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Paleontology- past, present, and future

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

This is part two in a trilogy. Part 1 & 3 can be found here:

Here are some services offered by Jessie and Kevin (who is also great st determining where diet is contributing to symptoms, see:

Also, if we look at the TCM organs in a creative way (more on this below), maybe we can see the bottom row (kidney and lungs) as the past, the middle row (liver and spleen) as the present, and the top pinnacle (heart) as the future:

We could also lay out the triple warmer, with the lower as kidney/inherited, middle as digested/food, and upper as lungs/air. With some parallels to the sympathetic, dorsal, and ventral nervous system: anxiety, depression, and safety:

Each layer of the triple warmer contributes to our energy/qi, and we need access to all 3 states of our nervous system, at all times, with no stuckness, in order to be resilient.

The triple warmer meridian starts at the side of the ring fingers. And according to Esogetic Medicine, the ring finger is related to our developmental attachment phase (age 0 to 3yrs), where we either felt safe, set up a functioning endocrine and autonomic system, so we can stay in our body, and know our life purpose, or the opposite. The ring finger is also tied to our spiritual development: do we claim our gifts, or do we self medicate, out of self pity? The triple warmer meridian also goes around the ears and ends at the brow. Maybe we need to really listen, in order to see…

Likewise, the kidneys can be seen as our past, our developmental childhood, and the lungs can been seen as what we bring over from previous lives (or the bardo phase).

Working on the present is when we try to forget the past, let it go, live as healthy as we can, and stop worrying about the future.

However, if you know what your future holds, it can help you accept the now.

I stay away from predictions, because if you heal your past, your entire future and now experience rearranges beyond your wildest dreams. People literally discover deeper layers of their Soul Contract, when they are ready.

Perhaps this is why Jessie asks clients not to send their birth info in advance, so that she can check the horary as well. Perhaps this helps pin down a more accurate version of what timeline the evolving human is currently on. While western astrology has transits and progressions, it's all about choice. A person can live a "good" chart horribly, or a "horrible" chart well.

Without trying to pigeonhole, we could say: I work on the past, Kevin and Master Yan work on the present (even if they can see the past), and Jessie works on the future. There are overlaps, but it’s interesting that it is hard for me to live in joy (emotion associated with the heart, which I’ve label here as the future), perhaps because my job is to focus on unpacking what has come before, by observing how it continues to play out now.

And, like the tools in paleontology:

...Master Yan might describe what he offers, visit after visit, as the evolution of weapons for war, with his latest weapon being a return to the only time cells come together and fuse (sperm and egg), after that all other changes are cell division, losing energy every single time, except with good self-care (see next article).

I see what Master Yan (and Kevin in Master Yan’s absence) does as using a strong tool. My work is more like the soft brush, if you know where to brush, and Jessie's work may be more like the scalpel, getting to the fine details of the future.

I support the healing of old wounds, so a person can step into their gifts, master their life lessons, and evolve. Your life changes from the present and the future too, don’t get me wrong. None is more important than the other. I like them all, at the right time. Smash, brush, scalpel, masterpiece. A life well lived!

Before I move onto part three, one thing Master Yan recognized early, is the track he’s been using for the past 2 visits bring up old wounds to be healed.

Yesterday, my middle child (who was conceived via ivf, knowing this and being able to acknowledge she had “a hard life” helps her have compassion for self when she struggles) was having a very hard morning. I explained that the new track could help give her back some of that fusion energy that she missed when she was created by scientists using parts made by mommy and daddy. And also, maybe it could help undo some of the challenges of growing inside me, when I was so sick and wanted to die. After her brief time with the speaker she felt fine, but I developed cramping in my digestive system, as I had when I was pregnant with her.

It was using the fine brush tool (as referred to above) of Esogetic Medicine, along with the RestoreChi monthly tracks, a hot water bottle over my liver and low back (an Esogetic Medicine trick to slow down when things are processing too fast), plus sleep and a hot epsom/deadsea salt bath with Esogetic oil, that allowed me to clear this old wound.When I have more day time, maybe I will book Jessie for a session about my future.

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