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What the world needs now, is…

Many people tell me “well, most people don’t think the way you do”, but, maybe we’re more the same than you think.

This morning I used the Healy to scan the aura of the world:

Scanning the aura of anything, shows us the top 3 ways that we are misusing our top 3 unbalanced chakras.

As a whole, we the people of earth, are mostly misusing our ability to be present and to see what is, to love our selves and each other unconditionally, and to use our power to direct our unique lives.

More specifically, there is a spiritual theme, among the people of earth, to feel controlled, and we need to instead recognize that we are free to live our self-determined life.

We also have a tendency to get confused about our world view, when we realize that to be holistic includes light and dark, and that when we include both we can have inner clarity.

Secondly, we tend to only offer love when we feel spiriItaly connected, instead of offering love unconditionally, and we confuse interpersonal love (which should be deep and nourishing) with whether or not we agree with the other person’s opinion. All of the last 3 are consequences of spiritual wrong acting.

We may also lack spiritual trust, be ambivalent in our relationships, refuse to control what we can and should (leaving it to spirit) because of the way our ancestors tended to treat their physical bodies. We may refuse to be present and to live out our character strengths. We may confuse soul unity with spiritual individuality, and fail to create the experiences we intended to work with in this life. And, we may become parents, because we think that is what proves our worth (not because we are actually up for the job of supporting and holding a safe space for the evolution of life).

So, do most people think like me? I don’t know. I know the illusion is most people are focused on “what can I get out of it?” and “how can I make money off this?” etc, and maybe that is me too. But, in the meantime, why not understand each other, and this world more first?

When we muddle heart, spirituality, communication, and power into our clear vision, and security and relationships into our heart, and spirituality and vision into our power, no wonder we’re messed up. We all are, no one is perfect! We all have our top 3 areas to work on, in our top 3 ways.

I want to do better, don’t you?

It always amazes me, how acurate and helpful these assessments are. How about you?

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