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Continuing to make sense of the Heal-Y

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

This article is likely a work in progress.

These are the links I had temporarily hosted on my Heal-Y page, because, as is the case with Esogetic Medicine, Human Design, and Soul Contract, I don't want to reproduce what is already available, and what you can have direct access to, without going through me (unless you want to):

- Vital Substances appear to be vitamins and supplements (see the end of Water, emotions, healing devices: detoxing with our unique needs, limits, lungs, and liver, to see why I bought the Healy in the first place)

- The I'ching can be further explored using the Gene Keys: important teachings to contemplate, on how we embody and can move between the shadow, gift, and siddhi of 64 major life lessons, that have been used to guide (and prevent) the evolution of consciousness. See: The Great Reset is Internal

- Creative Homeopathy – Psyche (348 Programs) can be found in the Homeopathic Materia Medica (even though the Materia Medica Database has only 42 programs), to identify and harmonize stress patterns

- The Healy IMF programs:

Having now read a good portion of these pages, I can say they have wonderful value, and are worth exploring, to get more details about something the Heal-Y may have selected as helpful for you.

But, there is also more to add (below). And I also expanded on the topics above (including the Watch and Power of 3 programs) here: Easy ways to shift and grow.

The Deep Cycles are the spiritual counterpart to the Gold Cycle. A deeper look into the Gold Cycle can be found here: Water, emotions, healing devices: detoxing with our unique needs, limits, lungs, and liver.

The Stimulation programs (intended to reduce our reliance on meh-dee-ca-tion) are about reducing pain, and labelled with roman numerals:

i: chronic pain via the CNS

ii: chronic back pain

iii: tooth and jaw pain (gums are very much tied to the lymphatic system in Esogetic Medicine)

iv: joint pain (each joint has important significance in Esogetic Medicine)

v: migraine pain on one side of the head (any issue on one side of the body and not the other, in Esogetic Medicine, can be considered "laterality", which is past conflict/trauma that has created a block, preventing current experiences from being efficiently processed by both sides of the body and brain, releasing this block is critical for treatment to be successful)

vi: insomnia via the CNS

vii: depression via the CNS

viii: anxiety via the CNS

Bioenergetic Support can offer an immune boost and clearer connection to spirit, which means channeling information from zero point chaos space into physical reality very easily with less distortion (known as coherence).

Wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit.

Bach Flower Essences use mental/emotional states (like being focused, open, connected, having confidence) tied to an essential oil, stone/crystal, and orchid, to encourage emotional and spiritual happiness.

Australian Bush Flower Essences identify suppressed emotions or unresolved conflicts, so we can start looking for patterns in our everyday life, to identify root cause, showing us the negative conditions and positive outcomes that can come from where we are at.

Gem Elixirs are more like the Bach Flower Essences, each one is tied to colour, chakra, astrological sign, number (if you are someone who likes to map between systems), affirmation, and they support the physical embodiment of the more subtle spiritual essences (rocks are denser than flowers).

Materia Medica and Creative Homeopathy work on the principle of like heals like (if something causes a certain symptom, it can heal it too).

Schuessler Salts are also called Cell Salts, are deficiencies in essential products that our body makes (as opposed to Vital Essences, which are vitamins and minerals that we would normally get from food, if it weren't so depleted). You can see these types of deficiencies in a person's face (Esogetic Medicine also uses the face to identify and treat issues in the body and psyche). See: Biochemic Cell Salt Deficiency - Ascension Glossary

And to complement Aura Analysis (see A bit of adult coloring…), we can also identify the source of our issue: physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual, and whether it is from wrong acting, wrong thinking, life theme, karma, parents, or ancestors, which is key for knowing how to undo it, as per Divine Healing and Esogetic Medicine. Which can be looked up using this homeopathic potency chart:

In fact, Divine Healing also has Bach Flower Remedies, Nutrition, and other similar components (and much more), but charts/databases to be used in Divine Healing are selected by the practitioner's guided intuition, instead of the Heal-Y device reading your information field. However, who's to say there is any difference between machine or human reading (so long as the ego is put aside)?

Bioenergetic Vitalizations speak to healthy aging, regeneration, nerves, bones, teeth, holistic, stability, the pineal gland (dreams and connection to spirit), epigenetics, youth, and cells using Solfeggio Frequencies (also a part of Divine Healing - Healing the Human Blueprint) and Lifestyle changes.

(and you can look for Solfeggio sound files on YouTube or Spotify, because I want you to learn how to heal your self, not rely on me, a machine, or someone else to do it for you)

The Animal Programs speak to inner and outer strength, as well as eyes, reactions, hormones, joints, bones, power, suffering, rest, and emotions, because "animals react better to frequencies", but aren't humans animals too, and aren't some of us also hypersensitive?

The HealAdvisor Search helps you identify programs using keywords, offers tips, and helps you make a checklist of programs to run, at what time, on what days, and what lifestyle changes you want to implement. Which is helpful, but you don't need to be so rigid either.

While there is a Sleep database, sleep also shows up in the pain/stimulation (pain treatment is the only thing Heal-Y has "approval" for, but who really needs "approval" for all that they can do?) and bioenergetic defense/protection programs (pain can prevent sleep, lack of sleep can cause pain, and outer forces can disrupt us when we are trying to sleep).

The Sleep database also includes a Rest program (which, in Esogetic Medicine, is the Alpha, Air Element, Kidney, Fear, Brainwave state, dominant during the ages of 6-9yrs and 10-12yrs), as well as two forms of deep sleep (which is the Delta, Earth Element, Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas, Worry, Brainwave state, dominant during the ages of 0-3yrs, in Esogetic Medicine) called Balanced Sleep and Sleep System, as well as as program called ionic Fine Flow.

Esogetic brainwave programs cannot be used in children under 12yrs of age, because they do not experience the Beta, Fire Element, Liver/Gallbladder, Anger, Brainwave states consistently enough until age 12+yrs. This is another reason I bought the Heal-Y for mine and my clients' kids. The Job database touches on the Beta brainwave state in the Balance Nerves track.

Bioenergetic Defense includes protecting the subtle (from external influences), cell, geopathic (interference patterns/fields), general shielding, and protection while asleep, and more.

The other night I couldn't sleep, and the recommendation was to treat with Stimulation/Pain in this order, starting with the greatest need to treat: v-migraine, vii-depression, ii-chronic back pain, vi-insomnia, iii-tooth and jaw pain (which remember, from above, is about processing out old emotional baggage, the lymphatic system). Vibrating this treatment to my information field for just under 3 minutes allowed me to go back to sleep.

Last night I had a headache, neck, and shoulder pain on my left side, and gum pain on my right side, around teeth associated with the Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas meridian (where I know, thanks to a holistic dentist, who actually identifies root cause and teaches her clients self-care, I have a deep pocket between my teeth, under the gumline, that is easily inflamed), and it also recommended Stimulation/Pain in this order, starting with the greatest need to treat: ii-chronic back pain, vii-depression, iii-tooth and jaw pain, v-migraine, and i-chronic pain via CNS. I had previously taken 2 liquid advils because I didn't know if I would get the chance to apply alternative treatment, however we know meh-dee-ca-tion doesn't heal, so applying alternative treatment in addition is still of value.

Then, I went directly to the Watch Meridian programs (as I mention in the article: Easy ways to shift and grow) to see what RestoreChi tracks may be useful, and it came up with; Bladder 59%, Pericardium 53%, Heart 50%, Stomach 49%, and Small Intestine 45%. So, essentially: Water, Fire, and Earth, or Fear, Joy, and Worry. I applied the Heart RestoreChi track for 37 minutes (it has a max of 2hrs per day), and I certainly felt it working there, and still do now, a compound of a lot of lost sleep, and the Bladder Yin Emptiness, Fire-Water Balance, Stomach Weak, Small/Large Intestines, and Neck/Shoulder RestoreChi tracks while I slept, often resting the speaker on my lower belly or low back.

While this article may be incredibly technical and boring, I hope it will serve a purpose, at least for reference and ideas. More to come, I am sure.


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