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It’s all your Soul Contract

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

When I first encountered the term “Soul Contract”, it was in regard to why someone may continue to bother me: because I have a “contract” with them.

Same goes for someone you feel very drawn to. In fact, Gregg Braden would say “we are drawn to people who possess a power we gave away, and we stop being drawn to them when we reclaim this power (and not necessarily from them), so don’t jump ship on your intimate relationships too quickly”.

When I was 13yrs old I met a numerologist and palm reader. She told me some things, one of them was wrong, and I made a friendship based on our numbers, she called me number 5, and I called her number 9.

I then came upon a book, mentioned at the bottom of this page:

…which mentioned both Soul Contract and Numerology. I looked into it more, and found someone in the states doing some kind of pet/relationship soul contract, or others using the term, but with nothing solid behind it. In any case, long story short, I trained in the modality because the book (above) only covered each person’s soul contract, and not how we impact each other, that was level 2 training.

But, it’s not the whole picture either!

This approaches it, but is also incomplete:

Based on the theories in the book Journey of Souls, we literally have a view into the first 5 years of our life, and get to choose the lessons we want to attract to us, the energy vehicle we want to ride in, how we want to impact others, the degree to which we want to need to work with them, our race, gender, economic status, parents, country of origin, and more.

Which is why, in a time of government rules and war, we can say, we each chose to be where we are, to learn what is available to be learned, from here or there. Life is fair.

The author of The Reconnection (even though I do not agree with his perspective on suicide) also said “if you can see someone through 8 lenses, you see them entirely”, likening it to looking through a small dirty window at someone inside a building, and every time you add a modality, you get to walk around the building, and eventually climb a ladder to see the full view from the top, maybe even step inside and shake their hand, getting a more complex, complimentary, complete view of who they truly are, and why they have the experiences they do, and behave the way they do, and how to reconnect them to their truth, if you are skilled in that way (which simply means trained, and willing to continue to apply the knowledge to see what works, what is infact true, and what may not stand the test of life).

I come to this because I used the Healy to scan my energy field a few times in the past few weeks and it said (among other things): “my judgement of others prevents me from feeling joy” and “I am overly concerned about my impact on others”. These statements (and vibrating the correcting frequencies from the Healy to my information field) have caused me to really pause on writing about “my opinion”. I choose inner peace over outer war!

I’ve been reading a lot, and no matter what time I read about (100yrs ago, pre-covid, now, 2000 years ago, and more), it’s the same: people think that there is too much war, too much government control, the environment and kindness to others is being destroyed, and it’s a pivotal time.

This realization kind of makes me tired, and disheartened. Like, what’s the point? Coming to earth is always the same, the same narrative, the same backdrop, the same lessons, from different perspectives, super boring. No point in saving anyone, we all chose to be here.

And then, I remember my Gene Keys “I am here to overcome the shadow of indifference, to open the gift of versitility”, and my Human Design “born under the cross of the unexpected”, my life changes suddenly a lot, and I realize how capable I am. Its a game, my Human Design also calls me “the game player”. While, it may be boring when we see there is no point, we can also just play.

And, finally, for this article, the Healy (like Esogetic Medicine) also points to Astrology as a foundation for why we have certain physical/mental/emotional/spiritual symptoms.

Here is an example of the main 12 cell salt deficiencies, put in terms of medical astrology (where you see the term Kali, I believe the Healy uses the term Potassium):


…and, for more information, about the less well documented 15 other cell salts, included in the Healy, go here:

In fact, I would have shared the above in context with my husband’s red face, which he went to a naturopath for, who did a $500 test to see what foods he is sensitive to, which put him on an extremely restrictive diet, where he had to spend 30min making each meal, and this just made him angry with starvation, so he bought a $15 bar of face soap, and the pain was gone, but the red was still there. Turns out, a deficiency in the cell salt for his rising sign (Leo) also results in a red face, and possibly more severe internal health complications. As he steps out into the world, there are things beneath the surface, that he needs to work through, in order to shine. And, the same with my cracking heels, large pores on my face, and varicose vein. They all correspond to cell salt deficiencies, and the experts in these fields say “yeah, we don’t know why that happens, try this product or surgery”. And, when we vibrate correcting frequency, the next scan may reveal the issue is still there, or may move us to another aspect to focus on (as well or instead of).

People who are supposed to know how to help us don’t always know, but they share what they know, and it’s up to us to decide if it’s what we want to accept or maybe some time in the future we learn more. “Dis-ease is an opportunity for growth” is another common Healy statement, at least for scans of my family.

This allows us to not only put our symptoms in context with our natal, progressing, and transit astrology charts, but to also understand nature, the process, alchemy, birth, life, and death, metamorphosis. We have the opportunity to die and be reborn many times in each life. We can find ourselves again, life can be exciting, without doing things that are sad substitutes for spiritual connection and purpose. See my-panda-my-choice for more.

While on the topic of the Healy, in theory, the Alaskan Bush Flower Essences give us a glimpse into “suppressed emotions or unresolved conflicts, so we can start looking for patterns in our everyday life, to identify root cause”, much like Divine Healing or Esogetic Medicine, but, for the Bush Flowers, we only get this further layer if we look here: Al-Bor, Bot-Fi, Fl-Is, Ja-Mu, Ol-Re, Ro-Su.

We are certainly a complex onion, each with a perspective of value, even if we only see one piece of the puzzle. The person who sees one piece, has a different perspective from the one who sees multiple. We hope it’s a deeper perspective, but not everyone goes deep, some simply learn something and do that, and that also makes it unique and of value, to see what happens if we just do that. And, let’s not forget, “life lived outside of the books, outside of our head, but truly lived with others, with no agenda of advancing our understanding” is of important value too (whether we are empty for others or simply just present). Though it may bore or fail to engage some of us, we need to honour the role we came to play and discover in this life, or we will have the exact amount of dis-ease we need to teach us to finally honour ourselves. Good or bad to everything, we all have the capacity to choose and to suffer, or not.

A common saying from the Healy is: “to confuse soul unity with spiritual individuality”. We are one, having multiple experiences, and each of these experiences is unique, to be lived fully, in contrast to how other parts of our one-ness is living our life. But, since we are one, we never need make the other feel bad because we have not done enough work on ourselves, and, we never need to make ourselves feel bad because we wish things were different (whether that is outside ourselves, or what we perceive to have been our mis-takes in the past). Unless you try, you don’t know. I hope life surprises you enough to know that, and also, when the lesson is obvious, I hope you listen, so as not to cause your self more pain than needed to learn.


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