us all. And why they make stepping into beautiful teachings, such as the i'ching, chinese medicine, and concepts based on balance and nature, scary. This is why mainstream chooses to fight, k'ill, and con-troll, instead. In fact stress comes from an unwillingness to relax, let go, and be open to where life is trying to take us.

Back to this article: I also want to say "when you're this big, they call you Master", but Jessie (part of the old sledgehammer team) calls him by his first name, because she has done their chinese astrology, and she outranks him, he cannot be her master.

I share the Mister/Master joke because your personality may complain, but sit with Master Yan for a bit and see: he sees you, he fixes you, and the dust in the air and the exposed wiring means he doesn't stop everyone else's life, to put up a front, to serve your ego in luxury, because your ego needs a swift kick in the butt, not a mainstream pampering, which is just a drain on your income, because that is how mainstream drinks from the teet of the cow. Authentic practitioners have no interest in that, because they have real talent, no show. Pay, heal, move on. Next lesson, for everyone.

Speaking of toileting (in this article), my next task is to go clean all our bathrooms, as I wait for a photo to be sent, so I can release this article. None of us are immune from our life lessons. We need to learn to find peace in our own lives, and we can only serve others if they pay, because it costs money, to remove our services, from the roles we play in our own lives. Continuing on...

So, the sledgehammer team of the past, consisted of Jessie, the one who can look at your face and tongue (or pictures of this), Angela, the one who can take your multiple pulses, and Kevin, the one who can energetically tune into each of your major TCM organs to see which needs more support, as well as your damp and chill. And the sledgehammer tracks would take out the trash and give you back your energy.

But now, the new track, which is an upgrade on the last track, energetically fuses left and right kidney, which is something that can only happen when sperm and egg join to make life. The track between sledgehammer and the current track was the same as the current one, but no fusion, just left and right kidney working together, to give you back your conception energy. In addition to the kidney work, these tracks reconnect all your organs (to each other and inside and out), teaching them where excess fire, water, and garbage should go. Rather than toileting you, showing you where the toilet is, how to wipe, flush, make sure the toilet stops running, wash your hands, and wipe the sink. Showing you how recycling is separate from compost and garbage, and where and when to place these items on the curb for collection. So your body learns to do for you, and so you learn to honor you too. Fish, don't just eat, read, don't just watch, apply, don't just say "oh this is so interesting, and here is my certificate of accomplishment". It’s not accomplishment until you can apply, expand, and contribute something new.

The problem, before, with a sledgehammer method, is the client did not learn. You take out the garbage, they put more garbage in, no gain, in fact, loses, because, when people don't work at all (just pay a bit of money, to get their garbage removed), then they don't make an effort to keep the garbage out, because there was insufficient effort needed, to get it out, so they don't appreciate that they are meant to protect their life.

Unfortunately, there remains the issue, that people can show up for a session, or have a speaker given to them, but they still may not be in a place to receive its healing. These are the people who say "it doesn't work". While Master Yan says "it is not possible to stop a curse, just like it is not possible to stop a healing", what is possible, is for people to "carry too much karma".

I'll be honest, when Angela (pulse taker) used to say "oh, that's their karma keeping them away from investing in their healing" I used to think it was an insult, because who is she to know what is who's karma. I have another friend who likes to call it dharma, which means life purpose. And it's nice too, because our life purpose is to work on our lessons (our karma). And sometimes our life lessons are not inherited, but shared.

My husband won't go in for treatment, because of his karma. You give him a day to himself, and he would rather do a million other things, than go see someone for healing. Because he thinks the only problem he has is lack of time for himself (and that others/children are not respectful). He does not see that his health is a result of his choices.

But, for some reason, I was sent home with an extra speaker for him, and guess what? My middle child, who refused Master Yan's treatment last time, had thrown up 3 times with diarrhea while I was away, and needed the extra speaker. She woke in the morning and said "I feel a lot better, the speaker really helped", and I said "next time you trust Master Yan to help you!"

My kids can benefit from RestoreChi, because I support them to pay attention to the changes in their body, to notice what works, to show gratitude, and to work on thier karma.

Husband is still TBD, as I did not raise him. But, because I have done enough work on myself, and have found common ground with my husband (through teamwork, recognition, gratitude, and humor), I can kindly show him his options, so he can choose a better path in real-time, without force from me, because I’m in it to learn too. Connecting the dots, because if he goes down, our life changes drastically, and we have our current situation only to learn, and our current situation will change, only if we benefit from the next lesson too. This is how we share our karma. I’ve been given the gift to see, so people can choose to align more with their soul, than with their ego personality, which is why they are sick and can’t get well.

So, what can Master Yan see?:

- maybe you have damage to the 5th 6th and 7th dimension of your kidney, due to one or many strong or prolonged scares in childhood, that then damaged your liver, which then damaged your heart, still at the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimension, out of range what can be seen using 3rd dimensional physical scans and tests. While the 5th 6th and 7th dimensions are emotional, and we have "Bell Let's Talk Day", all they talk about is: it is common and ok to be messed up, no one is fixing anyone, because we are supposed to accept things as unfixable, just manageable with drugs, talk therapy, and AI apps.

- maybe you lost a child and the soul is still with you, maybe your soul is not, maybe you have lived so out of alignment, that your soul gave up on you, or maybe it left you, when you took a scary roller coaster ride (literally or metaphorically)

- maybe you have a block between your stomach and lungs, which puts pressure on your large intestine, preventing healthy regular bowel movements, and this accumulates garbage and stagnation

- a liver that cannot clear garbage can lead to depression (so can the absence of a soul), it can also cause ADHD symptoms, because the liver is what helps us plan

- a damaged heart can cause migraines, as the heart rules the mind

- maybe your left right, top bottom, or front back yin-yang is imbalanced. But wait a second, those things don't exist in mainstream, so how can they fix that? They can't. But these things do exist in Master Yan's world, so he can fix them

- maybe your dentist told you your tooth came in with no enamel because you must have taken antibiotics when the tooth bud was forming in your gums (what, antibiotics are bad and have hidden consequences, down the line, that we didn't even know about?). And your dentist is eagerly awaiting you to be fully grown, to crown or root canal those teeth. What if another explanation is your tooth has insufficient yang energy? What if you have less yang energy than to be expected for someone your age? Master Yan can fix that.

Rather than drugs, homeopathy, physical procedures to remove sh*t, why not teach the body where the excess sh*t should go, and teach the human personality to start to self-care: eat better, keep your self warm, move, and don't mask your symptoms to be accepted by others, rest, take time off, miss that game, playdate, or presentation.

Some people may get more than Master Yan's "fixes" and sent home with a speaker. Some may be recommended products, which may look like nothing special, oh my, they may even have ingredients in them that you would normally avoid, but Master Yan purifies them, and just uses these products as a base to hold his healing. And, maybe you don't need these added products.

Maybe mainstream sees you as "healthy" and your symptoms as "all in your head", no amount of "Bell Let's Talk Days" or labels (that make people finally feel understood) will take that away. People love labels: Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder (ooo, especially that last word, disorder), ADHD, Aspergers. "Oh, so, I was right, I can't be helped, I am the way I am, I am validated for not being able to care of myself". No, the system gave up on you, what they used to call "housewife hysteria" (or boredom, from caring for husband and kids, and not being able to live up to their potential) is being rebranded. It just comes sooner now, because schools, who should be sticking to the basics, which they now call "STEAM" are busy messing up the mental health of kids, with thier bland initiatives, of everyone the same, but let's still compete, and make public show, of who adheres most to the values of the school, acting as a social shaming for all others, much like a public hanging, the only kids who may be immune, are those who are mature/secure enough to know, that none of this matters. Pull up your socks and read "The Road Less Travelled".

Some may get special instruction on exercise or self-treatment or even what appears to be a massage device. “Why them and not me”, you may ask. That's your karma. Being jack hammered with a device instead of having a decal taped to you, to gently do the work, is because you are at a place where you are strong enough to be experimented on, with something new. It doesn't necessarily feel good. Not the procedure or the aftermath of cramping and gas to get it out. The detox symptoms that can come from a soak in a RestoreChi bath, to remove dampness and chill, can also be quite awful, but worth it, in the long run. Better out than in, but not all need it, not all are ready, and they wouldn't invest in it anyways, unless they saw the value, which is why it is not offered to them in the first place.

I used to want to list all the prices of all the products that are available, but the truth is, the product will be offered, and the price will be given, based on readiness, and having put in enough work, to be ready for the tool, to do what is needed, if you need it. And your ability to find a way to pay, will be determined by how much work you have done on your karma. How tied up you are, in concerns that don’t really exist.

Not everyone can be saved. I have conversations with my clients beforehand. All the personality issues that make a person ask for more, because they had less growing up. I get it, at the same time, I need to educate people about what they are really asking: you want someone else to go out of their way, of working on themselves, to work on you, and you want this for less, because you think you deserve it. It's like asking an artist to put in 1000 hours to paint you a portrait, in the same amount of time and for the same price as an AI app, to all your specifications, because you were told to ask for what you want. That is insane, people are delusional. That said, people get what they have worked on enough in themselves to receive. Maybe they don't get a private room, void of all the things they say trigger them, but maybe they get the one on one or the lowered price, that they seek and is right for them. It's not up to me. It's up to me to get people through the door, if I can. To hear what they say about why they can't, to correct what I can in their misunderstandings, to give them a chance to be kind, and to let go of those who can't be saved.

Jessie is gifted because she monitors the chinese ResotreChi chat, and she learns because she is fascinated by what works, and she wants to help. She knows the exercises and the meridian points, to dig into and hammer at.

Kevin is learning more about the organs, and the connection of imbalances and karma, to symptom presentation. I still think his gift, is in recommending which monthly track combo to use. As for me, these overnight wins, are the magic of RestoreChi. He doesn't like to get too much into the psychology, even though he can see it too, because that's what someone like me is for. We each have our gift.

Angela's gentle pulse-taking, gives a gentle voice to your body, explaining its cries for help. She took a lot of time to refine this skill, when she refused to trust her intuition.

I also assess the body, using finger, toe and foot sensitivity, and provide Esogetic treatments, to be expanded soon into more MeridianWork.

I know, Master Yan is only here 3-4 times a year, and we have to do something for our clients, to move them and prepare them, to be opened to what he has to offer. He heals, we hold space, and correct all that silly thinking.

Call it self-entitled millennial, boomer, or generation X. It's all just a failure of our school system, our parenting paradigm, and our horrible g-o-v, that lead us to where most people find themselves, and that's the game: forget who you are, remember who you are. None of us get to be creator gods, if we can't find our selves again, no matter what psy op they throw our way. We can't stop the game, but we can play it well. All can be fixed, but it starts with us being willing to grow.

I hope this helps. Sending love.

The photos came through, a day later, and not through expected channels, and that’s ok. Much gratitude to this amazing team, to be a part of the magic, to empower those who are ready (and if you made it to the end of this article, and still feel inspired to try, maybe that's you, and if your ego personality got bruised along the way, my apologies, I'm sure I have work to do too...):

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