We teach people how to treat us!

I wrote this article this morning: Working-with-the-restorechi-sledgehammer-team

This resulted in me going through a few of my older articles, including: The-restorechi-band-a-healthy-and-loving-barrier

Then I realized, another way to teach people how to treat us is with the vibration we emit. So, what if we are emitting Full Healing 9?:

There are so many things that we don’t know about, that we can‘t detect with our major senses, that make us feel better or worse over time.

We are like tuning forks for each other, giving each other the option to feel well, or unwell, and the energy flows in the direction that dominates.

Often with my kids I see these waves coming, and it’s about taking hold of the wave and redirecting elsewhere, to allow for peace and calm to surface once more.

The Full Healing 9 track does not always create peace, but when there is peace, it radiates through me and out.

A bit if history on the Full Healing 9 track:

It’s used in nursing homes, so no one needs to think about a thing, just plug it in and let it run. And it results in reduced smell, reduced pain, reduced complaints, and more engagement, in talking about the good old days, and enjoying of each other with kind inclusive laughter, which heals.

Our community could use more of that!


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