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Projectors and reflectors who recognize other projectors and reflectors who are out of alignment

Dear P/R who recognize other P/R who are out of alignment, let me remind you:

Projectors are here to guide others when recognized and invited, guide without proper recognition and invitation and you will feel bitter.

Reflectors are here to be surprised, if you don't operate in alignment, taking an entire moon cycle to allow life to guide you to what is right for you, and you are going to be disappointed.

It's super painful to watch people suffer. But don't take the bait. It's their life, we don't have the energy for it. Manifestors also lack a sacral motor, but they have an engine to the throat, so they can push and retreat. We have no such thing.

Ra Uru Hu, founder of Human Design gave us a projector endowment instead.

February 15th 2027 onwards, the ones who will be ok, are the ones who know how to follow their strategy and authority. Because everything else they relied upon, is going to be gone.

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