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We actually don’t transmute the school system…

As you can see here: The Carebear Network, I’ve writen a lot about the school system. I finally realize that people offer a service and we take it or leave it. It is not up to us to change anything. There are many things that can support us to support our kids to develop into their best selves, and we get to choose what works for us and how to use each service, within the ways in which the service is willing to be offered.

I’ve enjoyed teaching my kids very much. The curriculum books are great. Yes, my son did like the pebblego (video-based exploration of science topics available through his public school library), but, it only goes up to grade 3, and he is in grade 4. So, it is time to expand beyond what is packaged for us, and search for our selves, what information is available, on the topic we seek, in the formats that we can work with.

This week we spotted this guy on our window ledge:

And two days later, someone with the same name blindsided us, wanting myself and our youngest removed from an alternative school that we have been a part of for almost 2.5yrs (her entire life). It’s not the first time we have been asked to leave. The first time parents complained about how my eldest treated my youngest. What they didn’t know is he gets nervous and acts badly/protective when he feels like he is being judged or is about to lose something (transitions, or his friends/school). The complaint was “with me present they can’t discipline him the way they would like, because he just runs to me”. So we left. Then we returned cautiously and slowly, when I realized that I was shortchanging everyone by trying to be there for everyone. For a while it was good. I wrote articles for the school, highlighting the amazing things I was witnessing. But then we got an influx of families who pulled their kids from the public system and wanted to recreate it at our school, except with no masks or Vs. Unfortunately, over time, we realized kids love to blame other kids for their lack of work, and my youngest got the brunt of it, so we moved to a location that was supposed to be a better fit for younger kids. But, then again this week, my child and I were quasi asked to leave, because our presence is being blamed for a daycare worker being unable to attract clients, because my parenting is not something she agrees with, and her judgement of me and my child, leads my child to behave worse. While I would like to leave, my kids like their school, and they asked very poignant questions: 1) what exactly is being asked of us, and 2) if the daycare is a seperate program from the school, on the other side of a wall, why is our presence 1.5hrs per day, 3 days per week such a big problem, and my thought 3) “because we are trying to run a business” doesn’t get to trump the needs of a parent and child, especially when one’s business is to support parent and child. I feel blessed to have such amazing kids, who think with kindness and logic, and force me to learn too. So, we will take this as an opportunity to learn how to navigate an uncomfortable situation, day by day, to learn more about our selves, and how to work with others who may trigger us to feel and act bad.

Here is the meaning of a bird of this type showing up:

Lately I have been reading spiritual books to understand who I am and who my kids are. While some people may say to believe these things is to live in ego, I’ve realized, to believe these things is to hold my self accountable to live up to what this might mean, and, true or not, that alone benefits everyone.

And so, I’ve realized, all these people I thought were my friends, have fallen off the deep end of righteousness too. And I am glad to step away. Use what I need, and benefit from the wealth inside of me. My kids are lucky, I am lucky. They are my best teachers, and I hold myself accountable to live in this world.

I don’t know if this article is too vague to be helpful for others, but, no one owes any of us anything.

Here are some more quotes:

This video is also very powerful and helpful:

Sending you all love.

You can master this life too!


From an Esogetic Medicine perspective, what we don’t heal, our kids experience, so we get a second chance to heal it. I too was kicked out of school when I was 2.5yrs old, because I was not toilet trained and I walked through poo when other kids knew to walk around it. I was just too much work for their small number of staff, so my parents pulled me, and my younger sister got everything good, and I missed many opportunities. Such is life, and this we heal.

I share this with a name, not to slander their business, but to show how the universe teaches and guides us, and to show, that it is not just kids who blame others because they are avoiding doing their own work...

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