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Water, emotions, healing devices: detoxing with our unique needs, limits, lungs, and liver

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

There are 7 tracks in the Gold Cycle:

It is recommended that we start with Pure track, because this helps to detox the body of bad diet and exposure to toxins.

Another video described the Pure track as energetically opening the excretory pathways to release toxins, and the Balance program to support the physical aspect, while the Being program supports the emotional aspect.

I ran a Resonance diagnostic on each member of my household/family, and it was very interesting that the person who regularly detoxes the most (through many forms) needed the Pure track the least (34%) and the one with the worst dietary, sleep, and hygiene habits needed it the most (60%).

While technically “need” is only when one scores 66% or higher (and many of my detox methods actually help the entire household, i.e., EMF protection / restabilization and RestoreChi), following protocol, I still informed ozonated spring water with the Pure program for each family member to drink throughout the day:

Interestingly, for the person who needed the Pure track the least, the water simply tasted good, but, for the one who needed it the most, the water was a bit sour, they could feel a vibration in their cheek, later they felt a mild pain in their right chest/armpit area, and then (much later) a sharp pain on the right side between the rib cage and hip (liver area). They released this pain by balling up their body and then quickly extending it, and it did not return, but, they had trouble sleeping from 11pm to 6am, waking at 1am and 3am, in between. All of these are times for the gall bladder, liver, lungs, and large intestine in TCM. They were able to track this time because they discovered (that day) that their habit of missing the entire morning was due to not knowing the time when they woke up, and putting a lot of time into trying to go back to sleep, when it was time to get up. It’s minor, but, the addition of a clock by the side of their bed may help them make better choices of when to get up, when other cues (like the rest of the family is already up and gone) fail to inform them. I had a previous sharp pain in my Liver experience after a day of healing with Master Yan (pain is just stuck energy, and we can learn how to move it, with help).

Also of interest, from our family Resonance Scan:

The Relax (releasing mental stress) track was in the top 5 tracks needed by the adults, and was not in the top 5 tracks needed by the kids.

The Release (releasing physical discomfort) track was in the top 5 tracks needed by the kids, and was not in the top 5 tracks needed by the adults.

Care (good nutrition, exercise, and water) was the track I needed most of all 7, while Energy (having the energy to cope with life's demands) registered as a top 5 for everyone else, but me. So, I know how to deal with the demands of life, but I don't always remember to deal with my own needs too, and they could use some help in coping with life's demands (perhaps because I have been doing too much of it for them, see below).

This goes to show, that we really do process and experience things differently, and thus, our needs for healing may also be quite different.

A couple weeks ago, similar remote healing, paired with Esogetic Medicine, allowed the person with the greatest need for the Pure track, to clear out their room, of hoarder levels of boxes, memories, and emotions, that were hard to let go of, for fear that if you release the physical item, all the good memories it holds would be taken too.

It’s been a huge upgrade in this person’s life. And, I think this is what we get when we see people as unique, in how they work, and what they need, to accomplish what they want in life.

If only this story ended here...

Of course, the next morning, I found myself, clearing out plates and garbage from this person's room (not a lot, a maintenance amount), telling my self "I don't mind, if this is what I have to do to set this person up for success in life". Then at the breakfast table, I offered to get them their clothes for the day, and a nail clipper, and prepare their toothbrush. All of this, eventually met with frustration, that it is too many things to do. I agree, and often I am grumbled at for reminding this person of the list of things to do each morning, because, if you do them as you come down the stairs, you don't have to grumble about having to go back up to do them: pee, teeth, clothes. Its simple, but frustrating to be reminded, and frustrating to forget.

Later, I caught my self worrying about a decision my husband had made. It was very kind of him to enroll our youngest in unparented swimming classes, at the same time as her siblings, except, our youngest has struggled. Its been covid, she's been with me 24/7, we've even had to leave an alternative school three times because my kids struggle in coping, and "my poor parenting" gets blamed. In any case, what matters is, our youngest has no problems telling us "no, I swim with dad!", and yet dad still wants to try to get her the win (of swimming alone, so he gets the win of all 3 kids swimming at the same time). It is his role to push, and mine to nurture. But, no such win was to be had, and it is not mine to take on. She was taken out of her class, and her credits were given to her siblings. We will find a parent and child option for her, and it will be great!

Again, and again, it is not mine to take on, and when I take it on, well, its on me (and in me).

And so, while they were at swimming, I did an Esogetic Medicine analysis on my self, which revealed that between the ages of 3-6yrs old a weight was placed on my shoulders, which buckles my knees and ability to have freedom in life. My parents separated around this time, and every time I told my dad of where my mother was failing us, he would say "that is the only mother you have, don't talk like this" (he lost his own mom to suicide when he was 4yrs old). The analysis showed that this weight is "soul rape" in terms of intensity, and prevents me from processing my emotions, because there is just too much to process. The liver helps process emotions, especially anger. And (also according to this Esogetic assessment) the impact on my daily life lands in my uterus, my children, my creation, my ability to be guided through intuition.

Elsewhere, I may or may not have written about the state of my liver, as a result of fear of my step father (I slept in mercury from a broken thermometer for years) and because my mother judged my expression of anger towards an abusive step father and left no care for me, I took an extra large bottle of Tylenol, to end my life one night. And, both of these, destroyed my liver and left me with high levels of heavy metals in my body, that can only really get out through my skin. Excess heavy metals also magnetically draws EMF, wifi, and fhive gee illness into the body. Great! 😵‍💫

I bring this up because, I wonder if this is why the Healy scored me as low for the Pure track, because the normal excretory pathways are not ideal for me? I often get that I need skin or lung work (lungs are connected to skin in TCM). Just this morning it occurred to me, I have a very narrow rib cage, for the rest of my body, and narrow wrists (which are about balanced giving and receiving and trying to understand, grasp the meaning of things, I have weakening hands). The disproportionate body comes from being half Swedish and half Vietnamese. So, I don't have the expansion of lungs (ability to grieve) "needed" for the size of the weight I carry, and perhaps, my liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and stomach are collapsed too. This would explain my issues with rough pregnancies. I have plenty of room to create life, but not enough room to store my own organs (digestive needs), when they get pushed aside for others.

So, back to the rest of the story. That day I ate things I shouldn't, because I wanted to be helpful, and polite. I do this a lot. I know my energy is subtle, and I thrive on fruits and vegetables, and limited to no animal product. But, sometimes my husband over buys, and some times its at my request that he buys in the first place, and then, I eat it, even though it makes me sick. I even had a Guiness to celebrate St Patrick's Day with him, and I can usually handle 1-2 drinks, but, Guiness is famous for high iron levels... I knew right away to stop this eating and drinking, but, by mid night, I knew I was too late.

I took my Bentonite Clay in water (to help detox), and even applied the Healy to my wrists, which I said I would never do (even though I was ok to do so with another person's Healy). I just don't drink enough water daily yet to experience the Healy on my wrists without shocks. The Healy curiously suggested the Aging track, which is in the Beauty package, often related to Skin. Aging in Healy terms is often about voltage and salt/acidity levels in the cells:

However, the description in one of the images that I just added to my Healy page, suggests the Aging track is about “relaxing one’s expression”, which is also good for the release of toxins!

RestoreChi also has a Cell Treatment track for an energy boost (in general or post chemo), and Esogetic Medicine has a series of Mesenchyme treatments for the body and Neuroglia and Gamma40 treatments for the brain. These help the cells (of the whole body) dump their garbage.

Esogetic Medicine also has a Colour Mask Face treatment, which is considered a treatment to Release Conflict, because it helps us use more of our facial expression, which encourages pro-social, mammalian, attachment-based forms of coping when stressed, which, in the past, may have been useless, against the abuse we may have faced, and so we stopped trying or even knowing how.

So, we have moved beyond organs in distress, to every single cell in the body being in distress, maybe because of past unprocessed trauma. The body is marvelous, in how it works, and how it tries to teach us.

Illness isn’t just physical, its also an attempt to communicate something much more important. While, treating the physical, is how we learn how things really work, making the physical just as important.

I think, the Pure water, that tasted fine, and then the onslaught of bad choices, poor boundaries, and lying to my self, led to the release of toxins in my body, with nowhere to go, I simply poisoned my own cells.

It is astounding to me how much it is: as above, so below, as within, so without.

The suggestion from Esogetic Medicine was the Dream Brainwave treatment (another form of conflict processing, as well as allowing the brain to regenerate), and I added the Dream Zones (helping us find and have the courage to walk our true life path), which you can see on my Find Your Truth page, to get and keep things moving.

Oh, they moved. I spent the entire next day in bed. And, when the Bentonite failed to clear this mess, I felt very sick, as I did two RestoreChi Water baths, and, after the first one, vibrated the acute level of the recommended treatment from Healy (just shy of 3 minutes), and later I boosted my immune system (because when you are releasing toxins in your body, even if they have been stored in your body for a long time, it is important to have your immune system on alert and ready to do its job) with Esogetic Sound therapy, and a bit of Ener-C, I didn't want to risk taking and vomiting up pills. And, I also took my Zeolite, Tabebuia, and parasite blend in some celery (with apple) juice, and had 2 dry toasts and a beet for food, plus peppermint and Tihur tea, to support and encourage release (and encapsulate what I can’t).

And, when I was really sick, with EMF illness, and toxic overload, from all of the above, the Healy recommendactions made no sense, probably because I was not intended to take any more treatment through that route, at this time, so I declined.

My almost 7yr old daughter says to me a lot recently that "when you and daddy yell, it makes me cry and hurts my ears". I don't want to yell, I want them to listen. We live in a society where we are expected to get our kids to a certain level before we take them out to interact with others. It is very hard to do for some. Just like health, those who serve others, suffer the most personally, so they can understand how it really works. I've been wanting to be more honest for a long time. We live in a semi-detached home. I've been feeling like a fraud (begrudging my neighbours, when I shouldn't). Because, in theory, they can hear that our life is not perfect, several times a day we struggle, and how can I pretend that "with all these tools our family is perfect", when its not. We continue to work at it, day after day after day. And I think that is what life is for. To be honest with our selves, with others, to keep trying, to keep being inspired, to keep being curious, and grateful.

And, I remember now, why I got the Healy. It was simply to be able to send my kids the supplements and vitamins I was taking in large quantities to cope with being here. I never want to subject that level of force and intake on them. But, it didn't occur to me to be equally kind to my self. Yes, the physical is important, which is why I have this list of Outside Referrals, but, so is kindness to self, whatever that may mean, for each of us, and it may change from time to time.

We have now added stickers to our child’s bedside clock, so maybe they can serve as the reminder (and the recipient of grumbles) for the things that need to be done: P-ee, T-eeth, C-lothes, clear plates, garbage, and tidy his R-oom.🤞

The rotating application of Yin (Liver and Spleen) and Yang (Gallbladder and Stomach) RestoreChi tracks has also been super helpful.

Sending Love ❤️🙏💪


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