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Do you understand who you are raising? Lessons from the coyote and the spider...

While I will certainly lose people in this article, and that’s fine, there is no need to grasp all the details, just what grabs you. The intent is for you to see that we all have the accessible underlying thread to our life, and that it is so fascinating, that why would we want to invest in anything else?

Our kids’ school had a violent incident this week, instigated by a child. They also claim to have been monitoring a coyote that was seen on the property. For this reason they asked kids to stay in their classroom, unless they really needed to use the bathroom, and they insisted “this is not a lockdown”. Of course, this triggered some students to believe it was a lockdown, and one called home, which lead to a parent sharing this on social media. But we miss the point. Even the next day, during their scheduled lockdown drill, our middle child said “oh yes, that was a drill, but yesterday we had a real lockdown, but we just didn’t go through the motions, because we hadn’t had our drill yet”. Perception is funny, and there is no ultimate truth, nor is there any “false information”, because we perceive what we perceive, and that is what has an impact on us (and on others, whether we share or not). And what of this child, why are children becoming violent at school? And the coyote…

Well, I decided to look up the coyote in the Gene Keys' DreamArc, here are some highlights:

"Now is the time of great change", "Difficulty in the beginning", "Rain brings thunder", "Communicating Realization", yes, this is how I would describe learning how to raise a challenging child. Especially when they deliberately put you in situations to see things that need to be acknowledged and changed. Socially awkward, but still right.

I know this Gene Key well. It’s my middle child’s Life’s Work. She brought me almost every single modality that I know, in order to be able to understand how to support her (which is still a work in progress), and this has allowed me to support many others.

Of course, the above didn’t become an article until a spider visited me when I was getting ready for the day. So, I looked up spider in the Gene Keys' DreamArc, and here are some of the highlights:

Not just that. Guess what? The Gene Key for the spider is the programming partner for the Gene Key for the coyote. They go hand in hand. When one is our key to health (radiance) the other is our purpose, and when one is our life work, the other is our greatest challenge (evolution). Very simple geometry, applied to ancient wisdom, that has been refined over thousands of years. Not only that, the channel for the spider (which our middle child carries as her greatest challenge), is completed by the lesson I carry as my own greatest challenge (Gene Key 27, which coincidentally is represented by my personal guardian for the entire DreamArc, the whale). Together Gene Key 50 and 27 allow for the care of the things we create, with the opposing channel (6-59). Many carry the ability to drop the guard of others and create life (6-59), but few carry the ability to care for what has been created (27-50). I know that I am a crystal scout. I know that I said we were ready for crystal children to come. I did not know that it would be so hard for them to land in this reality, I did not know this reality would reject them as much as it does. But I also didn’t know that crystal children would guide me on how to help them land. Or at least, I forgot, given what it took for me to get to where I am now.

“Gentle wood feeds the fire above” is also an important concept for me to grasp, as I read through this book, which I hope will help our middle child a lot: I can often over think, overdoing my earth element, and my fire can burn in an erratic way, because my wood (liver) is full of so many toxins. Yet to be processed, the sludge puts my heart at risk. Wood is meant to expand, and when it is restricted, we get angry. Wood is the element of childhood. It should be no wonder that so many children are sick and angry!

Finally, the cauldron has been prominent on my spiritual path, in ways I have yet to fully understand, as I do not carry it in my Gene Keys profile. Maybe that’s because I was waiting for my other half. All my children complete me, as so does my husband, because we have many ways in which we need balance, many other halves:

I close this article with some beautiful images of coyotes in real life. From chaos to innovation to innocence. While our neighboring town issues fines for feeding the wildlife, this group seeks to educate instead. Because assuming the other is malicious and can only be taught through punishment is insane. The other is a beautiful caring heart, who seeks to do what is right, and with a little more awareness of how we can work together, we can all operate in harmony. When we identify and release our fears (spider lessons), we are reconnected to who we truly are:

Sending love, to those who made it this far, and even to those who will never read these closing words. May life inspire you to be better than the lowest denomination, that they try to pin on us all.

I tend to see most easily through the creative lens, but with good training and experience, I’ll move more into wisdom, and avoid the distractions, how about you?

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