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Introduction to MeridianWork

While I am still working on acquiring this skill and seeing what works and what doesn't, I may as well share what it's about, partially as a document for me.

I began this work for two reasons:

1) a naturopath, hearing the issues one of my kids was having, suggested Flower Essences may be the key to helping them out, so I got a couple books on Flower Essences and TCM, as I was already familiar with TCM concepts via RestoreChi.

2) my Esogetic Medicine teacher decided they no longer wanted to teach me, so I had the opportunity to find a new teacher, who teaches in a way that kind of takes apart the modality, and brings it back to its foundation, so you can literally start to build all of your own treatments and techniques.

It's interesting, because I trained in Esogetic Medicine for two reasons as well:

1) because my Divine Healing teachers said that the same child mentioned in above would benefit from Esogetic Medicine, given the issues they could clearly see in my child, while I tried to attend classes online

2) because learning RestoreChi was missing some fundamentals for me, and when I had the Esogetic Medicine done on my child, there was no one to hold space for me about the implications of why they needed the treatments to begin with.

Hence the birth of a Multidimensional Health Psychologist.

We come full circle. One unpacks the other, providing a more solid foundation for the first, and so on.

I like the Flower Essence approach to TCM and the Meridian points because it not only validates why people are stuck, but gives them a way out. By leveraging how many plants violate the principles for survival, and yet they thrive, because of the techniques they use for balance. And we can leverage, on an energetic and intellectual level.

This article is a follow-up to this post:

...after doing the above, I also applied Olive Flower Essence:

...because the area I was treating above, corresponds to the same area that has the greatest affinity for Olive Flower Essence.

It's known as "The Hidden Point":

...which I personally find a bit heartbreaking.

Covid has been hard for many of us. We have a lot of people who lived in fear of covid and jumped for the V. We have many who didn't want the V but had to take it to work or do what they wanted to do. Given that the "Hidden Point", in a way, was the target for covid, and the heart (via the pericardium) was the target for the V, and we know both covid and the V were manmade, this is sad for me. Because so many of us fought, about who is right and who is wrong, and in the end, it didn't matter which path you choose, because someone was making something to hurt you, and the only way out, is to learn how to self-care, no matter what comes your way or what choices you make.

It's so beautiful outside, like living in a reverse snow globe. I share this because I know I can't save most people. Most people will stay stuck in their situation, because their situation is the best teacher for their soul journey.

All I can do is continue to study, and understand, so that when people who actually want to break the cycle come around, I can offer what I know, and maybe they can shift, to have a different reality in this lifetime. The body is perfect and life is perfect, and the consequences are perfect too. And when I've had enough of it all, I retreat to read books by authors who understand (even if the cover of the book reminds us to never judge a book by its cover).

One more thing to add: I am so glad to be at a point where I don't expect healers to heal everything. I used to want to go to one healer and have everything go away. Now all I ask is that they teach me something and lighten the load. Because it is us who pull ourselves out of balance. And the next time we see each other, we will both know more. I am grateful for all the learning that comes after "being healed", because, when we are healed, we can see what is pulling us out of balance, and make better choices. My kids are learning about diet and cold, and their own natural healing cycle and needs, and making better choices about when to use their energy and when to conserve it (and so am I). Let's see if my husband can do the same. We think the healer should know how to heal us. But we are so unique, that actually working with someone you can't heal, allows you to continue to search to know more. This is what pushes me to continue to study.

Sending love. Wherever you are on this journey.

ps. MeridianWork is now replacing Astrology on my business cards. Not that I am not still capable of reading Astrology charts. Astrology is the foundation of a lot of Esogetic Medicine and Soul Contract, via the Tarot. But because I am tired of people asking me to read their future. I do not know your future, because I do not know if you are going to do the work. I use Astrology to understand what significance different things have in each person's life, and also what areas may be impacted by or causing the symptoms we are seeing. We all have potential, but we need to do the work to claim our gifts. Astrology, Human Design, Soul Contract and Gene Keys allow me to understand why a person is struggling or attracting difficult experiences, so they can see they are not a victim and there is a way out. The only time I look at the potential of where someone is going, is so parents can have a light at the end of the tunnel, and a more positive way to see their kids, when they are going through tough times. I think it is very disempowering to go to someone to ask for your fortune to be told. That said, I have seen practitioners who showed me the options in front of me, which allowed me to make choices that aligned more with where I wanted to go. I'm just not that kind of practitioner. See Stan Dynak or Jessie instead :)

And finally, when you find a Meridian point, and it speaks to you, there is nothing like that connection, of understanding, acceptance, and love. And this is why I am doing this work.

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