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We still have a lot of work to do to finish off 2021!

According to this video by the founder of Human Design, January 1st is NOT the mark of the new year, the entry into i'ching gate 41 is!

If you look at this Human Design chart for January 1st 2022:

You will see the black (conscious) symbol for the Sun (circle with a dot in it) is in i'ching gate/lesson 38.

We move counterclockwise through the wheel, roughly 5 to 6 days per lesson. And, we end up with the conscious Sun in i'ching gate/lesson 41 on January 22nd:

So, what are these lessons we are failing to close off in 2021, if we decide to celebrate today and not wait until January 22nd to close it out?:

You read these from the bottom up.

So for lesson 38 (Dec 31st to Jan 4th) we need to move from Struggle to Perseverance to Honor. Yes, I'd like to see some of that before we close out 2021, wouldn't you?

For lesson 54 (Jan 5th to Jan 10th) we need to move from Greed to Aspiration to Ascension. Yup, I want to see that too, you?

For lesson 61 (Jan 11th to Jan 15th) we need to move from Psychosis to Inspiration to Sanctity (the Holy of the Holies)... don't worry, I looked it up too, it means to know how to respect that which is sacred.

And then, for lesson 60 (Jan 16th to Jan 21st) we need to move from Limitation to Realism to Justice.

Is there any wonder why "the powers that be" chop us off at the knees and have us celebrate early, so that we can't capture these gains?

Then finally we can move into lesson 41, starting January 22nd:

...which means we can anticipate what's to come, when we move out of fantasy (which is wishing without action), to remember our emanation (where we came from: beauty, love, source, oneness).

Let's do better in 2022, by closing out 2021 right!

Can you work on these lessons over the next 21 days (today included), while the energy is supportive for us to do so? Look for proof in the talking heads, we are all influenced by this transiting energy, it's all around us, if we want to grasp it: the shadow, the gift, and the siddhi.


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