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Strep Throat - speaker of inconvenient truths

Here are some metaphysical reasons behind having strep throat:

Any illness we (or our kids, they attract illness to teach us too) have is not stand alone and out of the blue. Also, not everyone has the same lesson to learn, which is why you don’t always see (or need to see) a pattern replicate where you may expect one, in order to validate the truth of the person in front of you.

It is devastating and incredibly hurtful when you invalidate the truth of another because you don’t want to face it.

No one has to show you their experience exists for others and has no other possible cause in order for you to take their experience as truth.

Most people don’t want to be blame, don’t want to face the truth of their actions, their laziness, their desire to look away, because they want more.

The truth is, many people who take the V for some reason shed the spyke pro-teen and this gets into the kids who cuddle with them.

If the kids have prior conditions, the spyke is often drawn to create a flare up in this issue, i.e. Nose bleeds, injured foot/ankle, bug bite, unprocessed trauma (which can lead to neurological disturbances: lack of sensitivity to pain, frequent falling, etc).

Regardless, when these kids then cuddle with their mom, if she has dormant issues waiting to come up, they too can surface. There’s another way this can transfer, but I won’t share that here, because that is a bio-wep-on in the making, for the malevolent.

Since the mass push for the back to school V, I have experienced internal shingles (which allowed me to learn how to self care with tinctures), and the flu, followed by strep throat.

Strep throat is interesting because it’s not just the spyke which can cause this, but the M.

I don’t wear a M, I never have. I am medically exempt!

But, wearing a M results in trapping in so much bacteria, including strep and bacterial pneumonia, and when you’re Ved and then you M for an extended period of time, and then you cuddle a kid who goes home to sleep next to her mom, you just gave that family severe illness!

While I know we’re supposed to spare your feelings, because “you didn’t know and you don’t want to believe”, but, when I see my 9yr old son crying to me because his head hurts (I think these spykes and bacteria have a strong affinity/desire to get into the brain if they can) and he wants to throw up (another common symptom for kids, along with a snotty nose, anything to get these spykes and bacteria out), that may sound minor to you, but it’s amazing how many things sound minor to the people who are to blame for the pain they inflict on others!

Internal shingles and strep throat are among the more painful illnesses.

But what is also painful is:

- being kicked down the stairs

- being thrown in a car

- being left with an abusive monster while you run scared

- being offered up for sexual abuse sacrifice when my period started because I thought I was going to die

- I did die, I took my life at age 15, after taking 3+yrs to get rid of this abuser, the schools marked my papers about the abuse saying “work on your grammar”, my mom didn’t want to lose any money, and my dad didn’t want to make a scene. My mom also didn’t want to admit item 1&2 above were happening to my little sister because then she’d have to get a new babysitter, and that’s just too inconvenient. But, when my 2-3yr old sister had 80% of her hair fall out and the doctor said “has there been some kind of trauma?” and I said “yes, the babysitter... item 1&2”, finally some action was taken.

It is not up to me to report my case of strep to everyone I came in contact with, because the only people I came in contact with was my children, who were in contact with my Ved family.

People comment “oh, but you can’t know everyone who is Ved, and you see a lot of people“ etc. Actually, we don’t!

We go to a micro school where we know the V status of everyone (no Ved person is allowed on the premise, because we have seen plenty of negative effects in the kids and staff when this happens).

I’ll put a comment here, because it’s become very common for school attendees to get sick on their weeks off from school or when people who live with them embark more into the V world. I think this is because our students and staff feel emotionally and immunologically safe at the school, because they are, not a single case in 1.5yrs of not distancing and no M, but out in the world they are not safe. Our immune system is smart, it allows in, for engagement, learning, fun, and creativity when things are safe, and guards up and may create mental illness when things are not. This is why the kids at our school thrive and elsewhere don’t.

In addition to school, my kids attend programs where they either have no contact, or the other kids are under the age of eligibility for the V, and the staff are aware I do not want any physical contact for them from people who are Ved. And I don’t allow them to attend programs that require them to M the whole time!

We started community swimming. We did so because inconsiderate family were coming to visit. Despite my request for no physical contact, no one respects that. People ask for transparency, which to them means “clear messaging from mother and father” (which really means go back and forth between the parents to find which one will let you, disregarding that a NO from one parent is enough for it to be a solid NO!). Unfortunately father does not believe either. Yet I am the one who is 3 illnesses in, and when my whole family goes down in illness I care for them all! Esogetic Medicine here, RestoreChi, tinctures, vitamins, tea, quiet, cleaning, food, redirecting stir crazy boredom there, etc.

When given the choice between allopathic medicine, herbal compounds, homeopathics, or Esogetic Medicine, otherwise known as colour light and crystal therapy (there are more components, but I don’t use them in my kids), my kids always choose colour light, my 2yr old self treats with the crystals, and my 6yr old requests her own RestoreChi tracks!

I see you all, the Ved, at the park, at the restaurants, finally getting the contact you missed and seek, thinking you’re finally safe. And I allow for this last hurrah, this last goodbye, on this plane, before winter hits, and you realize: the V that doesn’t protect you from getting C, transmitting C, or dying from C, yet you galavant around like you could do no harm because you are Ved...


We started public swim for me to learn my personal tolerance among the Ved. It’s low. Often I have to get out of the pool because my skin hurts. I take many days off because I’m tired (processing out garbage is draining, I keep my guard down because I am a healer, channel, writer, and nursing mother). Then the family rolls in. And, as a family who lacks boundaries, it’s never just one, it’s more, then another, then more, then another.

One Ved person, ok, and the usual local suspects, but then the flock of Ved come, and you all touch each other’s food, my food, peeling my child’s food, seriously, what is wrong with you? You take them shopping (was that in your spyke filled car?), and tightly French braid their hair, that takes a lot of time and breathing of your garbage on the head I hold to help her go to sleep at night.

And now I have strep. But it’s not your fault. No. Where do I go to report my Kay-se, so I can notify the tree of my prior contacts to look out for symptoms of my strep, not C, that I got from you disrespecting my wishes?

My only hope is that this allows me to have some solid ground to keep you away from my children, my home, and our vehicles. Like I said, husband and wife do not agree. So you won’t get consistent messaging from us. And if I ever cameo it’s to see what kind of exposure I’m going to have to tend to later, not because I changed my mind. No physical contact does not mean no relationship, it means you have toxins in you that can k’ill and we don’t want them, but we are not rejecting you.

I will continue to learn better self care to cope with this world of idiots. I’m so sorry to say, but when have you ever had to take a V and then still wear a M and yet you still galavant around like you’re invincible? Please don’t say “I got sick because I’m not Ved, and the solution is to V me for C so I don’t get strep and shingles, from people who Ved and are shedding spykes and dangerous bacteria”. I refuse to become a part of the problem, and that idea makes no sense. The only thing I care about are my health, my kids, and their ability to access their micro school. I also care about my husband, but I have to allow him the ability to make his own choice, and I will try to learn skills to try to not be so negatively affected if he chooses to V. If I can manage, I will let my husband, my father, and my mother in, and no other Ved person. Sorry, that’s just all I can take!

While this may seem odd to write here, I do so so you can see how healing works.

We only get the illness that can teach us, and we only gain the lesson when we heal our selves.

Dr’ughs and Vs rob us of this opportunity to learn how our bodies work, which is a template for how societies, communities, and life works. And this is part of why they V and dr’ugh us. Making us dumb and unable to think and live for our selves.

Microcosm, macrocosm, truth, and love.

I hold no grudge. I will not swallow truth and harm myself, and I will not hate myself because others refuse to look at themselves. The list of transgressions above is sadly not exhaustive for what was done to me, in the name of shitty parents and people loving money more than doing what’s right, and so I continue to walk!

People want me to become a better communicator, to speak one on one, to keep it private. Sorry, I am caring for my health, for my kids’ health, for other moms and kids who are suffering because people don’t respect boundaries. I don’t have time to caudle anyone. Yes, it’s good to have the conversation, to learn more of what I do not know. But, I also plain and simple need to get my message out to help 100s of others.

The Ved are hurting the unVed, the masks are unsanitary and dangerous. Please respect boundaries set by others for their own health. Because things are about to go down, and if they don’t, well, then that’s a win win too. So stop being mean, because it pains you too much to admit the truth.

Kind people do not accuse people who are sick, they say “how can I help”, and “I’m so sorry, I now see what you’re talking about, I’ll respect your wishes for your own safety, because I don’t want to make your children cry or cause you pain”.

That easy! ❤

They also apparently say “I’m going traveling, don’t you have Tylenol for the pain?”, except I don’t want to numb my pain, I want to heal it! 😂

Back to self love, healing, and caring for my fam! Wishing you all the best!

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