Step 5

Go to the part of your body that you said held the emotion or residual energy that you identified in the previous screen(s).

Place a hand there, if it helps.


Imagine you are making a connection from that part of your body to your throat.

If that part of your body is your throat, imagine you are giving it a voice. 


What would that part of your body like to say? 


Take notes and draw how you feel. Drawing tends to access areas of the brain that can provide solutions beyond what we can reach with our words and thoughts.


If you notice that the message is more about "how you should or should not feel", that is not what we are looking for. That's the protection. We want what is underneath. The real reason behind why you feel the way you do needs to be heard and accepted before we can move forward.


Be kind with yourself. Anything your body has to say to you is ok to hear.

© 2021 by Alahnnaa Campbell.