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YOU are the Shaman!


As you may know from my personal story, that used to sit on my homepage, or from what I share of my understanding of how to support people who exhibit mental health symptoms, especially those that border on psychosis or being ungrounded, related to trauma, otherwise known as bipolar disorder or ADHD...

I do not think people with mental illness have anything wrong with them. I think many of them could benefit from knowing who they truly are, accepting everything about themselves, as a beautiful work in progress (just like the rest of us), prioritizing their unique self-care needs, so that they can safely be here, while also being able to guide themselves to very powerful places. My thoughts on autism spectrum disorder are under construction. But it seems like bipolar and ADHD are an exit triggered after birth, whereas autism occurs as a result of the difficulty in the original embodiment and integration of the soul (or an inability of society to accept that some kids are not going to accept the mainstream agreement on how we do life, because they have different needs).

I know a lot of people pride themselves on being special, and being the only ones who can do certain things.


We are all capable of certain and special things.


With the techniques I have learned through my advanced Divine Healing training, I now know how to guide others through things that I have always been able to do, quite naturally, because of my trauma, and my previous mental health "categorization". I am no longer afraid to take you to your depth, because I now know how to guide you back out.

The movie Crazywise is not wrong. People who can break are gifted, and we can guide others, so long as we stop allowing others to tell us we are damaged. We are not damaged, we have unique self care needs, in order to be here and to be of service.

If this resonates with you, reach out, let's play together. Divine Healing sessions are currently offered at a reduced price, see Options and Prices.

"Alahnnaa guided me through a Shamanistic process called "Feeding my Demon". This was a very powerful process and honestly caught me by surprise. I had never looked at my situation this way before, and it felt lovely to support and love my self in this way. I have added this exercise to my daily routine. It has brought me a new sense of inner security and confidence, because I know I can have my own back, with Love, instead of bullying myself. Such a beautiful experience. Thank you!!!"

Kelly Peters
Peer Support Intern at the Centre for Innovation in Peer Support 
formerly TEACH (Teach, Empower, Advocate for Community Health)

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