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What most people do not understand about illness and healing

This article may make me unpopular with some, but according to Kryon/Lee Carroll: "Anything that Humans develop to find their way to God in any culture is seen by God as an appropriate path, for the love of God does not care how you create a path to home" ~ Kryon Book 12.

Apologies to those who are not ready to hear this message. You can stop reading at anytime. "I won't be your winter, I won't be anyone's excuse to cry, we can be forgiven, and I will be here" (Sister Hazel, "Your Winter").

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

My 3yr old daughter has a cold. Usually this means I am going to get a cold too. This is in part because I had a belief that if I catch her cold, then I can make anti-bodies to pass back to her (through nursing), which would naturally support her to fight her cold.

But, I also know that, according to Your Body is Telling You: Love Yourself, a cold is:

- Allowing oneself to be too easily influenced by the mainstream mindset

- Getting so caught up in unimportant details that you can not be present.

And according to Messages from the Body, a cold is:

- Needing to pay attention to something that one has been hiding from for too long

- Hanging onto old beliefs, that are only going to make things worse

- Inner crying, with no other way to ask for help

- Not recognizing one's self-worth

- Anticipating loss

- Feeling like you deserve to be punished.

I've had the honour to counsel a few clients through the death of a loved one, and to witness the death process of a few loved ones, including my own process. Its not what many people think. People see death as something tragic, and it is on some level to the people who are left behind, but it is also a Soul-Level choice, made quite consciously because death seems like the better option at that time for all involved.

People do not get cancer or other serious illness only because they neglected to wear sunscreen or exposed themselves to carcinogens. As much as we would like to believe this is true: so we can blame others, so we feel we have some semblance of control in our lives, so we can prevent bad things from happening. The truth is, we will all die, of something, and it will happen in a way that allows us or others to grow and learn.

There are many stories of people who recover from serious illness, see The Magic Pill, Markedly: A Healing Journey, and many more. And there are people who choose to die quickly, or to ask for just one more year, see Wired for God: Adventures of a Jewish Yogi.

Some people believe the solution is just mindset and/or aggressively attacking the illness. Maybe, but maybe there is a lesson in there that needs to be seen, or that will only be understood after the fact?

When people with serious illness started to come to me, I asked for guidance from my teachers, because I was honestly unsure if I was qualified to support someone through their healing. What if I can not heal them?

The truth is, none of us can heal another.

People heal themselves, and only if they want to.

This is not about blaming the victim, its a deep inner battle that they may or may not know they have the choice to face. All we can do is hold space for them and guide them, with the knowledge that we have. People will be attracted to work with whomever they feel has the knowledge and skills that they are looking for, and they will walk away from those that offer a lesson they are not looking for at this time. This does not mean that they will heal. What they are looking for may not be what you expect.

This is why I find it interesting when Hay House put out a quiz to see if you are a healer, psychic or medium. Of course, they are trying to sell a product to get people to nurture their lead gift, but we are all, all of these things, for ourselves.

We can not heal others, and it is not up to us to take on this burden or this glory. I truly feel that if "healers" want their clients to heal, we/they need to step off their pedestal and let their clients claim their own power, glory, and responsibility, if this is indeed what they decide they want to do.

We can not fight to make people stay, and people do not die because we or they didn't fight hard enough. People may aggressively fight on one level, while still making the illness their identity on another. I believe it is very hard for someone who has centered their life around their illness to recover from said illness, because the illness has become their identity. And that is ok, if that is their chosen path.

I believe there are 3 main reasons why we attract/develop a serious illness:

1) We are here to experience the illness

2) We are here to see that we can heal from the illness

3) The illness is the Universe's attempt to correct our course, because we would not listen to any other subtler forms of reason or direction that it tried to send our way.

It is within us to recognize what is our personal lesson in each illness and what are we going to do about it. Are we going to succumb and be ill, are we going to die, or are we going to see if there is another hidden lesson to learn?

I do not mean to make light of people's pain. I know loss is incredibly painful. I have suffered a lot of loss, not loss through death, but loss through people choosing to leave me, and sometimes this can be more painful because it is their living choice, but the outcome and intention is the same, for me to grow and learn and claim my power.

People do not hurt us deliberately. They have agreed to play a role, so that we can each grow and learn, and learn to love ourselves, no matter what.

Why do I share this story? What does it have to do with my services?

Well, the more you are aware of why you are here, and your life lessons, the more you can navigate these types of experiences, to identify your personal lesson. No one is out to get you, you have a role to play, and you have lessons to learn, and it is all about Love.

I can also support you to decode the subtler messages, if you let me, so you don't have to wait for the brick or the truck before you wake up, see "Feather, Brick, or Truck?"

None of us are born perfect, and that is ok, we are supposed to be a work in progress.

Knowing your personal life lessons, you can see this more clearly, you don't have to jump ship every time someone leaves you or criticizes you or things don't go your way. You can look at your life lessons. What is this illness, roadblock, interaction trying to teach me, and then make adjustments.

"If I stay lucky then my tongue will stay tied, and I won't betray the things that I hide" (Seven Mary Three, "Lucky"), is no longer true. You don't want your tongue to stay tied. You need to find your truth, and speak your truth, whatever it may be, in whatever way serves your growth, and then see what comes back, and learn from there what your next step may be.

The Universe is forever interacting with us, individually, so we all get our lessons. It is a perfect puzzle. All we need to do is focus on our lessons, engage, and wake up.

The tools I offer my clients are a great first step in guiding you on your way. Then it is a dance between you and the Universe. I am always here if you want a second opinion. In the meantime, "I'll just sit back and let you fight your secret war" (Concrete Blonde, "Joey"), because: We are all fighting our own "secret war", and that is not only ok, its perfect, its what we are here to do.

So, in my case, with my daughter and her cold, I think, this time, I'll just grab the lesson, and pass on the physical illness, if the Universe will let me and feels I have sufficiently learned? And I will counsel her likewise, if she is ready.

Love and Blessings. Wishing you health, should that be your chosen path.

Alahnnaa Campbell

(written in 2018, approved by a friend who was dying, re-released in 2021)

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