Step 3

Close your eyes, and imagine the situation where you used a strategy with another that you might not be proud of. If you had to pick, what type of strategy do you think you used? Or, said another way, how do you think the strategy you used may have made the other person feel? 

Take a look at the options below and write down the best fit (including the name of the emotion, and the corresponding number, 1 to 17, elaborate if you wish): 



1. Shame/Humiliation

2. Guilt/Blame

3. Hatred/Despair/Apathy

4. Grief/Regret

5. Fear/Anxiety/Withdrawal

6. Desire/Denying/Craving

7. Anger/Aggression/Revenge

8. Pride/Inflated/Demanding

9. Courage/Empowered/Permitting

10. Neutral/Trust/Release

11. Willing/Optimistic/Hopeful

12. Acceptance/Forgiveness/Transcendence

13. Reason/Understanding/Wisdom

14. Love/Benign/Reverence

15. Joy/Serenity/Complete

16. Peace/Bliss/Perfect

17. Enlightenment/Pure Being


If you are having trouble seeing the situation from the other person's perspective click here for an added visualization, before going to the next step. 

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