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Walking the elements, raising kids

  • Water/Kidneys/Bladder supports

  • Wood/Trees/Liver/Gallbladder, which kindles

  • Fire/Heart/Small-Intestine, which nourishes

  • Earth/Spleen/Stomach, which is full of

  • Metal/Lungs/Large-Intestine, which (in bucket form) can hold Water.

When we think of Esogetic Medicine, there are two ways to look at this...

One is:

From ages 0-3yrs, we are in the Water element. Esogetic Medicine ties this to the first astrological Water sign: Cancer (our emotional needs). How healthy was our attachment to our primary caregiver? If our needs were met, then our life program was downloaded, and our emotional system should be intact. What happens from age 0-3yrs impacts our Neptune concept later in life (i.e., addictions, loss of touch with reality, odd states of consciousness, etc).

From ages 3-6yrs, we are in the Air element. Esogetic Medicine ties this to the first astrological Air sign: Gemini (our social needs). As we started to venture out of the family home, were we able to verbally communicate our needs with others, and express who we are? What happens from ages 3-6yrs impacts our Uranus concept later in life (can we be our unique self, even if it is at odds with what mainstream expects?). Some people call those with a strong Uranus influence in their natal astrology "genius or criminal", depending on whether they are able to get others to understand and honour their brilliance, and if they choose socially acceptable ways to navigate life.

From 6-9yrs, we are in the Earth element. This is actually the first time we are able to start "thinking". Prior to age 6yrs, we are Delta (regenerate the body, deep sleep) and Theta (regenerate the brain, by putting things in order, and processing conflict through dreams, especially vivid or scary dreams). Success or failure in this time can predict success or failure in our Saturn concept later in life (can we be responsible, practical, and follow through in life?).

From 9-12yrs, we are in the Fire element, the reaction to everything that has happened thus far. And, we have still have not experienced all dominant brain waves. Age 6-9yrs is dominated by lower Alpha, and age 9-12yrs is dominated by higher Alpha. These are right brain frequencies. So it is absolutely insane to expect kids under the age of 12yrs to be left brain dominant. Regardless, mainstream schools focus primarily on training the left brain from way before age 12.

I know kids don't enter Beta (left brain dominance) until age 12yrs because the programs I have to help remind the brain of what healthy brain wave function is, can not be used on kids under 12yrs, because they don't naturally enter into all the main brainwave states yet. In Esogetic Medicine, we respect what is and is not developmentally appropriate.

Put another way, the way we react to stress develops from: Fear, to Anger, to Grief, to Worry, eventually hitting the heart.

Like walking around an upside-down pyramid. When we hit the bottom (the heart) this is how we get sick. Our son has always had an obsession with crystal pyramids, he even has one to help him let go of negative thoughts and lessen negative feelings.

Translated another way ,this is:

  • Fear/Air/Kidneys/Bladder (I know, in TCM Kidneys is Water, but bare with me),

  • Anger/Fire/Liver/Gallbladder (again, I know, in TCM Liver is Wood, this is a European system, and often, in Esoterics, the mapping from one system to the next is not a perfect match, adjustments need to be made, so only the dedicated can get in),

  • Grief/Lungs/Large Intestine

  • Worry/Stomach/Spleen

  • No more Joy or will to live, Ether/Heart

We need to process our emotions/stress out at some level, before it hits the heart.

It was sad, for our 9yr old son, to come to me yesterday, and say "he thinks he is developing depression, because he is sad, crying at night, bored, and feels we don't go outside enough".

Thankfully, I understand depression well (because I have been there and recovered well), so I know he's not there yet, and I know how to treat him, because I know his birth story, and where he literally got stuck, and what to do to unstick him.

We also confirmed this, by looking at the sensitivity of his fingers.

On some level, he has stickiness at all ages: birth (canal, cord cut), age 3yrs, age 6yrs, and now at age 9yrs. Because his needs also involved trauma imprinted at the cord cut (which is tied to age 12yrs, and he is not there yet), the treatment I did will hopefully reduce his chances of experiencing something difficult at age 12yrs, and lessen his emotional reaction to things happening now.

Life is hard, but we can make it easier, when we understand why.

After step 1 of 4 treatments, our son ran upstairs to cut his toenails (good self care), and after step 4 he chose this card from an Ancestors deck:

Which reminds him how strong he is, how long he has been there, how much he has seen, to stand his ground, he is in the right place in life, and good opportunities will come his way.

With a modality like Esogetic Medicine on board, I believe this is true. Note, a mountain is also a pyramid. Gratitude.

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