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A quick article to remind you who you are

Here is a quick article, inspired in part by these two books:

I have not been writing too much lately, as I’ve spent more time than usual on Facebook and Instagram. Which, reveals that there are more than just the 3 components that I will discuss here, there is also the social component, where our 3 components can see the degree to which others have integrated their 3 components or not, and when we have and they have not, trying to talk to them about it is like this old game of minesweeper:

At the end of the day, we are getting to experience HIS-story (pandemic, price hikes, recession, potential revolution), and see it from our own unique perspective.

Not all of us suffer like the HIS-story books. Some of us have a great, peaceful, enlightening time, as we write OUR-story.

I hope you remember what is most important? And take the time to document for your self or others, it’s not all war and fear:

Now, the bulk of the article: we are spirit/information informing matter/body via energy/soul/emotions.

Some people don’t want to feel their emotions (their soul) so they feed it. Some people go on and on about how yummy food is. We are not here to eat our emotions. We are here to feel our emotions, and take the information as guidance: I feel this is off for me, I feel this is right for me. We are not here to play video games that rewards socially appropriate behavior and feelings. We are here to feel how we feel and take it as guidance.

I know, it can be a very uncomfortable, to tell another that what we thought we wanted, is not working out to feel right for us after all. But we just keep feeling worse, the longer we delay speaking our truth. This is why so many people stuff their emotions, instead of letting them be their guide. This is also why we should never push too hard or force others, because our mind doesn’t know what will work out right, sometimes we have to try something wrong, for spirit to show us, when we get there, what is right and wrong and why, via our emotions.

Many people think they are their bodies, and that they must save their bodies. This is in part true, but not really. Our body is our wet suit, that allows us to dive into deep, dense, cold water (for the metaphor only):

But, if you think for too long that you have to keep this wet suit alive, by injecting it with things that are non compatible for the soul, well, you just ejected spirit (which is information and guidance) from your life.

Yes, we should care for our body, so that maybe when our trip is done, our wet suit is in good enough condition to take with us. This is called ascension, or involution-evolution, the body is very interesting technology. But we destroy the body when we try to keep it alive with chemicals.

We are not here to live for ever. We are here to see what there is to see, to learn, to give back, and then to go, without harming others, if possible.

I hope this helps? Sending love.

Esogetic Medicine is literally about keeping these 3 components connected and communicating well together, so you can integrate, process, and live your life.

And the interaction with others will flow naturally from there.

The more integrated you are, the more you can see how integrated others are, the more you can hold a loving space, for their time on earth.

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