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It’s just as important to hear the call to return

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

In the hero’s journey, we always hear about the call to adventure, the call to action, where we split from our tribe to find something new. Usually in the negative sense, that our tribe is brainwashed, and we are waking up, and we are going to prove to ourselves, blah blah blah.

I can say blah blah blah, because I’ve done it, and met many on the path who are just unenlightened as those who never left mainstream, the only thing that has been inflated is their ego and sense of superiority.

Sometimes we get called to return. To realize that the friends and family that we have had forever mean more to us that the people we left with, who are now jumping off a cliff for their cause. Not everyone makes it around the hero’s journey. I image people think, that because it’s a wheel, what you start you will finish, and that is just not so. It is also not true that everyone will complete their wheel in the same amount of time, nor that they should, it’s not a race. It’s a lifetime.

Here are some wheels for your consideration:

And here is some proof of my return:

1) I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day, mushy love stuff makes me sick, I don’t like how they single out couples and make it into a money making scheme with cards, and gifts, and date experiences, I don’t like when one day is supposed to represent the whole year, I don’t like surprises because they are always preceded by making the other person feel forgotten, and I don’t like how it reminds the single person that they are alone. That said, this valentines, I appreciate the cards my kids are making for their classmates, the time they are taking to decide who would appreciate what, and who is the best fit for what saying, etc.

I love the “let it rest in peace“ valentine, though I know that is likely not what they meant, but, can we, Rest In Peace, for a bit?

I also found it interesting listening to my youngest watch Daniel The Tiger, where they called it “love day” where you find your own special way to say “I love you”. Even though research and life experience shows, it is far better to love others in THEIR love language, than your own. Because, doing so means actually seeing them for their needs, and showing love means meeting the needs of the other, not your own. But, I trust the kids will get there too.

Finally, 2) social media, which i have been guided to avoid for a while, one after the other, doesn’t look as bad to me as it used to. I’m not jumping on, not just yet, maybe never, I like my peace. But, I am not so adverse to go on to check up on a friend anymore.

And 3) I realize, in this time of conflict, to look to those who have stood the test of time with me, instead of those who took one long ride. Because, like it or not, we earn skills with time.

And so, on that note, I say, hear the call to adventure, but also hear the call to return. This is a game of separation and renewal. Love and Hate, Yin and Yang, both sides teach you about the whole. Have the courage to allow yourself to be both, and to return to wholeness and kindness for all. We are all on the same journey. An eye for an eye is beneath all of us. Think of a time when someone showed you compassion, and offer the same gift to others. Or live in samsara for ever. It’s up to you, and you don’t have to decide now, but you can.


And 4), when I would usually feel intimidated by the request to bring a vegan contribution to the school Valentine’s Day party, this year, I realized, I have it in me to make the effort. I have removed so many unnecessary pains from my life, and given my self and my family permission to be who we are, so, I googled vegan party food, and made this, the morning of the party, and we were no more late, than we usually are, because I honour the energy and our personal needs and limits, not the clock:

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I hope this year, you give your self the love, you’ve always been try to give away to others. Because you’re worth it, and you need it, more than they do! ❤

And, I might even let my dad teach me about investments, even though I really don’t care to learn. I care to spend time with him and receive whatever wisdom he wants to pass on, even if I’d rather hear about his childhood and who he came to be as a person and why.

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