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Chips don’t cause cancer, failing to understand your body and engage in self care does…

Updated: May 21, 2022

A friend share this post:

Aparently this brand of chips openly states that it may contain a cancer causing ingredient, which this helpful link tells you is from their production methods (i.e., putting potatoes in the fridge and cooking with oil at too high a temperature):

And, if you look closer, you will see corn as a possible ingredient. According to the Medical Medium, corn is a no no, because it’s involved in feeding the EBV in our body, which then wrecks havoc for our organs and central/peripheral nervous system, even leading to:

But, if you read this article: All Illness has 8 stages! | Success Stories using RestoreChi, highlighted here:

…you’ll see, whether you call it EBV letting toxins in, or Chill letting Dampness in, it’s all the same, and the end result is also the same.

The Medical Medium has valuable suggestions and protocols, and so does RestoreChi. I use both and more, because I care about my health and I don’t want to suffer in pain. We are all going to die from something, but the Essenes regularly engage in self care, so they can live long, and only suffer where the lessons are. And there’s the rub. Many of our lessons will be in health and self-care, because we fail to put time and effort into these lessons (we always have something else that feels more urgent to do, but what is more urgent than supporting our body to have less pain in our life?).

I don’t know why any “they” would want to hide the cure to cancer, or try to poison you with their food. To me, this is just admitting limits and laziness. We are all lazy and we all have limits. And if I knew my limits and laziness caused another to develop cancer, I’d warn them too. We still have a right to exist in our lack of perfection, and people can choose to accept a product with a risk. Ever used a road with a sign that says:

Life is a risk. Self care and knowledge are key. Not “oh I’m such a victim because of these chip companies and them hiding cancer treatments”. My truth is: it’s not their job to clear you of cancer, and they do a pretty poor job, because people expect them to clear them of cancer.

If you have a bucket, and you fill it with all kinds of destructive things, and you never care for your bucket, never empty it, never clean it, never restore the parts that are getting weak, and then you hand me your bucket to fix, is that my job?

If everyone along the way said “be careful, putting this in your bucket could harm your bucket” but you did it anyways, is that my problem to fix?

We live in a very strange world, with people with very strange problems.

Learn to care for your self and make informed choice, which means, you do something that is bad for you a lot, chances are you will have to do something to care for yourself or suffer, it’s just part of life.

Con-spear-I-see to the hills, anger until it destroys your body, none of these things help. At the end of the day, we all die, hopefully, having learned something.

The gallery below shows some of the steps I am taking after my RestoreChi Sledgehammer experience:

Still listening to my body, still trying to understand, and give it what it needs. Self care never ends. No matter how busy any of us are. Before enlightenment carry water, chop wood, after enlightenment carry water, chop wood.

Even though I will still take my supplements, drink healing teas, eat right, and go to chiro this morning. And probably consult the information field for more guidance, and apply heat, when I can. None of these alone is enough, or solely responsible to carry my health. Each of us are, if that is our choice, or we are at the mercy, which also means the victim, of others.

Conversely, if we take the effort to own our health and self care, then our interactions with others come from gratitude. “Thank you for tell me you’re lazy, me too, I hope you don’t mind I’m not going to buy or eat your product (don’t worry, we don’t either, it’s just what we can afford to provide for others)”. “Thank you for working on this technique to do whatever it does, maybe one day I will need it or not, great work! (thanks, yeah, hopefully you wont have to rely on us, because it’s really hard to bring people back from poor self-care, much better if you do the self care, and I just help where I can, don’t lean on me, and I won’t lean on you)”.

I drive a Tesla (which I know is not good for my health, so I listen to my body and limit my use, which is good for the earth too). As a result, I don’t have to complain about carbon tax. I also homeschool my kids (even if they choose to go to school, home is always an option), so I don’t have to complain about what they are being programmed with from friends and staff at school. And, I wear organic clothes, so I don’t have toxins on my skin 24/7.

We make choices. Some have the ability to make more choice, and that’s great, and some have ability to make less choices, and they can become even more creative on less. We learn from each other, because we are equal.

Those who have the money and flow it, realize this is how we keep it flowing, with gratitude for others, this is health. Hoarding is not health, that (stagnation) is actually what cancer is…

And finally, this is the Soul Contract lesson connected to cancer:

It’s about the choice between outer war or inner peace. Keep fighting and you’ll have no energy left to empty, clean, and repair your bucket. And then you’ll get cancer, to force you to do so or die, a very Pluto and Scorpio lesson. Lesson 20-2 also represents Saturn (earthly responsibility) and the Moon (basic needs and self-care).

And, here is Scorpio (multidimensional karmic lessons through relationships), paired with Aries (ultimate truth, highly sensitive, ahead of it’s time), from a Soul Contract perspective:

And Pluto (a strong, high integrity, safe space, to heal), paired with Virgo (care for the body, and following the curves of spirit):

Esogetic Medicine and Soul Contract have a strong foundation in nature, via Astrology. Which is why these methods are important to be aware of and to work with, if you can, because they teach you about life, and how to navigate it.


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