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An article to illustrate our fractal point in time

One that you may be surprised to hear, I had to turn into audio to “read” (using this app, incase you want to too: ).

This is what our current Aquarian technology is for. Not to live in fear of data har-vesting. Because, you’re not really going to fall for the social media underwater hurricane, are you? It’s called: delete the app from my phone until the addiction of checking for live social connection is gone, and facing the pain in our own lives, so we can make a positive change. Insert joke here:

But, I digress…

The article is not that long and I read all the time. I am actually surprised when others say they can’t read, but, I’m also “learning disabled”. Which means: it is normal for me to need to turn some texts into audio to read them, because some texts are literally blocked from my eyes as not my truth, and I am allergic to them. I hold my own truth, it’s why I’m here, protector of what is and what could be, if I don’t forget and allow my self to be programmed (it’s what I will prevent for my kids too). And, this may be true for many others kids, and may explain the mass increase of learning disabilities. We keep trying to teach lies and they keep trying to hold onto truths.

When I switch text to audio, I can absorb things that are of value, and push past things that aren’t, by tuning out, until I gain the gem, and then going back to see why I tuned out. In this case, I couldn’t get past the author wrangling with his logic to get to truth. Mainstream reasoning constricts me. He’s more trapped than I was, but setting himself free nicely.

Ekhart Tolle is another author I have to hear and not read.

I hope you find your way in too.

Building off what he says in this article, using my own words, which are words from others:

From our quantum physics, zero point, of now, we can change the past and the future, for our unique selves, and others can exist on their own timeline.

What he says is now, is now for him, but others shifted long ago, to have a different past and future.

The world has been shifting for years. It’s destabilizing, but we can get used to it, if we honour the moment, each day, loose plans, minimal attachments, trust your skills. Pretty much: just get used to it.

The Mandela Effect is real.

Things are shifting by consensus reality (and consensus confusion), as they always knew it would. Look up why the you-ess mill-it-tary stopped looking into the future, because all timelines converged, and there was absolutely nothing they could do to make this change.

The rules are changing. And if you’re spending all your time worrying about how to do it the way we used to, or judging those who do, well, you’re missing the best part, and behind will catch up, eventually.

Hold onto your hats and let it go. Read about the past, and it is the eternal now.

Sending love. We are all lost and found.


Any questions? 😂

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