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Asking the Information Field and the Body

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

This morning I woke with tightness in my left sciatic, IT-band, low back, butt, hip, whatever you call it. I tried my Align'd exercises, and then decided to ask the Information Field for some guidance.

I have had this symptom before, usually when I am dealing with conflict with women in my life. This time the pain was milder or more beneath the surface than normal.

The first thing I was guided to check was which Gene Keys lessons need to be addressed to release this pain. The response:

Hexagram 19 - The Approach (59%): a period of personal growth is coming. Gate 19 is part of my Walkin's Human Design, the path from Co-Dependency to Sensitivity to Sacrifice.

Hexagram 32 - Long Duration (54%): stability, endurance, power, the path from Failure to Preservation to Veneration, something my son carries in his Human Design.

Hexagram 4 - Youthful/Foolishness (53%): accept the current situation as an opportunity to find new clarity. The Fool is Pluto and Soul Contract lesson 1 (which you will see later, with the Yod of the slug; Soul Contract lesson 1 always appears when Soul Contract lesson 10 is present, because 1+0=1). This is the path from Intolerance to Understanding to Forgiveness.

Hexagram 6 - The Dispute (51%): deal with present conflict in a wise and considerate way, the path from Conflict to Diplomacy to Peace.

Hexagram 61 - Confidence (51%): follow my inner truth/voice, the path from Psychosis to Inspiration to Sanctity (pretty sure my husband and father carry this in their Human Design).

When I looked at a map of the body, the area that is tight, could be tied to the area assigned to Sagittarius (my natal sun has progressed out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius), Silica, incineration to burn away the impurities, and the Endocrine System. Also tied to the following Gene Keys lessons:

Hex 16: Indifference to Versatility to Mastery (my Gene Keys vocation and core strength)

Hex 20: Superficial to Self-Assured to Present

Hex 8: Mediocre to Style to Exquisite

Hex 23: Complexity to Simplicity to Quintessence (my son's Life Purpose, and he is a role model in the way he completes this)

Hex 2: Dislocation to Orientation to Unity (waking up the Divine Feminine)

I investigated the Dream Arc for Hex 8, because it is the lesson I could not connect with as easily. And found the journey from Slug (Dreamer) to Mole (Warrior) to Hummingbird (Dreamer).

The Slug is a spiritual master in disguise, it helps us let go, it leaves a long trail, it breaks open its shell to risk it all for love or creativity, it's the Yod (in astrology: a sextile (something that flows too easily) that is stabilized/grounded by heavenly body at 150 degrees on either side, to complete the 360 degrees). Yod from a Soul Contract perspective, as I mentioned above, is Soul Contract lesson 10, Virgo, the left hand, work, following the curves of spirit, and also the hearth/sacred-fire, a push to do it from lunar darkness, to propel us up to the life of our dreams.

And the Mole, is about tactile sensitivity (as we saw with Hexagram 19). Throwing out what no longer serves, taking an honest look, coming up from our deep unconscious, to release the vitality that can change our outer life. Creating the correct outer impression to match our inner dreams, because, if you don't change now, when will you? Actions must take into consideration the feelings of others. Need to have an open heart and share with tenderness, then step softly into the new. Experiencing the rebellious inner spirit, to radiate our style, as we rest in uncertainty and vulnerability, fluid, and always at ease.

I often leave the higher state (the hummingbird) aside, until I can master the gift (the mole) and the shadow (the slug).

Continuing on, 4 of the top 5 cell salts that could aid my situation, according to the Information Field, were not assigned to astrological signs. For me, this means, I am currently progressing well on my astrological path. The top 5 cell salts, were:

21. Zinc Chloride (64%): inner pressure, courage to make mistakes, certainty of being loved, immune system, nerves, and skin.

27. Potassium Dichromate (62%): reconcile with self, balance mental and physical, dis-ease is an opportunity for growth, deal with and grow from feelings, move into harmony, blood and sugar metabolism.

13. Potassium Arsenate (61%): establish social contacts, follow inner imprints, trust one's ways and positive morals, skin, mucus membranes, and heart.

15. Potassium Iodine (58%): empathy, adjust expectations, put rules and duties in harmony, further develop character structure, heart and thyroid.

2. Calcium Phosphate (58%): tied to Capricorn (my natal MC, how I am meant to be seen in society or the working world), bones, and teeth, having confidence in one's own existence, connecting the inner and outer world.

Worth a pause, earlier that day, I had responded to a question in a way that I felt could have made others feel bad. I expect too much from others and point out when they fall short. And then, when I see others continue to fall short, I'm at a loss, with no one to play with at my level. And so it is.

My middle child continues to struggle, and I continue to hold the intention to treat her and her brother regularly. So that when they go to school in the fall (if conditions are appropriate), they can hang onto their truth and not be swayed by the heavy programming and social shaming. I want my kids to be solid in who they are, so they are not so easily swayed by staff or friends.

Assessing my middle child revealed a lot!

Most striking were the sensitivity at the top and bottom of her right middle fingerprint, and the left and right side of her right ring fingerprint. While her personal complaints were:

Her sister bugs her, she has double vision, her sleep is so-so, no dreams, wakes up tired, and some bedwetting.

There was a severe territorial violation (she is an IVF baby), with unresolved subconscious fears, weakened immune system, and difficulty breathing (a common complaint of hers is stomachache and nasal congestion). As well as, an inability to integrate current conflict, making her unpleasant to deal with, because she can't let go, where her blood and lymph take a toll on her heart, destroyed by excess emotion.

While I have a medium size list of treatments to try on her. I was guided to start with a motivation audio track, and the conflict light treatment: which helps issues in the deeper brain layers to come up to the higher brain layers, to be processed on all levels (instincts, emotions, pro-social, and logical).

It will take time, but it was nice to see her sister and I treat her, not as someone who is horrible, but as someone who is struggling, and who we can help.

As for me, well, I can only continue to be myself, to be grateful for what others can offer, and keep going, to offer all that I can to others, regardless. It is not a competition, it is a cooperation, and my expectations can remain what they are. And I'll leave it at that.

We are all connected, mother and child, question and answer, you and me, and we can benefit from knowing how to see it that way.

I‘ll admit, there were times when I thought “maybe I just never learned how to be likable?”, but, that is not what this reading showed, and my truth is, I’ve never been interested in wasting my time on those kinds of things, I don’t compromise my self to be fake, I work on my self to be better. And this brings me to my point:

If you ever feel like no one really “gets” you, maybe it’s because, what you are meant to offer, is like what no one else is able to offer at this time. Keep going! 💕🐌

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