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Wringing out drops of gold

In the past couple of days I’ve been put through a bit of an emotional or mental or spiritual wringer. It doesn’t necessarily feel good, but, when I process it properly, life rewards me, simply so I know: I am on the right track.

My wringer: we’re visiting an island out west, when we first got here, I wanted to move here, because the scenery and temperature inspired me, and we have family here who do not shun us, because of our values for health, in fact, they kind of agree with them. But, a trip to a tourist town, seeing the prices quadruple, and returning to our vacation home, seeing the prices double and triple, and realizing these are sleepy towns, with very few eager to help the other create, not all is as it seems. My kids start to scream (more than before), and I realize how lucky I am: to be able choose my health and work values, because, let’s be honest, I don’t have to work, at all, and, because I have 3 kids 24/7, I can’t be expected to either.

I feel the covid thing is coming to a close, and the famine thing will pick up soon. And all of this is for us to see: we are one, and we can not hate another (country or person) and not have consequences.

And, as I look at my astrology, based on what I am learning in this book:

…the reason I prefer to inspire people to LEARN astrology, as opposed to giving them readings, is: astrology is a subject that unfolds through life. We need to engage with it, and be able to look things up as we go. I could never give someone a full reading, just what I can see now, but if they engage with it, then they can decode whatever they want, whenever they feel the need or inspiration to do so.

And, in this book, the author shares, that a house with a planet or more in it has a challenge for us in this life, and the location of the planet that rules that house, tells us how we are doing with this challenge.

So, for me, the house associated with possessions and money (2nd house) is empty, I don’t have a challenge here, and, with Taurus on the cusp, we look for the ruler Venus, which is in the 6th house in Libra, conjunct with Pluto, with Virgo on the cusp of the 6th house, ruled by Mercury, which is in my 7th house, in Scorpio, conjunct my Sun and Uranus, with Libra on the 7th house cusp, ruled by Venus, and the cycle repeats…

So, great challenges in health, being of service, and one on one relationships, especially communication therein.

One of my concerns through covid, and now through potential money issues and famine, is whether my husband will be on side, to be thrifty and healthy, or whether he will sink us.

And, what I have learned through covid, is: he does want what is best for us (literally, my kids just asked me to do something for them, and my husband stopped his work to open a locked door for us), it’s all connected.

And I will try to understand his perspective and trust him more, even though my family of origin raised me to be very closed, the more I open, the more we enjoy life, even if my family of origin (and their beliefs) need to be left behind.

I hope this helps, either to get you to start decoding, to inspire you to learn, or to get you to see life from the other’s perspective (their chart is different from yours, their challenges, results, and goals differ too, they may need to do the polar opposite of what you think is right). I am not perfect in acknowledging this all of the time (not even most of the time). But, personal alignment, and openness to the perfect puzzle, that let’s us all of us see what we need to see, and grow how we need to grow, can help a lot.

Sending love 💕

May life bless you too, and may you recognize the guidance.

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