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Easy ways to shift and grow

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Digging more into what the Healy has to offer. Since I am not a fan of the physical frequencies on my wrist for 30-50min, or in my water, even though I am totally game for 20-45min of Esogetic Medicine brain frequencies on my wrists or all day and night exposure to a RestoreChi speaker, the option to vibrate the Healy for 37sec (chronic condition) to just shy of 3min (acute condition) to my information/energy field opens many doors.

While the limit is: we can only vibrate what the information field shows as a top 5 need, in each of the databases, why would we want to vibrate something that we don’t need (just because our mind/ego says we want it)?!

Here are some additional and summarized thoughts from what I shared on my Healy page:

= flower essences treat emotional/mental imbalances, gem elixirs are more energetic (solidifying the emotional/mental change into the body), materia medica is homeopathic (like cures like), and cell salts is for needed deficiencies.

Vital Substances is also for deficiencies. And, between vital substances and all the other Healy programs, I think we essentially have the DNA (digital nutrition app), and much much more.

Hey hey, there is even a Digital Nutrition Mixtures database, which for brought up Joy of Life, Sports, Teeth, Alcohol Intake, and Skin as my top 5 in need of support, which I can vibrate to my information field, multiple times if I want, to make my life better. Yes Please!

In addition to assessing the meridians from the main 5 organ pairs (super helpful to consider when applying RestoreChi tracks), plus the pericardium and tripleheater, to align with the TCM clock (as opposed to the other two Healy meridian databases, which include less common meridians):

…the Watch programs also relieve / support stress, tension, rigidity, heart rate, and heart rate variability, which we know is super important for our ability to respond to life with grace, ease, flexibility, and be able to grow, learn, and evolve, see:

You can even vibrate information to anything outside of your self that you are struggling with. A- to gain a new perspective of how you could understand the other person, organization, animal, or thing’s actions or state from a place of love. And, B- to support them to be their best self, which is what we all strive for. No one wants to disgrace themselves or others. That is 3D thinking and it has to go.

Also worth noting is the Power of 3 database, which has 3 sets of 3 tracks to help balance the following:

…supporting resolution of outer and inner conflict and the tendency to be overly defensive (which mostly hurts us in the end).

The Zapper Protocal is Dr Hulda Clark’s check and treatment for parasites, making our body a less welcoming target:

And, this is interesting, especially if you know your dominant dosha(s):

Hacking the system for us all!

Good things come to those who don’t need money or proof, and are willing to just follow what feels right, and put the work in to shift, simply because the need for a shift has been made obvious, and the solution is easy.



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