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We teach people how to treat us!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The platform that housed the emagazine "Success Stories using RestoreChi" has been taken down, which included an article about using the RestoreChi band to put some space between my own energy process and reacting to others. Because not everyone is looking to be helped, and that's ok.

Below is some information about the FullHealing9 speaker, used for a similar purpose, while also teaching others how to treat us, through the vibration we emit.

There are so many things that we don’t know about, that we can‘t detect with our major senses, that make us feel better or worse over time.

We are like tuning forks for each other, giving each other the option to feel well, or unwell. Energy flows in the direction that dominates, or that is able to hold a consistent enough tune, for others to catch on.

Often, with my family, I see these waves of restless energy coming, and, for me, the goal is to take hold of this energy, and redirect it, to allow peace and calm to emerge once more.

FullHealing9 does not always create peace, but it creates an environment where peace is an easier option.

FullHealing9 is a standalone speaker that does not require access to the internet. You simply plug it in, and when it is charged, you can wear it around your waist, as you go about your day. I think it is the ideal option for anyone who becomes overwhelmed working with technology.

FullHealing9 is an upgraded version of FullHealing8, which is available as part of the MonthlyTracks. And it can be used like an ice pack, to treat any area of the body that you feel is blocked and could use some support.

In an experiment to test the effectiveness of FullHealing, the track was placed in one wing of a nursing home, and not the other. In comparison with the wing with no FullHealing track, the wing with the FullHealing track experienced reduced smell, pain, and complaints, and more positive engagement (talking about the good old days, and enjoying each other's company with kind laughter), creating a more enjoyable living, working, and healing space for everyone.

Our community could use more of that!


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