Step 7

Now look at the items higher in number (1 to 17) than the initial emotion that you selected in the list below.

Allow your eyes and body to scan down the list, to see how far you could reach, at this moment in time. 

Select the emotion, furthest down this list, that you feel you can reach at this time.


Be honest with yourself. Moving just one step on this scale can make a big difference in your life.

Consciousness is not raised overnight!

1. Shame/Humiliation

2. Guilt/Blame

3. Hatred/Despair/Apathy

4. Grief/Regret

5. Fear/Anxiety/Withdrawal

6. Desire/Denying/Craving

7. Anger/Aggression/Revenge

8. Pride/Inflated/Demanding

9. Courage/Empowered/Permitting

10. Neutral/Trust/Release

11. Willing/Optimistic/Hopeful

12. Acceptance/Forgiveness/Transcendence

13. Reason/Understanding/Wisdom

14. Love/Benign/Reverence

15. Joy/Serenity/Complete

16. Peace/Bliss/Perfect

17. Enlightenment/Pure Being


Make note of the emotion and number (1-17) that you selected to reach for at this time.

© 2021 by Alahnnaa Campbell.