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Why people are afraid to be alone

This may not be true for everyone, but it was true for me.

When I was alone, my inner voice used to judge me, beat me up, so I preferred to keep my mind busy, with work or study. And if I was not in a relationship, it was even harder, probably further evidence of my failure to be accepted by others.

But then I got married, had kids, learned modalities, and discovered that those inner voices were not mine.

My inner voice is kind. She simply reminds me of my needs, and where I am being less than what I would want to be, to do what is best for others too.

I hope others have, or find this kind of peace, so being alone can be as much of a gift as being with others.

Sometimes with others, there is too much chaos to process our inner needs, and we don’t hear our inner voice, and instead people bother us, to stop us from going down the wrong path, if we listen, and don’t take their interruptions out on them. A growing sense of irritation with others, is a call for more time alone to process.

It is far more peaceful for me, to be interrupted by myself in silence, and to show gratitude for the correction and guidance, than to need to involve others in my drama, due to my poor self care, or ability to set time aside for me.

My mother always said “I needed to learn how to be alone with myself, and like it”. I finally have. Thank you.

Sending love.

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