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In Esogetic Medicine, every treatment is an experiment!

I‘m getting tired of people saying “the present treatment is not experimental”. It absolutely is, but everything is. You never know how anyone will react to anything. The book below shares that “all happy people are the same, and all unhappy people took a different road to get there”:

I think it is very disempowering to make people afraid of illness or symptoms. I think we are here to learn how to interface with our human body, which means knowing how to care for it, and what each symptom means and needs.

My son turned 9yrs old this week. In Esogetic Medicine there are many puberties: major changes of the brain and body system. At ages 3, 6, 9, 12, and then more until about age 25/28yrs, maybe beyond, maybe even at birth and in the womb.

There are several treatments that are off the table for kids under 9 or 12yrs old, because exposure to certain things are not normal for them to experience, yet.

The book above explains why things like schizophrenia often onset only in adolescence. This is because trauma prunes the brain in childhood, and then there is a massive natural pruning of the brain in adolescence, which allows for specialization in the skills that are of interest to each unique person. But, if too much pruning happened in childhood, due to trauma (forcing someone to eat, learn, do, and be what they don’t want are all forms of trauma), there is not enough brain connections left after the adolescent pruning. And this is when we see the onset of mood/brain disorders. Although even that can be a gift or something to recover from!

So, no, a month of testing, is not enough, for anyone to know what is safe for kids, not in the long run, and not really for anyone, even if the test samples did ok, by some narrow set of standards.

And I think we need to rethink what school is meant to be too, based on the above, that the brain will prune itself, based on skills that are of interest, maybe school should be less of a training ground and more of a holding space, for interaction and discovery, for each unique individual, to get to know themselves? Basic skills of reading, writing, maths, science, communication, understanding others, can happen at home, and at school, depending on individual resources and needs.

I’ll admit, that I am a late adopter, for most new technology. I like paper books, I like simple foods, I like seeing what I can create or figure out on my own before buying a solution and wasting money. And, when a technology has proven itself to be useful, I may adopt and enjoy it, and be grateful it exists.

My son has a sty, in the inner half of the lower lid of each of his eyes. As I shared above, he just turned 9yrs old.

My kids attend an alternative school where there is stinging nettle, but we don’t avoid it completely, we are aware that it is there and the lead teacher knows what to do if someone gets stung (some day I will ask her to teach us what she knows), and the people who get stung learn first hand: what stinging nettle looks like, feels like, and they experience the magic and ease of the healing process.

I think we are here to learn these types of things, on a small and large scale (i.e., generational and collective trauma).

The book above mentions medical trauma, where a serious illness is misdiagnosed and mistreated, and the person is traumatized by the process.

It doesn’t mention school trauma yet. I am half way through this book, and have her next book (angel or assassin, changing the way we view medicine) lined up. Case in point, we are always learning new things that reframe what we thought we knew, so we never know. Only government (and the schools they run) pretend to be so certain!

So far, the book above hints at violence and poverty in the community, but mostly blames the family (giving the government and school system an even more inflated ego/belief that they must identify and save these kids, from the families they chose to be with, I get it, I wanted to be saved too, but I wasn’t, anyhow).

I know that school is insidiously traumatizing, but it is hard to put our finger on this knowing, because most people look back and either like or hate school, have one or two complaints, but again they are looking at the wrong thing, it’s the outcome that matters.

When you leave school: do you know who you are, do you feel empowered to care for your body, to share your gifts, to live your life the way you want, to believe what you want, to make money or not, are all avenues open to you, or, did the government do an excellent job to brainwash their future voters into thinking what everyone wants is what the government wants, or just how life is?

Back to the sty, in a minute.

I feel sad, that we have good people who want to work with kids, or medicine, or society, we have money, we have great programs (of course in exchange for data, always), and yet, failing to recognize personal choice, individuality, what works for you may not work for me, my kid may be gifted in a different way, this person may be more sensitive, not everyone has to do X, some people are here to experience Y, just let them, we set up all kinds of things, all kinds of options for others, but only government run agencies feel they have the right to force en mass, and to shame those who think differently and do not want to comply, and then we have people who refuse to use services or support others who use services that they are entitled to and could benefit from.

I can’t force people to come for my services, and I don’t want to!

So, the sty, from an Esogetic standpoint, it could be an issue of insufficient hormones to push him through his current phase of puberty. Its interesting, because I was just thinking about needing to figure out when the ”talk” about “your body changing” was going to have to happen, maybe soon?

Esogetic Medicine might also point to his C1/atlas/medulla (formed at conception, often misaligned if the feelings between the parents were off in that moment) and his solar plexus (personal power, radiance) region (back and front) needing some support.

When I check his finger sensitivity the storyline is: the attachment phase (age 0-3yrs, which builds our subconscious, very hormone based) is impacting his present physical and social systems, and the ability for all the parts to function together.

He has also had several injuries this week, nothing serious: banging his head hard against mine, slipping on seaweed that someone threw splitting open his knee, stepping on a nail that went through his boot, etc.

Forehead: where we store all our pain, access to the 3 levels of our brain and how we cope with stress. Knee: fear and freedom to step forward into who we truly are. Foot: where all consequences land.

Accidents are also tied to the left and right side of the brain/body not working well together, often due to trauma at previous key ages, mentioned above.

Twenty-two days before he turned 3yrs old his sister was born, and that was a very hard time for us, as he had never had to share me before, and more. I had also had a rough pregnancy, which also put some distance between us, leaning more on programs, so I could get time for self care.

Nothing bad, nothing wrong, but something for us to feel empowered, as we figure it out.

This is another way to look at it:

You can see from the imaged text above why many people are having eye problems right now, and some suspect that it could literally be the V in the air that is harming our bodies and eyes. This is something many of us simply do not want to see, but the human body has adapted to glyphosate (thanks to GMO and pesticide), so maybe it can adapt to this too?

I will do what I can, to see if I can balance his brain and his hormones, and rewrite his birth experience, so that more of him can come through, and he can understand why he has subconscious orphaned emotions and fears, that he need not carry in this way anymore.

His forehead, knee, and foot (fear to take a step forward), could very much be connected to me having had my epidural turned up very high for a very long time, that I never felt the urge to push him out, he spent a long time in the birth canal, ready to go, and I didn’t even know, I was just bleeding through my catheter, having my pelvic floor destroyed, and he was probably robbed of his victory of being born, his skull becoming misshapen in the process. All thanks to the normalization of medicine.

It’s ok, we moved his skull bones back, when we found someone who recognized it and knew how, and I can try to energetically reconnect his body and brain, when he will let me.

He did shower this week to protect his foot injury, and he is washing his hands to protect his sty. These are wins, only because he is learning the importance and consequences of self care.

This is exactly what I mean. We need experience with things going wrong, to learn what is important, why, and that we can heal our selves and support our kids to heal.

Even though looking at the sty can be scary and can bring up judgement that I am a bad and neglectful parent because he is unclean. These are natural body responses, information, to guide us to what is going on inside him and what he may need.

Symptoms are good, not bad, if you have done the work to understand them, gained some skills, built a support system to reach out to and are humble, intuitive, and honest enough to know when you need external help, without relying on others for everything or turning it into a big story to hang your life on.

I am saddened that most souls are not wearing their earth suits (flesh bodies) at all. That they don’t know why we are here, what life is for, and that they are willing to inject something into their body, without realizing that they are trying to protect themselves from something with an incredibly low risk of death, that we have had ample time to learn how to self care and change our lives, to protect our selves and become more empowered and aligned with kindness and health for self and others.

This is proof, to me, that the education system does not work for the people, as the people do not leave the system empowered for self care.

The school system only works for the government (and some parents) who want to have an obedient controllable species.

But why? Just because? To try out how it feels to control others, to feel like a hero, to have power? Money doesn’t matter in the afterlife.

These types of goals are all very early soul lessons, we’ve all been there, and it’s time to let it all go and discover that we all know how to heal our selves and to support others, if they will let us.

Hope you feel empowered to take on your life, and if you need guidance, you know where to find me.

One thing for sure is: we certainly live in an interesting time, with great potential to learn and see what we each value and are made of, and also to shed and heal from that which never really served us to carry.


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