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My panda, my choice (a truth is…)

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

This movie (Turning Red on Disney+) is very interesting:

In the movie, an ancestor calls on the red panda, to help protect her family from war. This gift is passed down, through the women in the family, when they turn of age. Except, suddenly there is a change of plan, and the women no longer want to be able to protect their family using the red panda. They want to fit in, and conform. So generation after generation, they trap their panda (spirit) into things, like addictions (feeding the tamagotchi) and stories to complain about (“4 is such an unlucky number”, when in soul contract 4 is about trusting the flow of life and nature). Then along comes this child, who discovers, that the red panda allows her to break free, and find balance between the conditioning and being her self.

And I think this is important in this time, where we need our red panda, to protect ourselves, from what others want us to do and believe. I think we have a big role-reversal coming up, where adults were asked to mask kids and now they must deal with children having the right to breathe, mask-free.

Now most people would have put a spoiler alert on the above, but I feel all my work is a “spoiler”, because I lift the veil for people to see truth.

I don’t know why we think that knowing truth ruins it for us, makes it no fun anymore. But I think that’s part of it too. This illusion that we are victims of this life and that it’s our duty to break free and break everyone else free as well. Even I have passed on the thought that “we don’t go to the movies to tell everyone it’s all fake”. That said, we don’t just come for the lie either.

We need the lie in order to come. If we entered this life as our whole self, we could not integrate into these physical bodies. This is why high frequency souls often walk-in, because they would miscarry if they tried to come in through a fetus. That is “a truth”, as opposed to “the truth”. I am trying to clear these “figures of speech” that I have in me, because when we hear them in others, we call it “being brainwashed” or “the mainstream narrative”.

I bring this up because, part of my work is to keep people (especially kids) connected to who they are and what their life path is, so they can withstand any conditioning (from friends, family, the school system, YouTube, or anywhere else). If we can stay connected to our panda, we can have health. See Esogetic Medicine and Tune Into Healing, among many other things.

I am reading this book:

…and it is very similar to how they call on the spirit of the red panda (or the ancestor who created the connection to the red panda in the first place), we need rhythm to do so.

This book shares interesting concepts like: we have so much illness/addiction, as mentioned above, because of our lack of regular connection to spirit. We connect to spirit to help correct the imbalance we create in the world, by using our logic as opposed to our instincts. It was due to succesful gathering that hunters had the energy to hunt, but then they hunted bigger game, so we began to eat more meat, and then plant more food, which meant tying us to the home, and trying to control nature, instead of moving with (and learning from) it.

Finally, though not recommended for children, I do, responsibly, have a few drinks from time to time. As doing so, feels like Persephone going down to Hades, for a new perspective.

I think this is why we have addiction. We are seeking things that aren’t here. I used to be very hard on my self for drinking, as I am aware of the importance of respecting our physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. I try not to drink to escape, but because I feel called. My body may get sick, but I can clear that too, and I keep in mind my responsibilities to others, to use my body, mind, intuition, and channel, the next day. Maybe this is part of my panda.

In the movie, the girl is so afraid people will reject her for her panda (her true self in all it’s glory), but it’s actually what people love most about her, even her dad. Her panda shows others what they are capable of too, being themselves.

I hope this is helpful and inspiring, for some. Watch the movie, and let me know what you see.

Everything we need to know is accessible. Our body keeps a record of all our experiences, and calls repeated experiences to us, to remind us of what still needs to be processed and healed. Much like the ice records history in its sediment:

The end of the movie, when the daughter, husband, elders, friends, teen band, and fans all work together to save the mother, this is how it can be. It is hard to navigate expectations from home, school, friends, and self, but, it’s interesting, that the one most segmented, becomes the one most whole, because she is wanted, everywhere.

“Don’t hold back for anyone, the farther you go, the prouder I’ll be.”

And this beautiful documentary shows how much thought went into how difficult it is to be a child, and how difficult it is to be a parent, and how much teamwork and being able to work with others, explaining our needs with kindness, is required to communicate something awesome.

Thank you!

Sending love 💕

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