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Hey Parents, Did you know?

  1. Kids come with instruction/owner's manuals, we all do! You can literally look up why your child behaves and reacts the way they do and what you can do to support them to move through difficult times.

  2. Key maturity points occur any time from age 0-30yrs. This is NORMAL, and it is unfair to expect your child to be like "other kids their age".

  3. There is a specific way that your child will tend to want to eat and sleep. Allowing them to follow what is natural for them could improve brain development and quality of sleep. We are all UNIQUE!

  4. Parents are in a more critical phase of development than their kids. Kids need to be understood, supported, and loved unconditionally, but adults are the ones who have built up 30-40 years of experience and are now at a critical point of "what are you going to do with all of that baggage and unique gifts that you have collected?". Spending all your efforts trying to mold the perfect child, is actually a misdirection of your energy. (Much like, when we judge or try to change others, it is usually because we are unable to look inside ourselves).

  5. Challenging children are a gift to their parents, to support them to learn how to soften, love, and let go. These kids are "taking one for the team", so we can become better people. They are amazing. If you could see them the way I do, you could embrace the opportunities that they offer us, and you could support them to grow in an environment of unconditional love, self-advocacy, and self-acceptance.

  6. If you apply a negative label to your child, he or she will meet your lowered expectation with resentment. If you instead focus on who they are trying to become, and see their struggles as necessary steps, in order to develop the skills that they will need, they will feel your acceptance, support, and unconditional love, and will rise to meet their true potential. You will see proof of who they are becoming every day! 

  7. When you know how you and your family members are designed, you can lighten up, laugh, be kind to yourself, stop feeling guilty for your self-care needs, and embrace that we are all a work in progress, and that each family member makes an important, unique, and positive contribution to the growth and development of every other family member.

For more information you can book a FREE 15min consultation, or you can visit my Parent-Child page, or my blog.

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