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I think what we are experiencing now is collective trauma...

Here are some outtakes from this book:

I wonder if people who Ved themselves feel like this, or will feel like this, when they realize the true impact of their actions?:

This book also speaks about racial trauma, which I feel is better resolved by this approach:

People need to be seen, not shamed.

I found this documentary as a result of speaking with a fellow parent at my kids’ co-creative school, which inspired the following thoughts:

Also, the book above, inspired me to finish a documentary recommended to me by another parent at my kids’ school:

What I love from this movie is their definition of “amateur”: someone who’s passion is fueled by love. You don’t need formal education and a piece of paper to become someone of value to your community. We are all connected. The mushroom is the fruit, but beneath it is the network. The book above shares how our ancestors passed on their unhealed/unprocessed trauma (vertical trauma), and we also have horizontal trauma (which is the consequence of living in our culture/society).

I wonder if we reject others, not because we reject them, but because we feel their identity, emotional, and mental pain amplified, and we don’t like it. Seriously, look at the empty centers in your human design, to see how sensitive you are, and how to use your gifts in a positive way.

As for psilocybin, I don’t know if it’s the drug, or the loving presence that makes the difference.

I took a lot of psychedelic drugs as a youth, I think a lot of youths with trauma and unsupportive parents do. But I had to stop when it began to physically hurt my heart. I got more profound healing and guidance from meditation and past life regression sessions.

I have great respect for people who study and support the dying process, which is part of the role of mycelium. We die and they decompost us. We become the mycrocosm. Maybe that is why their neural networks can contribute to the healing of our trauma.

Much like the brainwave programs and crystals placed on reflex zones in Esogetic Medicine, can offer the option to reset, understand, and adopt healthy patterns again. Like art inspired by a psychedelic trip or sounds that can influence geometry in sand. Support from others, as we clear old trauma, so we can straighten out the lens through which we see life, and flow again, letting go of what was never really ours to carry. We reset life, back to its intended path, less restricted, more open:

So many people look outside themselves, and ask others to go “somewhere else” to read their Akashic Records, when the most interesting stories are held and resolved within our bodies. We need not fear symptoms, our bodies are supposed to process, communicate, react, and discard.

A fallen tree on an abandoned path offers us a chance to make a new path, to wire new ways of thinking, when the old path no longer draws us to take the easy way, which prevents us from discovering something new.

So much can be understood simply by being in and observing nature, neural pathways naturally form.

We are a collective, we need community, even if the majority of people do not resonate with us right now. That does not make us unkind or non-social. Every day we try to be kinder, more understanding, and if we fall short, if it hurts us too much to be near others. Well, let’s call it that. It hurts us too much. The mother tree will repel her offspring when bad things come a knocking. Smart offspring listen to their truth and flee.

Sending love, things will get better. We are adjusting, we are releasing trauma, it gets messy, but in the end, we see it for what it is. Those who V are traumatized, and those who fight are traumatized, and those in the middle, holding space, are waiting for things to open up, to be solvable again.

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