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The Great Reset is Internal

So many people are concerned about the plans for a great reset. But, we wouldn’t have this in our experience outside of us, if it wasn’t already brewing inside of us.

I am saddened by the thought that the majority of people live their whole life in panic, with only the odd glimpse of peace, here and there, each day, as shared in the audio for:

This is the 3rd of 5 Gene Keys recommended for my consideration based on the state of the energy in my information field.

The prior two were:

…where the audio reminds us that the Gene Keys (iching) were originally used by the elite to control “their” people, when, they later realized, that can never last too long.


…where we are reminded that a corrupt hard drive is unusable.

We need equilibrium between discipline and guidance and allowing people to express who they are.

The story shared for Gene Key 32 was about graphing the new onto the old, allowing ancient wisdom to live within us, change us, as we change it.

And this means to allow life to test us, to see if we can stay humble and in alignment. To keep planting trees, even if governments come in to destroy them, and they later fall in power. Eventually the soil is richer, and the animals and people are drawn, and able to do things no one could have ever done, if we hadn’t continued to plant.

If the experience of the past 2 years hasn’t helped you open up, to see things differently, in a way that lets love in, and compassion out to others, than the reset has failed for you.

There may or may not be a great reset out there, but if you reset your self, what happens out there may not matter.

Every day is a new day to try again, to do better, to evaluate how you did the day before, and how you want to do better, and where you continue to fall short.

And meditation, is just peace, listening to your self, your needs, your limits. Less panic. More letting go, into the chaos of life, and to the silence, of one moment at a time, every night we eventually sleep. If you are not kind to yourself, why would anyone else choose to be?

Sending love. I hope this helps.

You have all the time in the world to…

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