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Historical RestoreChi articles

I used to have an entire emagazine called "Success Stories using RestoreChi". Unfortunately the platform was taken down, but here is what I have been able to recover, for those who may be interested:

Working with the RestoreChi Sledgehammer Team
Download PDF • 96KB
How to undo last night's party with RestoreChi
Download PDF • 277KB
Healing an umbilical hernia with RestoreChi, maybe
Download PDF • 105KB
The RestoreChi band, a healthy and loving barrier
Download PDF • 158KB
They say belly fat is a sign detox is needed, maybe RestoreChi can help
Download PDF • 211KB
Mom and Baby birth recovery using RestoreChi
Download PDF • 123KB
Sleep Tight Baby with the RestoreChi
Download PDF • 160KB
Prepare your body for the Corona Virus
Download PDF • 203KB

The following two articles I could not recover in text form, but thankfully I had recorded an audio version, here:

All illness has 8 stages!

People dont want to suffer but do they want to heal

The Sledgehammer team no longer operates the way it used to, but if this type of work is of interest to you, reach out, and I can share how it is being done in a "better" way.

I hope this is helpful.

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