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Hey Spiritual Seekers, Did you know?

  1. Although we are all on the same path: to grow in our understanding and compassion, embody unconditional love, develop and share our gifts, and realize that we are one (experiencing different aspects of life), our lessons to learn, in order to get there, are UNIQUE to each of us (and may be polar opposite to somebody else).

  2. We are ALL a work in progress.

  3. Life is not always easy or comfortable. Sometimes it feels like we have no idea what we believe, and our beliefs may be full of paradoxes. This is normal. We do not need to medicate away how we feel or figure out our final, single, definite stance on anything.

  4. It is possible to look up the specific lessons that we need to focus on, at each point in time, in order to move forward, using Soul Contract, Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrologyand several other books of ancient or channeled wisdom.

  5. Esogetic Medicine can help us understand why we feel the way we do and experience certain setbacks and conflicts in life, it can also clear our emotional, physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual bodies, so we can finally see our next steps much more clearly.

  6. We can always choose to be kind to ourselves, by being mindful of how we feel, respecting our limits, trying again only when we are ready, and never demanding more from ourselves than we are capable of. We can trust, that it will all unfold in the perfect time, when the lessons are learned.

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