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The psychology behind multidimensional illness

I used to think of my work as explaining the multidimensional reasons behind an issue in a person’s life, but, I realized, it goes both ways, at least.

The illness itself may be multidimensional, hitting us physically, but also psychologically, socially, etc. And also, we can address the issue, from multiple angles: dietary (restrictions or supplements/teas/food), mentally, experientially, physically, energetically (and even this has levels: physical, informational, vibrational, etc).

Many people like to believe “this is just a physical problem, with a physical diagnosis, and a physical treatment, which is mostly medication, because I don’t really want to make any changes in my life, unless I am forced” (hence the physical illness), and that’s fine. That is what the mainstream system, and many alternative physical services are there for.

What I do is different, for those who also (or instead) want something different. While the medical community requires me to say ”they are the experts and you should always go to them for any concern you may have”, I’ll just leave it at that, follow your truth, this is an add on to your initial instincts.

Yesterday I had back pain around my left L5. Researching it through several books and manuals and asking the information field, pretty much revealed that I carry anger, because I am not great at communicating, and I have trouble simply enjoying life.

While I can still discern that what many people do (for whatever reason) would be frivolous for me, and not something I would enjoy, and to represent my self the way they do would literally make all of my insides want to scream and vomit…

There are things I can do to facilitate better communication, as well as letting go (while still taking care) to be more open to joy. And, while there are reasons why my upbringing led me to be this way, I can also choose to let go of my negative narrative (which gets me nowhere good), I remember “I still had fun”.

In the end, I did do some movement exercises, let more joy in, communicated better, and my back is better (at least for now).

Yes, I still like going to the chiropractor when I can, because it facilitates clearer physical pathways for detox and communication. But it’s also nice to be able to do some things on our own, when we can’t always put our life on hold, to run for a physical adjustment.

So, that’s part of what I offer: another perspective, so we are empowered to heal our selves, by changing the way we do life.

I saw this joke on Facebook, with a caption that said “we think we are so smart now but…”, and thought it was cute:

Sending 💕

Now off to tune into why our middle child tells her father to “shut up” every time he says something she doesn’t like, why my son gets a headache whenever he’s in our Tesla, and also check in on the school system back home, to see what we can expect and support for September.

The possibilities are endless, when we can expand our tunnel vision. Because there is not just one cause, one solution, and one group of people who can provide it for us. We are thankfully much more complex than that!!

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