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As you have learned in class, signs are the way in which we do things.

They can be categorized by: element (fire, earth, air, water), mode (cardinal, fixed, mutable), ...

Here are some of the books we recommended to explore signs further:

   - ...Linda Goodman

   - ...Dana Gherhart, sample links

   - ...

Here are additional sources of information to deepen and expand your understanding of the signs:

- the i'ching hexgrams have been mapped to the signs in two ways:

   - Human Design / Gene Keys:

   - Robin Armstrong's correction of the order to match the seasons:

BOTH are valid

- the major arcana of the tarot has been mapped to the signs in two ways:

   - direct mapping of signs to the tarot:

   - mapping via Soul Contract as an intermediary: 

BOTH are valid, but some mappings you may disagree with, this is YOUR card deck, so you get to choose and think through what mapping makes most sense to you now, and you can come back and change your mind later, as you grow in your practice and understanding

- the signs have been mapped to the body in several ways:

   - tree of life on the body

   - esogetic variation of the tree of life on the body

   - esogetic face mapping via modern rulership

   - esogetic finger and toe mapping via modern rulership

   - esogetic body mapping via the i'ching

Some of this information may be copywritten, as I find public sources I will add them, until that point I can only share them with you through live interaction, to respect the copywrite laws.

There are also deep medical astrology concepts to consider when it comes to the signs. Here are some public links, and I will search for more, copywritten material, again, I can only share through live interaction, as it fits a case by case situation, to respect copywrite laws.

   - ....

Here are some examples of what students have made... BE PROUD, share your work with us, and your contact information, who knows who will see what and be inspired to connect with you to learn more!!!