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MYO Astrology Board

There are many ways that you can lay out the cards you make. Houses remain fairly stationary on the astrological chart, so if you were to tie something down to your board, it would probably be the houses, and then you would have the signs rotate around the board to align to your specific rising and house cusps, and inner house placement (as sometimes signs are completely contained in a house, crossing no house cusps, and sometime signs space across multiple cusps and signs). 

Here are some ideas for creating an astrology board:

   - you can also consider if you want to include the TCM clock, either to map your experience to time of day (or night) or the various organs and their process on multiple levels (physical, emotional, mental etc). Here are many options to choose from. 

Be Proud, Share what you have created with us! Here is what I have made so far:

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