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Abandonment, secrecy, privacy, reflection, part of a system verses complete wholeness

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

As part three for this trilogy, we now circle back, to wholeness.

Part 1 & 2 can be found here:

I asked Master Yan about the way things are in China, because people here fear things will become like it is there. He shared that it is more socialist there than communist, and that it is more socialist here than it is there, with our employment insurance and high taxes. While we may think being monitored and fined to control our behaviour is "not fair", some people just pay for their mistakes, to be able to keep moving forward, as they like. And while we may worry about food shortages, we have a lot of land, with fewer mouths to feed. At the end of the day, it’s about trust, like/dislike, and some people are simply not cut out for the job. But we don’t need let this stop us from doing our work to self care, grow, and give back.

I’ll explain:

The health care system is not cut out to support health, because they are a system, which must play by the rules of bureaucracy. Even if a practitioner does not agree, they can not take a risk, because if they don’t follow protocol, the system will not catch them.

The school system is not cut out to support raising children, because they overstep in areas they don’t have the wisdom to understand. They just follow what they are told, to grow voters, to keep those in power in power.

The g-o-v is not cut out to control the weather, population, or the spread of thinking or illness, because they have a vested interest in getting voters and maintaining control. Their perspective is far too shortsighted, while their long-range view is missing a lot of data.

We need to be individuals, who self care, and self grow, and then we can give back, as individuals, to the whole, in harmony with others, where the whole is not controlled by any one of us but by us all, as a collective. Trusting the Divine Plan.

This is why there is no secrecy or privacy, the only thing these requests and expectations breed is abuse and below the surface festering of illness or infection. Like the varicose vein I developed when I was pregnant with our first child, hiding it under longer shorts certainly did not help it heal.

I say this because I know people don’t always like when I share things anonymously to educate others. They think the information is theirs, but we are one, and what one knows, gets put back into the whole, not for gossip, but for validation and understanding. We don’t need to science anything, we don’t need statistical proof or a psychic to validate our reality. It is. We are.

And the reflection...

It’s the same in couples as with pets. When one partner sees themselves as perfect and the other as a mess. We need to acknowledge balance in this world. If we choose to live at the extreme and see ourselves as perfect, then we attract the opposite, to the same degree that our balance/reality is off/distorted, until we learn to approach middle. As I continue in this vain, if anyone feels that it is them I am speaking about, please know, there are many who exhibit this "blame others, I'm perfect" vibe...

Our pets and partners are ill when we are lying (to self or others). When we complain about our outer environment, it is because we refuse to look within. Interestingly, looking around with rose tinted glasses is the same as looking around and complaining. We need to discern, so we can focus on what is right for us, what contributes, and what does not.

I judge to understand. I feel bad for judging, but this is because we are not encouraged to try to understand. I don’t pass judgement to condemn, just see what is there, to allow it to inform my choices, and let it be, thanking it for my education (which means to pull out of me, what I already know).

And, if we are abandoned, then it is because, the one who abandoned us, was not a fit for our evolution, their abandonment was the better fit, for us to grow:

Some may say "to have a pet, to feel one has the right to own life, is on some level, to be depressed and trying to control". My husband and I used to have a cat and two dogs. They passed away, one at a time, before the birth of each of our children. When I lost my cat, I gained our first child, and my depression was gone. I do not own my child, I do not raise him to be anything. I hold space for who my kids are, and talk them through their choices. We can't do this with a pet.

Sending love. I hope I didn’t miss anything and I hope this is helpful, if not interesting.

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